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Insptober Day 8

By Vantula
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Thunder for Bajingzang. Faith and I aren't exactly close but I do consider her to be someone who's friendly and always up to chat! I've been a fan of hers for over 5 years and let me tell you, her art is incredible. She has a very distinct style and I can always tell when I'm looking at her work!
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this is so nice of u dude omg i'm??? CRYING WTH THANK YOU SO SO MUCH...
UR SO SWEET IM CRY aaAAA this whole inspober thing you're doing is so nice...

this is so so cute omg my precious baby I love how u drew her?? her face is so cute omg i love her lil heart nose and her cheek fluffs are so cute...and aaa i really love her wings, omg, they're so cute and stubby and perfect and o m g you managed to get her dumb lil paw fingers to do a peace sign, bless, it is so hard to do that lmao aa
HER EARS ARE SO BIG AND PERFECT OMG i love how chunky they are, and her knees and feet are shaped so nice ;v; AND I REALLY LOVE HER TAIL...THE POOF IS SO SO GOOD aaa
also ur lines are getting like, progressivley smoother with all these ur doing omg which i mean i guess is the point of inktober BUT ITS REALLY GREAT
(also u are correct and i am generally always up to chat but i am bad at 1x1 convos omg i am so socially stupid + never have anything to say LMAO fmkhgfh i'm usually always on twitter though pfft ;3c)
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Oh my goodness, thank you so much ;__; I'm really glad you like the insptober idea cause I wanted to participate in inktober but I didn't like ANY of the challenges so I was like, WHY DON'T I JUST DO FANART FOR MY FAV ARTISTS???

Honestly like... Peace signs fit Thunder so much and it took me AGES to get it right, but I felt like that was the only thing I could do with her cute little paw.
I'm so glad you like it so much ahhhh!!!

Oh my gosh thank you for mentioning my lines, I really feel like I'm getting the hang of strokes even tho i STILL get scared cause there's no ctrl z lmao...

You're extrememly welcome!!

ALSO FUNNY YOU MENTION TWITTER BC I JUST STARTED USING IT AGAIN 2 MONTHS AGO AND I LOVE IT!! I can't find your twitter on your page tho :0 Would you mind letting me know your user so I could follow you?
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AHHH YEAH its such a nice idea omg....ive just been drawing my ocs pfft

and its fallowtail !! thats my UN basically everywhere except here cos it was already taken :"(( rip
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OCs are good too! Can never draw too much of your OCs!!

Oh man, I hate when that happens. Although I expect it most of the time cause I always just try to make my user my fav pokemon lol