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I can NEVER think of a good name for these

Wow! I finally managed to finish something, huh? And it only took several hours and 40 minutes worth of uploading frustration~! Now for the lovely faces portrayed here:


I put so much effort into this, and this is all I have to show for it. Oh well, you just gotta deal with it.
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Oh snap! I forgot to comment on this for long time, huh? Anyway, thanks for contributing your efforts, Veech! I like how you characterized everyone and their loose little interactions. Interesting linework and nice color/shading job. Is it just me, or do I spot a hint of early Sugimori-style features in my Koikoi? Thanks~!
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Oh man, everyone in this looks so great! And I gotta admit, I'm getting used to two-letter me more and more. Course, that's the version I see most often so there's that too! Heehee, look at what I found indeed! I also really liked what you did with Duth. I think you portrayed him the best!

Hey, get on Skype while I'm also on Skype so I can praise you in real-time!
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Whale Razy is best Razy.