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bah! a pic i did a time ago in the oekaki! looky! its Aipom!....yay.....o___0
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I love Aipom but his cheeky grin still creeps me out after all these years.

Apart from that, awesome piece ^^ Love the colours and shading.
HAHA! He looks like a worm of Worms (the game)
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I always thought Aipom was a creepy little bastard, but you managed to make him look like a loveable creepy little bastard. XD
NekoAmine's avatar
looks funny !!!
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shway--dude's avatar
that... is the freekiest thing iv ever seen... :+fav:=D
jlcchaolover's avatar
MEGA CUTE! XD I like the grass also!
Koshi's avatar
It looks a little insane...*is scared* X]
ShadowPup's avatar
lol,I like it ^^ it looks great!
kiliantiger's avatar
Whoa, funky monkey =D He’s so cute *goes and cuddles him* I love your shading and everything. Nice job =)
bleepz's avatar
eep Oo; so cute! *hoggles the aipom*
artsik9's avatar
CUTE!!!!! I want it...
kazooie64's avatar
HAHA, I love Aipoms! X3
Marcusthehedgehog's avatar
Me too. I was trying to get on in Jhoto, but it's been hard, or so i thought when i found one.
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hehe thats so cool
Kaer's avatar
Hehehe... CUTE! ^^
kati-kitani-st's avatar
Awwwwww. So cute! ^_^
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