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Monochromatic Redux

Monochromatic Redux


17 February 2010 Fixed a bug with the docks.

December 2009 Skin of the Month
Monochromatic Redux by ~Varelse42 gives your desktop an incredibly nice trashy look. It makes perfect use of high quality images and simultaneously fits any screen resolution which is quite rare. If you like that trashy, underground, graffiti style, this is probably the best suite you have come along with so far.
(Awarded by #Rainmeter)

Featured on Lifehacker in the awesome Reduxman wall by <a href="[link]"Karmat111

This is the promised sequel to my Monochromatic mini-suite I promised back in October. It's finally a full featured suite! Requires the latest version of Rainmeter

Systems bar
Weather bar
RSS Reader
iTunes Controller with lyrics
10 ft HUD

Extract and install into My Documents/Rainmeter/Skins. If you use any other directory, it will not work. Open up DefaultVariables.txt and change the variables to suit you.

To display the lyrics, add an exception to your firewall and antivirus. You will also need to uncheck Keep On Screen for the skins menu. It also doesn't like the song being changed frequently.

To change the height of the frame, open up DefaultVariables.txt located in Rainmeter\Skins\Redux and set Taskbar to whatever to want. To get rid of the space, set Taskbar to 0.

Requires Nircmd for the volume control.

Karmat111 for helping me beta test it.
Kaelri-for inspiration and code borrowed for Enigma
kenz0-for help with code and for his LyricsGrabber skin
sgtevmckay-inspiration for part of the weather bar

I used a few things I didn't make in the suite and screenshot.
Weather Icons-Flat Weather Icons by LavAna
Dock Icons-Ecqlipse 2 by chrfb
Wallpaper-Zyklus:eins by Pixellabor
Visual style-Razor 2 Final by zrageburn
© 2009 - 2021 Varelse42
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hi, can i edit the dock? if so, can u teach me? thank you :)
cool stuff, :)
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could u add the mozilla to chrome instead?
it wont work, i know im doing something wrong so im not worried lol but what i really want is that background o.O

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Maybe you wann try this [link] for lyrics in your next desktop ;)
how to download
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I installed it in Documents/Rainmeter/Skins, but it doesn't show up on my rainmeter...

what's wrong?
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How to add exception of the lyricsfetcher to the firewall ? I can't find anyway to add a vbscript exception
Very nice skin anw :D
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Hey mate, Love the skin but I ran into a snag. I want the dock to open a overclocking programs. Monitoring programs such as CPUz, GPUz, and HWmonitor open fine. Burn tests though (FurMark, intelburntestV2, and prime95) do not open however. Not sure what it is, perhaps the way the computer interprets the file?
For anyone trying to fix the lyrics. The current work around I am using:

Under the [mLyrics] field remove what is there and paste:

PlayerName=["""" Your music Player Here """"]

This atleast will display the saved lyrics in your music player rather than just showing blank since the script no longer works.
thanks that did the trick for me , 4 years later :D
oooohhh GOD AWWWWW.. he's using firefox :O
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Thanks,Great Job
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Looks so cool on my desktop. Thanks. :)
i have a question.example, at august 11, when the clock strikes 12 midnight then goes to august 12, 12:01, the first highlighted date(11) at the horizontal calendar is still highlighted and the present date(12) is also highlighted.same goes for what day of the week is it(example both Saturday at 11 and Sunday at 12 are highlighted).

how do you reset the values so the past dates wouldn't also be highlighted?please's bugging me.
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All You need to do is refresh the skin. That will get rid of it. Or add this code to the skin:




Formula= ((H=0) && (M=0) && (S=1)) ? 1 : 0

It basically looks at the time, and if it is one second after midnight, it will refresh the skin automatically.
how do you the weather thing
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sir, can you explain to me how to make lyric show? but in my laptop, the liryc don't show :(

sorry for my bad english before and thanks :D
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