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so, i seen this girl on da, her name is 707Fangirl, she blocked me. FOR LITERALLY THE DUMBEST REASON. So I wanted to help some people, literally any crap thing I saw, I commented. So I went to her profile, and I said "You might need to improve, I think you can be an extremely talented artist, only if you tried." not even couple seconds. Flagged as Spam.

She put rules in her description, saying "No Criticism." Now I don't know why criticism is bad, I need it to help on my drawings. My friends help. But this girl, she despises it, I tried to post the exact comment, Flagged and Blocked. Now at this point, I'm just thinking it's a butthurt weeaboo, but no, this girl is beyond that, she is a literal troll.

Dark Oscar Soto by 707Fangirl

This is one of her images. If I were her, I would DEFINITELY take criticism.

This was to blow out steam.
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January 17, 2017


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