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46 amazing folders for macs users.

if anybody needs another one send a messenger

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i love your folders, and id like to know if you have o may share that template to make more as we'd like. But thank you for sharing this awesome folders.

Me gustaría que sirvieran para Windows 10

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Hi. What is the extension for these icons? No image format converter that I can find will open the files. I would love to use these in Itchin Edition Splinter. Here is a WIP screencap ---- [link]

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Brilliant work!
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i love the unique shape of your folders! Each folder is a work of art! I hope that you continue to create more of these and it would be great if they were made in the icns version instead of just folders. Thank you for sharing your creativity! folders do not have to be the same shape as all of the others that i see.

life is what it is!
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I really like this icon set. Could you please make for Windows Users? Could you convert them into ico format and png format? If you could please make if for us. These icons are really looking good :thumbsup: so I want to use it.


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This is the best icons folders pack of the world!!! Thank you so much!
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Very Nice!!!!
very nice , but can you make one edition in *.png please? (sorry 4 my english :P)
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Very nice there perfect ...thanx
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Could you please convert them into PNG format? Because I am windows user, and I really want to use them as dock icons. Thx!
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i love these so much!! Thank you!
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Excellent thank you!
Please upload .PNG version.Can't use them on windows.
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Spectacular! I was looking for something beyond coverflow!
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news folders avaible...


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news folders avaible
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if you need anymore folder I try to do
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