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Kirlia and Gochimiru

By vaporotem
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With Baffuron~

Im sorry, i had to take this picture out of my system, i feel better now...

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt©Gainax
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My favorite anime and pokemon xD
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this kinda reminds me of panty and stocking a bit
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It's because it is, it's the Panty and Stocking characters as Pokemon.
Dovah-lord73's avatar
i knew it looked familiar thanks
randomemaster360's avatar
This is so wrong and so great on so many levels X)
PropellerYellowToad's avatar
Dang, they all work really well
EliTigre's avatar
This is so fucking perfect ! You've got gold in your fingertips !
StarlaAndGilbird's avatar
Yes, just yes. Although I think Gothirta and Kirlia could swit...  Dunno.
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Just btw, this blew up pretty well on reddit:…"

and it's sparked a ton of interest in PSG, maybe you should consider another crossover with the other characters?
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Who gonna be brief?
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How would Scanty and Kneesocks look like as Pokemon, as well as Fastener?
lgrussom's avatar
I would assume that they would be dark, psychic, or ghost types like an espeon or umbreon but that's just me!
Im2cute1999's avatar
Yeah that makes sense ^^

I can see them now (lol XD)
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and the assistant could be a shuppet!
mentalitysCanvas's avatar
Who is brief I have to ask
Camille-Strong's avatar
Best P&SG crossover EVER!!
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let me guess then Brief is a Riolu or a Mienfoo ?
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I have a question is their true angel form the final evolutions of kirlia gothorita
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The face this makes me make, I can't describe it.
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