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Blue and Yellow Optical Daisy

By VaraAnn
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Painting was sold in 2017.

Another painting for the painting class that I'm taking this semester. The assignment was to make our own colors, so I made a light and mid hue turquoise. How to make oil paint: 1 part pigment, to 1 part marble dust, to 1 part or less of linseed oil, mix together with a mortar, and put in empty new paint tube.

This is also another piece for my theme that I will be continuing for my painting concentration until graduate. My theme is to cross human anatomy with plants, and so far it has been eyes and flowers. I do intend to combine trees and skeletons at some points, but I want to save those ideas until my BFA show.

The painting: meant to be a close-up of my optical daisy concept. I intended for most of the focus of the painting to be on the eye, with it having sharper detail then the petals. The petals are a bit more soft and diffused. And the blue meant to be a color replacement for the shadows of the flower, so I painted blue instead of a darker yellow, sort of a pun of the idea of optics and retinal burn, though this painting does not cause a retinal burn like my last one does.

Done with oil on hand stretched canvas, size 16inx32in. The border, logo, and signature are digital and was added in with Photoshop, to make a more appealing presentation.

Blue and Yellow Optical Daisy © VaraAnn/Kara Vines
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wow very cool 8O
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It is nice to see the optical daises again.
I think the color choice for this is actually rather soothing. :meditation:
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:aww: thanks. My next painting will be a companion piece to this one, but will combine petals and iris muscle/sheet muscle.
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That sound very conceptual and interesting.
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Wow... I love the idea of an "optical daisy..." and the idea of a skeleton and tree. I particularly love the yellow, and it's so cool how you made your own paint!
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I can't even begin to describe how lovely this is :heart:
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