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I wanted to let folks watching here that I am super duper active on Twitter, @vantidart, and a little less so on Tumblr as vantid.

On Twitter, I try to post mostly art, works in progress, and photos of the natural world that surrounds me.

Tumblr is a place for more finished pieces and rare reblogs of art or messages I feel are important.

That's about that! Thanks for watching me here, there, or anywhere! I really appreciate it. <3
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I've been rather inactive on DA the last year or two. I was overwhelmed by the number of submissions in my inbox and could never browse them all. I finally unwatched most of the Groups and that has helped cut down the volume to an easily manageable trickle of delightful artwork. I know I am missing out on some really cool art in the groups, but I miss everything when there are suddenly over a thousand deviations and I don't have time to browse them all.

I also haven't been uploading as much of my work. I was away from DA so much that when I did come back, the upload interface was always different. Whyyyyy. It makes me feel like an old lady who can't figure out why her computer won't turn on because it's unplugged. Even posting journals confuses me. Journal portal, what?? Featured? Featured where?

I've been keeping very busy! I have some exciting news to share as well as several cool commission, personal projects, and the ever wonderful Werewolf Calendar. In the meantime, I started up an Etsy store!  Right now I have prints, which I make myself on my awesome giclee printer. I will be listing several originals next month, so watch the store for availability!
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I've had a lot of interest in my coloured pencil badges recently, and I've been quoting them at $100.

This is too low for the amount of time I dump into these badges. I love working on them, truly. But I have to stop taking them at this price. However, I know there are folks who have been wanting them and I'd like to give everyone who does a chance to get them at this price.

Until the end of February, I will be accepting 3 by 4 inch badges in coloured pencil for $100, plus shipping. After Texas Furry Fiesta and the end of the month, they will no longer be available for this price! I do not know how much I will charge for colored pencil badges in the future.

These take a while, so patience is required. I don't foresee getting to any badges taken now before late spring or early summer at the earliest.

SO! If you would like to place an order, please send me an email vantid at gmail (preferred), or a note here on DA. Paypal preferred, address is also my gmail address. Shipping is four dollars.

Karannia by vantid Kikivuli by vantid Phenique by vantid Sabre by vantid
I accidentally deleted my old icon, so I have a new one for the first time in six years. Ammonite kusamono yeaaaahh.

Hey look a new journal. How are you people.
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I just came in from the snow, my jeans frozen stiff over two layers of warm jammies, my neck entangled in a damp nest of scarves and camera cord. I made myself some earl grey tea from the Czech Republic with sugar (although I prefer agave nectar) and soy milk. I'm much warmer now. My fingers are nimble again, nimbl eenough to type without too many typos. Hmm! Maybe not.

The last three days have been somethin', I tell you what. There have been excessive birds in the last few days, but that makes me pretty happy. Saturday I saw a fine presentation from Neil Rettig, an Emmy award winning National Geographic cinematographer who flies a harpy eagle. He brought his eagle, a male named Cal, to the presentaion and talked about harpies and answered many questions. I was too shy to ask any myself but perhaps sometime in the future, he isn't too far from one of haunts.

Unfortunately my camera isn't stellar, now am I that great with a camera, so most of my photos were hash. Here are some that came out all right.… I caught someone else's flash.… Gorgeous bird!……

Sunday I walked some property my friends will own soon. Eighty acres of gorgeous land, some of it full of corn, the rest full of trees and rocky bluffs and a trout stream. It's infested with birds: turkeys, kingfishers, bald eagles, hawks, crows, and the usual assortment of other passerines. There is beaver sign near the stream, and lots of delicious deers running around too. The snow was just crusty enough to fool you into thinking you weren't going to break through and then flump, knee deep. Rocky the beauceron puppy had a good time romping around but towards the end of the walk even he was tired.…………

And today was full of more snow trudging in even deeper snow while trying to flush rabbits. We were hawking (falconry with a hawk)! I think five buns were flushed but only one was caught and then slipped away. It was good exercise for both the hawk and the humans, even if it wasn't a successful catch. Oh well, the hawk still gets to eat.… This is Bailey.… He is a juvenile red tail hawk.… He's kinda dumb.… But cool to watch anyway.… We saw a fox out in the field, runnin around and peeing on stuff, giving us a wary glance ever few strides. My zoom isn't great.

And now I have to work on stuff with deadlines and why is there a convention in a few days and then after that more deadlines and...well, I will be relaxing a bit in the redwoods with the wolfmutts again, like every year. After that I have even more stuff I would like to do, it just depends on stuff and things. Oi!

This journal is excessive. Good job if you made it this far! :>
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I have no idea how many of these prints to make, so here is your chance to make sure you get one, if you want one! I've never done pre-orders before! :O

Because I never make anything a standard size, the dimensions of the prints are rough, off by a half inch or so. Just so you know! I order from Monocerus Media and the prints are beautiful.

8.5" by 11" are $15+3 for shipping within the US.

11" by 14" are $40+4 for shipping within the US.

Remember that I am donating 30% of all the print sales to :icontimberwolf4u:'s Redwood Wolfdog Pack.

