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Squi Squi

Midnight doze.


Squirtle© Pokemon
Konata©Lucky butt

( It got alot more depth than you think -w- )
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Lucky star squirtles :D
catfirmella67number2's avatar
Gotta.....catch them friggin all.
PinkyBunnyChu's avatar
I tottally k she'd be like that if that happened XD She's like me: A nerd girl :3
cuuuuuute squirtle in the picture y u no exist in reality in my livingroom
tooncooro's avatar
Robofur's avatar
*Throws Net Ball* I want it!
Tsukiko-chan's avatar
this is so awesomely cute!! ♫ squirtle!
Sammie77lee's avatar
*request* hay vap, can u draw me as a bormal hugging hell a cute puppy? <3
Artbrowser909's avatar
-_- <kool squirtle brah...)
Galthux's avatar
So cute it makes my face hurt :D
RGB64's avatar
And then Mario butts in and stomps on her. She hides in her shell, which Mario promptly kicks. Crossovers are funny.
EricatheDerpehWeasel's avatar
chuck norris owns that konata squirtle XD
pinkychocopuff's avatar
jzdxdhbcjsbzjfbscbfsadbdjsbkbdksabdkjsabkdj OMG this SOOOOOOOOOO Cute fsafcnbsnahfgkjfbj
hyperdarkspinesonic2's avatar
omg......idk who you are but... :( i love you...marry to me D: this thing that you made is just simply...beautiful..<3 i love you...
RosePetalss's avatar
Chowderrules101's avatar
gngfan's avatar
I like it Konata-san!And i see the anime Lucky star!X3
It's very cute!Good job!;)
CareBearKidd's avatar
I lol'd :lol:
This is cute~
Waddle-Dance's avatar
This totally made my day!
RuinexX's avatar
Love it! So cute love your style.
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