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Bed Room by DesertFOX135 Bed Room :icondesertfox135:DesertFOX135 10 0 Brian May (pencil) by gielczynski Brian May (pencil) :icongielczynski:gielczynski 73 23 Luna sandwitch by zombeegost Luna sandwitch :iconzombeegost:zombeegost 42 5 nyatsuki by fucknah nyatsuki :iconfucknah:fucknah 105 15 Peaceful Palms by Eternaios Peaceful Palms :iconeternaios:Eternaios 228 32 PATREON REQUEST//On this sinking ship by Shadako26
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PATREON REQUEST//On this sinking ship :iconshadako26:Shadako26 205 7
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Xandir :iconbanana-spear:Banana-Spear 15 3
Fluttershy by Blisstox Fluttershy :iconblisstox:Blisstox 224 37 Starlight Glimmer by Falldust Starlight Glimmer :iconfalldust:Falldust 397 39 Rainbow Dash - The Minimalist by SuryaCandraSpark Rainbow Dash - The Minimalist :iconsuryacandraspark:SuryaCandraSpark 3 0 Milkshake and error by LythnoraxStudio Milkshake and error :iconlythnoraxstudio:LythnoraxStudio 107 31 Gosh by HonorandPride
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Summoning by Dahtamnay Summoning :icondahtamnay:Dahtamnay 261 18 Glass Heroes vs. Villains. MEI. VILLAIN. by ccaru Glass Heroes vs. Villains. MEI. VILLAIN. :iconccaru:ccaru 460 31


26 deviations
People on this site have made journals showcasing Daily Deviations that they featured the past month or that they love or what have you. Today, I’m gonna do that myself—by showcasing my favorite DDs that I suggested last year. I will pick my favorite deviation for each suggestion category and explain why I love it. Then I will list all the other suggestions in that category (if any) as honorable mentions.

Let me tell you: For some categories, it wasn’t easy picking the single best. In fact, it’s not always easy picking a single suggestion when an artist has a gallery full of worthy contenders. That should be a testament to how much blood, sweat, and tears these artists put into their work. Hell, on some days, an artist I follow that had already been featured lately will submit a very superb deviation, and I go, “Fuuuuuck! I really wanna suggest this, but it hasn’t been six months yet!”

Preemptive warning: Some of these explanations may come off as seamy. I don’t study art theory or fart theory, thus I cannot properly deliver an articulate assessment on the compositions of the presented works. I intend on showcasing my favorite suggestions of years past, so please provide feedback as necessary. If one of your critiques is “Make them longer,” however, be sure to elaborate. Otherwise, I see no reason to add fluff to everything I would want to say.

All Galleries

Anthony Hopkins by Maxiator

Anthony Hopkins by :iconmaxiator: Maxiator

Featured by :iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13

This may be my absolute favorite suggestion period. The static version of this is already great, a nice digital caricature of the famous face that looks like a pencil sketch. The static version is great enough to be suggested, but the animated version blows it out of the water and past the exosphere. Every little piece of his face moves like an actual human face at 60fps. The folding and stretching of the skin along with the subtle eye movements make it look as if the static drawing came to life. You know how some animators will use experimental visuals? Well, I wanna see a feature film using the exact style of art and movement as this. I guarantee you it will be at least be nominated for an Oscar.

Honorable Mentions


Sweet Buttercup by Yoclesh

Sweet Buttercup by :iconyoclesh: Yoclesh
Linework by :iconmairiemrys: MairiEmrys
Featured by :iconlady-suchiko: Lady-Suchiko

If you notice, some of the suggestions in this category are drawings of women in revealing white clothing. I guess that’s the secret to getting featured. Yo, artists, ya want a DD? Just draw a half-naked chick in white. ANYWAY! I love it when someone does a realistic-looking drawing while incorporating Japanese drawing elements. This can be seen in the eyes, for instance, that are rather angular and large but not too much of either. There’s also a fine amount of detail in the dress, the gold on the dress, the flowers, and all that hair. The girl seems relaxed and willing to show off her body, but a hint of shyness is peeking through. The warm lighting, the pose of the girl, the subtle blushing, and the eyes not exactly looking forward help make the drawing look sensual yet elegant. (Plus she has a really cute butt. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Honorable Mentions


L I O N by Ruanmingren

L I O N by :iconruanmingren: Ruanmingren
Featured by :iconpixlphantasy: PixlPhantasy

Long live the king… Before we talk about the anthro in this anthro drawing, can we talk about everything else that’s amazing about this? The detail of the foreground and background towers, the looming full moon faintly in the corner, the small tears on the edges of the flags, the birds, and the fog. That fog! Lookatthatfog! See, this is way I’m glad other people are better artists than me—because I would never concoct something as hypnotizing than this. And now for King Lionheart. His mane along with his mustache make him look like a very regal cat. The scar on his eye, the serious look peering forward, and the overall ominous atmosphere of the image make you ask, “Is this a war? What’s it for? Will he win?”

