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Welcome to my page and please do call me Nikki. I’m just your average female cartoonist who loves to draw~

Thank you for dropping by and having a look!!
The support and love is very appreciated!
Come again!

By MummaSharku
Lily (1) by CatSpy69
skyline divider black by ToxiceStea

*:・゚ ✧゚・: *


Awesome Peeps!!




1. Do you take Art Trades/ Requests/ Commissions?
With art trades, I usually ask myself or do them with mutuals.
I do NOT do requests, this is only for close close friends.
And with Commissions, I will start them soon, once I’ve got quality free time.

2. What program do you predominantly use?
I use Procreate on moblie with my fingers.

3. Do you rp?
Only with close friends, but I don’t really do them anymore ;v;

4. Do you have any other platforms other than Deviant Art?
Yes, I have a Tumblr! >>

5. Can I repost your art on other social platforms?
I’m fine with it, AS LONG as you provide credit.

skyline divider black by ToxiceStea

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(TAG) Character Facts - Maybelene

Wed Feb 20, 2019, 5:04 PM
Tagged by :iconookiraryuoo: 

1. Post all the rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other people
4. Post their characters names with their owners

Maybelene Masquerade

Ad31a30f-0eae-4168-a1b1-efa6bcb43da6 by VanxllaVixen

✦ Maybelene was created by a rich brittish merchant who lived with only his wife. Maybelene never knew the true reason as to why she was made to be, but he brought her here as a replacement of their beloved deseased daughter who died of plauge. 

✦ Her origin is situated in Europe where her creator used to live until they both frequently sailed together over the seas on Madeline’s world debut. (Madeline was her old stage name)

✦ Maybelene used to be young maiden created purely for on stage performances. More so a visual attraction. He loved dressing her up as well. Her creator intended for Maybelene to be a pristine woman as she is.

✦ After some unfortunate events..(I cannot reveal them yet ;-; ) Maybelene being the sympathetic and 'too kind' of a woman she was made to be, left her creator's side so he would no longer be humiliated. She thought he was better off without her. Her determined creator's attempt to fully restore her body was obviously not a total success, and without enough coverage, she still looked broken and damaged. At that point, Maybelene knew that 'Madeline' was long gone.. That day she and her creator were supposed to voyage back to London after being shunned at every turn, Maybelene never showed up to board the ship. 

✦ Maybelene does indeed miss her creator dearly. He was a kind old man and essentially gave her some free reign despite being made to please others and earn him large fortunes. However, she had an intuition that he will live better without her, now as only a burden.

✦ The mask Maybelene wears is to hide her permanently damaged eyes. She can not replace them, those keep her soul contained. To outsiders, she was almost like a possessed discarded manequin. Maybelene can't stand the thought of this, so she goes out of her way to create a new look for herself. Hence, she also drops her stage name entirely. The mysterious 'Maybelene' woman of Masquerade, was born.

✦ As she adapted to her new lifestyle, Maybelene had become quite the lover of fashion and has a particular old Victorian taste~ Maybelene prefers long dresses to cover up the leftover scars still in her legs. 

✦ Now being mute wasn't going to help her. So once she meets a very committed gentleman by the name of Sammy Lawrence, he helps her learn how to pick up a musical career in instruments~ 

pixel white lily by Alyssdream

I won’t be tagging this time but you can do it still if you wish!!

Created at | Banner created by C-91


Sometimes I end up drawing Lily like a smol baby cinnaroll?! Wh-
4fa8c8b5-492f-4a01-93e9-943609732b4e by VanxllaVixenE6852895-d67c-4647-8c94-2736424af1b0 by VanxllaVixenCfc39e99-acd1-4bdf-adc4-f02b50274d6c by VanxllaVixen
MY CAT WAS BEING NAUGHtY, I'm doing work and he comes up to me and drops a dEAD RAT ON MY FEET.. >:,,UUUUU 
sweetie I didn't want this smh
I’ve been seeing people doing this ‘ArtVsArtist’ on Twitter so I was like why the heck noT?- XD 
294fa3eb-12bb-4041-81d2-f65e6d16dd60 by VanxllaVixenI was already planning to do a face reveal at some point baha. (Sorry if I ruined ur eyes though 😩🔫)


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This is also helps me to renew my core ^^

Thank you so much!! 💕💕 I'll give you a big huggu <33
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If I was to draw Inky and little Bendy, what would you like to see more? 

148 deviants said Inky and Bendy surrounded by baby animals. (Uh bECAUSE YeS?)
41 deviants said More things with Sammy Lawrence.
27 deviants said Inky And Bendy having a swim at the beach.
26 deviants said Something angst..👀 (Nikki you are horrible)


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Happy Valentine's Day, honey! :love: :cuddle: <33
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ack, im so happy to see another artist who draws with their finger haha   <333       its very hard to not get inspired when looking   at your work   ; your art  is so amazing      aa  a  a    :000      keep up the good work uwu 
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May I ask something...

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What's your favorite game? Mine's Undertale, Fnaf, and Bendy and the ink machine.
(Baldi's bacics is ok to...)
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Heyo, your art is adorable and with such high quality! Love your BATIM/Cuphead styles (and if it's true, I won't believe you drew those with your fingers...)
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