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Where to Submit Feedback Now? by ThatWasLeftHanded, journal Writer is officially gone, has been since the Eclipse update went live. However, a user named @PlatinumBeta made a tutorial on how to force Writer to appear with a simple string of symbols, but since their account is now deactivated I have no choice but to make my own tutorial as the tutorial they put up seems to have been removed. Here's how to can force Writer back into existence: On your computer, go to Search for and open Notepad. Copy and paste this string of symbols in the blank text document:  Save the text file under any name you want. Go to your supported web browser and open, you should be automatically logged in. Click on the blue Upload Files button and select the text file with the string of symbols you just made. Click on the document you just uploaded and notice how the Edit With Writer button is on the right side of the page. That's it, you can now edit the text file to add whatever you want! Thanks for reading!
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Here is an extensive review on the Ubuntu-based Distribution that uses Flatpak as its main application repository known as Elementary OS (6.1)! Going through some of it's installed apps as well as the user experience. Apps: Futuristic Flatpak! While Elementary OS 6.1 has very few apps installed, they can be powerful! AppCenter Calculator Calendar Camera Code Document Viewer Files Mail Multitasking View Music Photos Screenshot System Settings Tasks Terminal Videos Web These are all of the apps installed by default, that's it. I will only be extensively covering the apps listed in underline. 1. AppCenter This might have some controversy considering that it doesn't use Flathub as the main repository, but uses its own. The upside is that all apps created follow Elementary's design philosophy, which is simple yet powerful. The downside is that its a scarce list of apps you can install. While the Flathub repository can be used via side-loading any app downloaded from the Flathub website
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New shit po- I mean video up! :paranoid:
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