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Voltron Cast

As soon as I have seen Jeremy Shada's pic on Instagram, I simply had to draw it with their characters!
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I see the resemblance! :D

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Dang, as if Rhys Darby is really Coran

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I don’t want to be that person,, but I think you forgot Coran’s Altman markings..? 

Its it’s a really good drawing though : D
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I freaking love this
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This made my dayMiku Love [V1] 
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haha this is serisouly great !
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Omg!! I love Lance's expression!!! This is the best!!❤❤❤
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*laughs*  This is so awesome!
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I love this so much!!! Especially Coran's expression!
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Coran looks so freaking goofy :rofl:
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I know! It's adorable! XD
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When I listen to this, these new and improved Ro-Beasts are called Tek-Roids or サイボーズ(Cyboids Saibōzu) and these're the Tek-Roids/サイボーズ that appears in a no-needed numbered order:
  1. Plugma-Roid ヒューズ・サイボイド
  2. Turbine-Roid ゲイルサイボーデ
  3. Barbed Wire-Roid バーブワイヤーサイボーデッド
  4. Camera-Roid リフレクター・シボイド
  5. Bell-Roid リンガー・サイボイド
  6. Tyre-Roid ターボサイボーダ
  7. Ship-Roid クルーザーサイボー
  8. Cell Phone-Roid ダイアルアップ・サイボイド
  9. Bulldozer-Roid コンストラクトサイボイド (Coloured toxic-green and purple like the G1 Constructicons)
  10. Freeze-Roid クーラーサイボーダ
  11. Vacuum Cleaner-Roid ダイソン・キボイド、グリフィスとも呼ばれる
  12. Bus-Roid キャリア・サイボイド
  13. Motorcycle-Roid バイカーサイボーデ
  14. Lawnmower-Roid グラス・カッター・サイボイド
  15. Quadra-Roid/Hybrid-Roid キメラサイボイド
  16. Karaoke-Roid シング・アロー・サイボイド
  17. Signal-Roid トラフィックサインサイボイド
  18. Bowling-Roid ボウラーサイボーデ
  19. Wedding Dress-Roid 花嫁のドレスサイボーデ
  20. Samurai-Roid ヤマトシボイド (Mostly based on Yamato Man from the Mega Man series)
  21. Tombstone-Roid グレイヴ・サイボイド
  22. The Malfested Triplets* ミュートリストトリオ *(The Malfested species are loosely based on the Infested/Infestation from Warframe.) The Malfested Triplets are Yakatoshi, Mexha and Doomatron, who were my oldest O.Cs ever created. Doomatron was a creation from my farthest childhood depths and Mexha used to be my name on SheezyArt back in 2004 lloonngg before the site's eventual deactivation. They're simply-putting, are more based on Legend of Zelda series' Re-Dead enemies.)
  23. Flute-Roid ハムレット・サイボイド
  24. Lion Tamer-Roid ビーストマスター・シボイド (He managed to control Voltron all by himself)
  25. Monitor-Roid テレビ・サイボーデ
  26. Toy-Roid レゴサイボーデ
  27. Clock-Roid タイマ・サイボイド
  28. Locomotive-Roid 列車のサイボーデンス
  29. Mechanical-Roid メカチャボイド (Later reappears with Quadra-Roid/Hybrid-Roid to form the stupidly O.P Reality Spectre)
  30. Reality Spectre リアリティー・スペクター (Was sealed into a magical orb which had the silhouetted version of the true and final form of the Reality Spectre リアリティー・スペクター known as  Untitled Drawing by Alan-G-Brandon  Void Spectre 空想の幽霊.)
  31. <da:drawing id="6175781225195621" format="200H"> Void Spectre 空想の幽霊 (The fused form of all the other 28 Tek-Roids, including Mechanical-Roid, Quadra-Roid/Hybrid-Roid and the Reality Spectre, loosely based on  ZeedMillenniummon by DejiruM0n-D  ZeedMillenniummon from Digimon.)
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The way you drew the expressions onto their characters is like next-level
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Whoah! The way you drew the character, makes them look official! Amazing work there! Love how you in included Rhys' Pin.
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Bellissimo ♡.♡
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