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Planet Forge

1/2 of "Forge", my entry for the Devious Desktops Space Out contest. This is the right side.

(Download for the full view.)

Saw the contest come into my inbox and was like... why won't I do this? I do space wallpapers a lot. And dual screen, sure. Straightforward. The catch is you have to make an image that isn't on center where the dual screen divider lies. And the other catch is making sure that essentially each monitor can act as its own image if need be. So, off to the races with this one. Also: 1. My Photoshop can handle the chug. 2. I have a render machine with a Titan graphics card. 3. Fractals are my friends. 4. The monitor they are offering as part of the contest, I actually own a slightly less new variant of it, as in, if it looks good on my display, it will look good on ANY LG display. So, no excuses. Let's do this!

Took slightly more time than usual. And way more memory than usual. 3 gigabyte working file. Crammed in a lot of my spacey fractals, screwed around. Wanted originally rainbow, but ended up going blue and red. Was getting so busy that had to pull back the colors. But yeah, planets, space, my happy place!

Photoshop CS4, Chaotica

(Available as a 3840x2160 wallpaper. You can see the set of wallpapers below)

Star Forge by Vaporeon249   Planet Forge by Vaporeon249  Forge by Vaporeon249
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Is it a gas giant or is it a terrestrial planet?
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This is sweet desktop material, nicely done :) 
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Thank you, great and honorable Supreme Leader. Your notice is most appreciated!
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Thank you! I appreciate the panda.
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That's one huge ring system O__o
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In theory, our entire Solar System is one giant ring.
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Wooow... I don't know if anyone can compete with that
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Still have a few weeks for everyone else to show their hands.
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Thank you again!
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The colors mix so well together. Awesome job dude!
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Thank you. Nice to know it works.
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i wish i could visit it!
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Eh................. The problem with a planet with a ring is it's basically spinning around its own asteroid field... That will regularly pummel the planet (and you) with it.
Best observed from afar.
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