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Rotom Karting

If only...

For those who are not familiar, Rotom is an electric/ghost poke who can take a shape of 6 forms [link] ~


... Man that started as a doodle and in the end i just gave all my power to it |:[


Shooky,Marko,Bibop,Kiwi,Mandek,Kanji and art©mee
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SwagmanIV's avatar
I think Mow Rotom makes a great vehicle.
DarkMalaga's avatar
You have the crossover of the year
Epicsquirtle's avatar
This is amazing!!!!!!!!
xxUmbreonMasterXx's avatar
Watch out for those blue shells. XD
Nemesisprime91's avatar
What Blue shells? If anything, you need to watch out for the Voltorbs and Electrodes!
xxUmbreonMasterXx's avatar
Missplayer30's avatar
If the blue shell in Mario kart is the friendship destroyer, I wonder what would be the friendship destroyer in this one.
pigs102's avatar
A Blastoise shell?
ChaosMiles07's avatar
Pokékart: Double Dash!!
I'd buy that game.
Darkraiprincess's avatar
Now THAT looks like FUN!!
MaxxineMagmaChief's avatar
lol this is hilarious
PangoPixel's avatar
lol Vaporeons like me when I play Mariokart, so hardcore, I'm all like, "You all suck at this game!"
SchAlternate's avatar
Any racing game where all the karts are lawnmowers is automatically awesome.
Critterkinz's avatar
How is Rotom connected with Pokemon?
Critterkinz's avatar
Ignore my last comment people, I'm dumb
TeamAzure's avatar
I love your art style! So comical nd brilliant!
WhiteCrowMoon's avatar
aww, cute idea! I didn't get it because I didn't know what a rotom was, but after reading the description it was funny!
Iouril's avatar
Love it! The style even looks similar to the Original Pocket Monster's Manga!
Voxollous's avatar
this is an amazing idea. i dont know what other people think but i want this to happen. right now. NOW. NOOOOWWW. GET ON THAT SHIT!
dragai's avatar
insta-fave for sure.
Frostbiter88's avatar
This I approve of :D
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