I can also hold on to your prints and give them to you at RMFC, if you or a friend are going.

My paypal is
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LIFE in a nutsehll:

dog shows




Anthrocon Art Show

private commissions

bites from snake crow cockatoo fennec ow

overweight :C

delicious tea

Working out(thus Aikido!!)

Great food

Trying for less food

New Macbook Pro

New Watercolors

Happier than I've been in years!
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Howdy all!

The Livestream gesture drawing and Q&A session with special guest :userfoxfeather: fennecs starts soon.

It may run for an hour, maybe less depending on how many people show.

Read more about Fox's critters here:

See you there!
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Howdy all!

Tomorrow, that is March 27th, at 10 pm Pacific, I will be hosting a Livestream session with a very special guest, Clare Bell. She is the author of the Ratha series, the first novel may be familiar to all you kids from the 80's called Ratha's Creature. There was even a CBS Storybreak episode for Saturday morning cartoons!

Anyhow, she will be there to talk fans and people unfamiliar with her wonderful books. If you like cats, paleo critters, talking animals, or good stories, you might enjoy her work. While she talks to you fine folks, I will be working on a piece of fan art featuring one of her feline characters in a mossy waterfall setting.

You can find out more about her world by following this and she's here on DA as :iconrathacat:

My livestream channel is I will post about this again prior to the event. I hope to see you there!
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Haven't updated in a while, so I for anyone who reads this, Hi! Happy Holidays.

I'm spending mine with :iconnovawuff: and her family. She kidnapped me. :C

I've done some exciting things, gone through some pretty hard funks, and had a some boring days. I am so happy I have gotten to see snow.

How are you guys?
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Hey all!

You may have noticed I did some artwork for a CD called "Masked" by this dude named Fox Amoore.

Masked by vantid Masked-CD by vantid

Well, I thought I'd remind everyone that the compilation is available pre order. It's only 13 dollars and that includes shipping world wide! Give the CD a free preview here:… Many songs are unreleased to the public. Not only will you get some nifty artwork unlike what you usually see on CDs, you get all this awesome orchestral soundtrack music that is just beautiful AND! you will be supporting an individual artist. You can feel pretty good about that.

You can find more Fox Amoore on his FA page where there are dozens of songs free for you to listen and download.… He's available to make you your own song if you like. Imagine how cool it would be to have your very own them song, composed just for you. It's also a unique and touching gift for your friends and family of all ages and types.

In case anyone might be wondering, I am not making a dime off any of these sales. I just did the artwork because I am a silly fan of his work and his Scottish accent.

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It was my 26th birthday yesterday. I got some very lovely presents such as a honing steel for my Shun Knife, a ceramic teapot, some photography magazines, and some other thises and thats.

My party was this past weekend and it was a good one. Crimson Fox, Skorzy, :iconthornwolf:, Haski, Kishor, and :icontimberwolf4u: all made for wonderful company here at the cabin. We had a fantastic brunch of bagels, lox, cream cheese, tomatoes, capers, fresh fruit, cheeses and cold cuts. Shortly after we dropped some foodie pills made of miracle fruit and tripped out over the amazing change in flavor in foods like lemons, kumquats, bakers chocolate, mustard, and many more sour/bitter flavors. Miracle fruit makes things taste very sweet. Wonderful!

The following day several of us went on a hike through the woods nearby. Kishor had a triathlon and Thorn and Skorzy when to cheer him on so it was just me and three others. After about 2 hours of tromping up and down the mountain, we came home and decided to go out for dinner. Timber decided to look it up on his iPhone which was...well it was on his hip....before the hike.

He'd dropped it in the woods somewhere.

Haski had a GPS that tracked our meandering trail so we retraced our steps. Another 2 hour hike up and down the mountain in the bright sunny weather. We were hot, tired, hungry, and sore, but luck of all luck, he found his phone.


I found 3 skulls (mouse, dog, and unknown), a few bones, and part of a starling wing. It was a good day for scavenging.

The rest of the party was rather unremarkable. It was awesome, don't get me wrong, but it was mostly relaxing, enjoying the company, drinking and eating, watching movies. It was a real pleasure to see Crimson and Timber, they are rare animals in SoCal.

Tomorrow we are going to Joshua Tree for a weekend of camping to finish off a nice birthday week.
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Hey to all who read this.

I have uploaded some art recently to spread awareness of the Endangered Ark Project. I'd like it to do well since it supports small businesses and conservation efforts and education for animal species around the world.

I am still taking a hiatus from most places online. I haven't deleted anything or left in huff: it's merely away for a while. It will be back, and I thank you all for putting up with this. But I am still not exactly here on DA.

In the past couple months I have continued work on everything that I owe. Always always working on things that I owe.

Best wishes everyone.

Edit: PS I love this photo of Killian and I taken by my good friend Timberwolf4u.

This photo was taken almost at the same time from my webcam.…

Thanks for a great time like usual T. <3

Devious Journal Entry

Sun Sep 28, 2008, 4:29 PM

Got tired of that other journal taking up space. Rest assured all of you who I owe work, You will get it! I hope you will like it when you do. :3

Um...something interesting...Oh! Updating my sketch journal again, check it out. I give it a 3.14 out of 10.