Honorable Mentions

Artisan Crafts

Asian Collection, Miniature Wildlife Terrariums by Daeaye

Asian Collection, Miniature Wildlife Terrariums by :icondaeaye: Daeaye
Featured by :iconsinistrosephosphate: SinistrosePhosphate

These things look exactly like tiny animals trapped in bottles. What more do you want? I can’t imagine how long it took to sculpt and paint these things perfectly. Even one little mistake would make me give it all up.

Honorable Mentions

Life Size Mimikyu Plush by TheBeardedSewist

Life Size Mimikyu Plush by :iconthebeardedsewist: TheBeardedSewist

Hippogriff poseable Artdoll by 7PencilKnight 

Hippogriff poseable Artdoll by :icon7pencilknight: 7PencilKnight

Sonya by SombraSister

Sonya by :iconsombrasister: SombraSister

Mookaite Citrine Garnet Wand by KaijuClayCreations

Mookaite Citrine Garnet Wand by :iconkaijuclaycreations: KaijuClayCreations

~ LIGHTHOUSE SOLITUDE ~ by suziewinkler

~ LIGHTHOUSE SOLITUDE ~ by :iconsuziewinkler: suziewinkler

Michael Myers Plush by The-PlushAholic

Michael Myers Plush by :iconthe-plushaholic: The-PlushAholic

Mercator of Hanna's Vale (with machine) by Steams-Dreams-Magic

Mercator of Hanna's Vale (with machine) by :iconsteams-dreams-magic: Steams-Dreams-Magic

Gargoyle by BryrePatch

Gargoyle by :iconbryrepatch: BryrePatch

Bloodborne: Cleric Beast sculpture by owlburger

Bloodborne: Cleric Beast sculpture by :iconowlburger: owlburger

Cute little Halloween spider plush by SugarcubeCherry

Cute little Halloween spider plush by :iconsugarcubecherry: SugarcubeCherry

Ivlis from The Gray Garden by TrashKitten-Plushies

Ivlis from The Gray Garden by :icontrashkitten-plushies: TrashKitten-Plushies

Rarity punk. by GingerAle2016

Rarity punk. by :icongingerale2016: GingerAle2016

Kaonashi by ali-ee

Kaonashi by :iconali-ee: ali-ee

3D Printed Iron-Spider Bust by Moonlight37Dusk

3D Printed Iron-Spider Bust by :iconmoonlight37dusk: Moonlight37Dusk

LS 45inch Sad Pinkamena Plushie by shindeeru

LS 45inch Sad Pinkamena Plushie by :iconshindeeru: shindeeru

All featured by :iconsinistrosephosphate: SinistrosePhosphate

Comics and Cartoons

about cats by sarahcatseye

about cats by :iconsarahcatseye: sarahcatseye
Featured by :icondrzime: DrZime

I had to read this again for this journal since my memory is janky shit. It tells of a stray cat and her kittens wandering for an owner but in a very poetic way. The author makes this feel like a never-ending struggle with moments of relief. Each panel is wonderfully crafted with color that fits each mood. With only a few spots where you must squint to read the text, it’s breathtaking.

Honorable Mentions

Bioshock - scared Little Sister by DariaAmbrosia

Bioshock - scared Little Sister by :icondariaambrosia: DariaAmbrosia
Photo & Editing by :iconiigreedii: IiGREEDiI
Featured by :iconpullingcandy: pullingcandy

Is she still there? slowly uncovers eyes Eep! covers eyes again Let me tell ya: This is some scary shit. It wasn’t enough to so much effort into the accuracy of the costume and the make-up, but they had to amp it up by giving her blank, glowing eyes and have us stuck with her in an eerily lit tunnel. I don’t know the role of the Little Sister is since I haven’t played Bioshock. All I know is I wanna kick her away like a trespassing raccoon. If you go to Daria’s gallery, you’ll find plenty more photos of this cosplay, some of them even better than this one.

Honorable Mentions

Digital Art

The Legend of Makami (The last Wolf God) by RedneckSamura1

The Legend of Makami (The last Wolf God) by :iconrednecksamura1: RedneckSamura1
Featured by :iconlenamoart: LenamoArt

I really want to read up on the legendary story that inspired this. You have a samurai (who isn’t a redneck surprisingly) protecting what seems like a monster from other samurai, presumably recognizing the giant wolf as an innocent creature. Just like “L I O N,” an immense amount of detail has been put into the cracked earth, the bamboo chutes, the wolf’s fur, and much more. If you zoom into the picture, you can see it’s drawn to look like a painting. Just the leaves have me going “Whoa.”

