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July 23, 2009
For A Thousand Years by ~vaporization is a very nice and stylish Wallpaper which looks amazing on your desk.
Featured by splintered13
Suggested by PatrickRuegheimer
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For A Thousand Years

We are blinded by what we can't see.

This time, instead of the usual Photomanipulation - People category, I decided to head for the Customization front instead. There was a time I was sure it wouldn't turn out this way, but all the signs told me so. For now, it's in a usual resolution and aspect ratio of 4:3 and 1280x1024. If requests are made, I'll make sure to add a more feasible selection of resolutions for your liking :D

It's almost awful how many rehashes and how many ideas this particular piece went through before getting its final form. I have this habit of overdoing things; in this case, adding way too many elements and details - at one point, it almost looked like a puzzle out of a thousand pieces. Probably the hardest part was for my mind to tell my spirit to stop, it's too much :) Most of the stock is either from or my personal selection.

Thanks and I hope you like it!

Now available in

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DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
This is beautiful.
art-girl215's avatar
Wink/Razz Relaxed love the rolling clouds and the holes that give of a very mysterious  vibe#1 
guruofstreet's avatar
cocoapplemk's avatar
aweome!! i lke it:)
MarlyTheTiger's avatar
Deep, epic and uplifting.
AJcomeback's avatar
AJcomeback's avatar
OMG! So pretty!!!!
moonfairy1999's avatar
I like this a lot.
I have the same problem with stopping myself before the scene becomes too cluttered.
You did a great job here, though.
timothy032's avatar
That's beautiful, usually I don't like processed clouds and landscape, but this is truly amazing.
Sageborn's avatar
wow, It looks like a mega-fight took place
the-chocolatecloud's avatar
these colours , this organization ... it's just wonderful .
diliprai's avatar
its not nice
its awasome
LinhVu2012's avatar
alextakers's avatar
Este es el mejor wallpaper que he tenido hasta el momento!!

Muchas gracias :la:
gringoldian's avatar
it's magic, man
alextakers's avatar
thank you very much in earnest this the best wallpaper of my life is very impressive Wow! thank you very much!
skwara96's avatar
Hi. I really liked your wallpaper. I have a question. I could put it in my new series of posts on I would be very grateful :).
well, im so gonna use this D: very nice
This image is used as a loading screen in a popular Starcraft II map "Fastest Map Possible".
vaporization's avatar
Tänud! Kas sa oskad ka ütelda, millise versiooniga tegu on? :)
Ei oska ausaltöeldes, seal on need järjestatud populaarsuse järgi ja põhimõtteliselt ainus "Fastest Map Possible", mis silma jääb, kasutab seda pilti.
Gorgeous, higher resolutions would be fantastic!
t3az1707's avatar
thanks this is amazing!
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