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Frontier Psychiatrists

And this is where our dear Mudkip ended up cause of the internet. shame!
sorry, i really didnt know what im doing there...

...only now i noticed Chancey looks like Dr. James Wilson from House MD xD


Swampert, Marshtomp, Chancey and Mudkipz © Nintendo

EEK, ah, not all people knows the deal with the Mudkip <¦D
Its a meme that started in the Mudkip club when someone said "so i herd u like mudkips" ( it was original "like" and not "liek" )

and... Thank you all! ;3; :heart:
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I am a simple person. I see mudkip, I click.
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ok imma go watch pokemon top 10s since i cant deal with insane pokemon
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see what u did internet, you made mudkip a psychopath
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Nah, don't see what all the fuss is about Mudkip XD

I think Totodile is a bit cooler, although I am always going to pick the water type starter. I just prefer Totodile.
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Water starters are the best. Though, I prefer Froakie, personally.
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Froakie's not a bad starter. Not bad one at all.
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Especially since Greninja got into Smash bros.
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yeah, that was pretty badass.
I'm hoping to get Smash bros soon!
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he´s my partner in mystery dungeon!

oh god Husky, what they have done to you?!?

Mudkip Crying 
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whats wrong with him
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But mudkip is still the besat starter vor me :D
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Uhh what happened to him
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I like how the Chansey appears to be male.
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Super Super Effective X3
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Q[]Q i love you more now!!
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This made my day. XD
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Gotta love, psycotic, yet cute mukips
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Hahah, this made me entire week XD

Freaking awesome~ >U>
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Please tell me that Chancey is actually a female >.<
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