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Okay I admit it. LexRox is my secret fangirl-y source. Most of the time it's not romantic though. I'm all for Big Brother!Lexaeus looking after the little kids such as Roxas, and in my headcanon Lex is quite popular with the young ones despite his size and general scary-looking-ness. Probably coz he's seems so damn protective and he's one of the few members in the Organization who didn't act like a total jerkass (even when he bitchslapped Roxas and knocked out half his life in order to 'teach him about limit breaks' in 358/2 Days).

Sooooo yeah. This drawing. It's currently not shaded or anything like that because I plan to colour it sometime soon, probably after exams (or maybe even earlier due to my famous procrastination).
What's happening? Well, the Org found a new world which is inhabited by dragons and other magical creatures, so in order to investigate more easily they will need disguises (much like the Pridelands world), and here we are. Lex just happened to be assigned with training Roxas to fight in his new form for a few days and now they are just having a well-earned rest before continuing Roxas' lessons.

Dragon headcanon! XD The dragons have some resemblance to their human (red: nobody) selves: Roxas is a 'blonde' (gold-yellow) dragon with blue eyes, while Lexaeus is an auburn-brown-ish dragon with blue eyes. Facepalm to their hair arrrgh DX I have to say that I liked Lex's arm there (oh yeahhh biceps), and Roxas' curled shape. As you can see Lex's wings may be a bit too small to qualify for being flight mechanisms, and yes that's on purpose. I just think because Lex controls earth he would naturally develop an aversion to being- well - AWAY from the ground, so his wings cannot be used for flight, but they are like giant claws that can grip the ground and shake it really hard to cause earthquakes. So basically everyone in the Org can fly except him. Sorry XD

Anyway, I talk too much (I just like these two hehe) but anyway hope you guys like! ^^

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN KINGDOM HEARTS!!! All credit goes 2 SquareEnix, Tetsuya Nomura, Disney n Shiro Amano
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AWESOME Vanz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!