Honorable Mentions

Fan Art

'The Last of Us' Poster (by VillainFace) by VillainFace

'The Last of Us' Poster (by VillainFace) by :iconvillainface: VillainFace
Featured by :icontsaoshin: TsaoShin

V.F. revels in these red and black posters with a lot going on. If I had the money and space, I would buy one of these. This isn’t one of those drawings you just look at and say “Oh, nice” before looking at the next drawing. You have to examine this for a long time to truly appreciate it and all the time spent on it. Hell, just look at the WIP vault for this thing. Beyond the already impressive collection of characters and blood splatter, you’ll notice other details like a desolate city, a band of infected cannibals, and a dinosaur in a party hat. It’s one of the those fan works that make you wanna check out the actual games.

Honorable Mentions

Photography - Animals, Plants and Nature

In clouds by Dimen-Zion

In clouds by :icondimen-zion: Dimen-Zion
Featured by :iconjenfruzz: JenFruzz

We already know that trees are tall, but the way these trees are shot, having them stretch to the center top of the frame, makes them look as tall as skyscrapers. Plus we can add this to our gallery of spoopy photos thanks to the white light piercing around the foliated silhouettes. It’s like walking through a foggy forest and looking up to realize how hard it is to escape. Also, if I can geek out for moment, this vaguely reminds me of Makiu, the Magical Mist.

Photography - General Photography

Untitled by Hutsku10969

Untitled by :iconhutsku10969: Hutsku10969
Featured by :iconarbitrarynamechange: inprotest

Is a forest imp giving us a peace offering? Are lovers divided exchanging gifts? I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m hooked.

Pin-up and Glamour

Kait Tesni | American Beauty by Knightmare6

Kait Tesni | American Beauty by :iconknightmare6: Knightmare6

Modeling by Kait Tesni
Featured by :icondistortedsmile: DistortedSmile

It’s funny because I suggested the day it was submitted. Not sure why it took so long to be featured, but hey, I won’t complain. Another example of art making sexy look beautiful (if that makes any sense). A fit model posing on a really comfy-looking bed while covering her naughty bits with blue pedals. Interesting that they use blue instead of red given the title. Also, may I say what nice tattoos she has.

Space & Sci-Fi Art

Here's Your Crab by METAPHOR9

Here’s Your Crab by :iconmetaphor9: METAPHOR9
Featured by :iconcosmicbound: cosmicbound

So here’s this giant enemy crab. It’s being sold in the gloomy, dingy market. Throughout the market are other aquatic delights for purchase such as jellyfish and stingrays. Looking at this gives the impressions the A/C is cranked and makes me want to sample this business’s wares. I’ll dip those giant claws in a wash bucket of melted butter. Where do you even store a crab that large in a place like this? A walk-in freezer perhaps?


Sinner by dirtyruiz

Sinner by :icondirtyruiz: dirtyruiz
Featured by :iconefelidi: efelidi

As simple as this drawing is, it is so damn powerful. A drawing called “Sinner” featuring a man with his head bowed, his arms limp, a gun in his man, surrounded by scribbles. Looming over him are a bunch of dark figures, looking at him with upset faces. In the comments, the artist described the drawing as such: “The guy in the center portrays helplessness. While everyone looks down on him for a crime he did not commit, just because the gun is in his hands. However, interpret it as you will. My art is there to connect to people in their own ways.” I interpret it as a man who did commit a crime but regrets having done it, and everyone around him refuses to forgive him.

Honorable Mention

Although I disappear  by jminsart

Although I disappear by :iconjminsart: jminsart

Featured by :iconefelidi: efelidi

Vector & Vexels

Mid-Autumn Festival by Chariot1996

Mid-Autumn Festival by :iconchariot1996: Chariot1996
Featured by :iconthegalleryofeve: TheGalleryOfEve

It’s the kind of image that you want as a music album or a poster to hand over your couch. I probably like the original version of this more, but this is still workman-like. A minimalist image of a girl walking at night with leaves blowing in the wind. The only color is in the blood red moon, a rather appropriate color for mid-autumn. Don’t know why the moon is chipping, but I’m sure someone reading this will over their own interpretation.


Born from Dust III by Hypnoshot

Born from Dust III by :iconhypnoshot: Hypnoshot
Featured by :iconellysiumn: Ellysiumn

It should be a law that nature photographers should turn their works into wallpapers. A snowy mountain landscape juxtaposed against the nighttime sky with a red nebula and some stars twinkling large and bright like the star of Bethlehem. It’s the last thing you want to see out the window of your cabin lodge before turning in. Truly a sight to behold.

And there you go. If you have time, check out the other works from these deviants, and consider watching them. Also, check the other DDs I’ve suggested in
my collection. Finally, be sure to fight in the comments about what truly deserved to be picked as my favorite in its category. It’s not a community website without hostile disagreement.
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