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Gotta Fuse Them All

By vaporotem
So funny story: Over a year ago I had a depression meltdown (funny, I know) 
So I've started drawing Pokemon fusions because it really helped with the whole "gotta do something without too much thought"
Then it started trending again over Twitter and it made me realize I've never uploaded them...
SO 91 FUSIONS! Detective Pikachu Screaming Icon
Would have gone for 151 but I started to feel better and stopped lolol
(Sylveon is the only one I've cheated and joined much later since there wasn't a generator for other gens back when I've made this)

I hope that anybody who suffer some mental breakdown or anything can find a little bit of light by focusing on doing something they love and enjoy, even if it's just for a little bit~:heart:
Pokemon - Mimikyu Jumping Happily With Hearts 
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I've only known Dewnat for two minutes, but if anything happened to it, I'd kill everyone in the room and then myself.
Ghost-PepperArt's avatar
You should make these adopts~ 
If they were 8 points or less I'd adopt
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
This really is putting a big smile on someone's face for being so amazing!!!
IceFoxREBORN's avatar
A Houndoom and Absol fusion would’ve looked neat
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Glaffy, Pipckle, Chinfable and Swafree are too adorable! This really made me smile!
ProperPenguin's avatar
Ledianpert is too precious here.  Carnichic is also surprisingly adorable.
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It makes sense, but I still find it a bit odd that Chinfable does not, in fact, have a chin.
Balmung6's avatar
Mightypunny has a vibe of that girl from the manga "Burner".
Balmung6's avatar
Farth = Serious Daffy Duck vibes :P
Balmung6's avatar
Mistini reminds me of Midna.
omega1518's avatar
umbros, lumivee, flarepom, espwile, glaffy, celelass, lediapert, rotnium, latnine, baychu, lucapix, mistini, and dragoneon i love
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those look amazing! you did an awesome job on them all! some of them look pretty sassy for some reason lol. awesome job!
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When Game-freak runs out of ideas for Pokemon...

Satoshi Tajiri: Alright team, if we want Gen 9 to be a success, we need to include new original Pokemon ideas.

Developer 1: Mega Evolution!

Developer 2: Dynamax!

Developer 3: ...Fusions

Satoshi Tajiri: ...

*CRASH!* Throws Developer 3 out the window
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Herachan and Azerim faves
Vampire-kun's avatar
Wigglyter's face ♥
It looks like it's super happy about something horrible happening
Drakague's avatar

Awesome and cute and wow yeah.. Color me speechless and astounded in the best way :)

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I would die for any one of these cuties~ I am glad they helped you through those trying times!
FoaminianPriestess's avatar
Latinine is my favorite~
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regiwhirl is shaped like a friend

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Farth and Mistini Would be my starters haha :) nice round up. 
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I use pokefusions for the same purpose, feels like the only thing I can draw without (self imposed) pressure at this point and it's fun and relaxing
thanks for sharing yours, there a lot of really fun ones and the colors are always so nice
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Banbbull is greater than the sum of its parts.
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