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Update (comic con, too)

Sat Jul 26, 2008, 12:29 AM

I was knocked on my back with a bad headache, then spent a day packing and cleaning to spend a month away from the house, and then there was Comic Con on Thursday, and today was yet another headache, and tomorrow is MORE Comic Con...

And I am still working on the Roulette commissions, although I am bouncing around. Here is where I am at:

1. sezurei
Sezurei by vantid
2.  Frozen-Voyage
The Light Remembers by vantid
3.  NimbleBun
Wile La Rue by vantid
4.  Unibomber703
Another Commission by vantid
5.  darktoki

6.  Derecho
Derecho by vantid
7.  TheDemeter
8.  ShioriOokami
Shiori Okami style by vantid
9.  Plaguedog
Tamorayn by vantid
10. rah-bop
Esque by vantid
11. Zyleeth

12. FireMaster13
13. LeftWingDuck
Fuji Musume by vantid
Lady by vantid
14. LunaBeros
15. Kazanthi
16. shadowdansere
Here in this Place by vantid

If you are going to Comic Con...well I won't see you. If I do, we won't know each other I am sure. If you know Anthony Waters, (Fyreant:iconfyreant:) I will be hanging out with him. I will be attending Steampunk Fans panel at noon, if I can make it. I'll be wearing my Australian hat. :>

Thursday was neat. I arrived via train and spent a while wandering around. By 12.30 I was bored and ready to take the train north again and hit the beach. I decided to rest a bit first and hit a panel. I'd never done a panel at Comic Con before! I looked over the list of panels coming up at 1. The only one that looked vaguely interesting was one about some Mark and Sergio dude. I didn't know who they were, but the name Sergio looked familiar.

What the heck!  I thought. I'll check it out before I leave, relax for a while. I sat down and waited for the panel to begin.

I knew the panelists had arrived when the crowd started to cheer. Sergio Aragones had arrived, with Mark Evanier on his heels, and soon, Stan Sakai. Mind, none of these folks rang any bells with me, although Sergio's mustache looked familiar. But everyone else in the room sure did!


A friend of mine was also one of the panelists! Gordon Kent, someone I met through Melody (Pena). I waved to him, felt foolish, and sat back. After all, I was in a room full of fans, doesn't it look ridiculous to wave to one of the panelists?

I wasn't sure if he saw me, but he had! He directed his wife, Donna, to come and sit next to me. We exchanged hellos, for it had been a year or so since we last saw each other.

The panel itself was amazing. I learned that these folks worked on a comic called Groo, as well as many other things. Stan Sakai created Usagi Yojimbo. Gordon, besides doing a million other things in the industry from Nickelodean to Hanna Barbara to Fox, was the colorist for Groo.

What I found so amazing about the panel was not the comics or shows or magazines these folks had worked on, no I was not a fan of that, but I became a fan of the men up there. They were so funny and warm, and Mark told a wonderful story of how he and Sergio became friends, 40 years ago. I'll type it out someday It was a story that can be appreciated by anyone at all, fan or not.

After the panel was over I walked with Donna up to the podium to blather at Gordon OMG I didn't know you were gonna be here omg HI it's been so long! Gordon was kind enough to let me tag along with him as we walked the floor. He showed me some neat booths, and we talked about this that or the other. He mentioned another panel he was going to be on, a spotlight on a guy names Floyd Norman. i didn't know who he was either, but he is an animator for Disney/Pixar, and it sounded cool. So I went.

Mr. Norman was very sweet and funny and warm up on the podium. The whole thing was enjoyable because they were all wonderful human beings. The stories were fun. Apparently when Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarves was first aired, the black people in the audience looooved it! Oh, by the way if you don't know who Floyd Norman is, like I didb't, he was the first black long term Disney animator. There was another guy before him but he quit after a couple weeks. Mr. Norman actually worked FOR Walt. He showed a cartoon he'd made of Walt Disney yelling about how the storyboard art was all crap.

Anyway. Tomorrow it's back to the madhouse And hoo. It will be a madhouse. What is it, 130,000 people? Many who haven't showered? Ugh.

Be well you guys.

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10 Dollar Commissions

Tue Jul 22, 2008, 12:20 AM
Please read the whole thing!


Roulette Commissions Closed!

Arright, here we go! Normally my sketches are 25 dollars and up, but with a  bit of a twist on the normal commission routine. you can have something from me, if you want, for 10 bucks.

What's the twist, then?

I get to draw your character however I want, in whatever way I want. You provide the character description and I run with it. I can create the drawing digitally or in real media. I can use Painter to make a watercolor speed painting, a splattery ink drawing, a smooshy pastel sketch, anything! I can bust out my Prismacolor pencils, Art Stix, crow quill, brushpens, GOLD LEAF and bloody gemstones and make sparkly art.

I can draw just a headshot, a full body, any pose, change your species into something else, do colors or black and white, detailed or loose, and any mood/theme. I might put them into one of my own worlds.

I guess it's like roulette. Well, what if you don't like what you get? I am sorry then, I hope that is not the case. My intent is not to do a crappy job, but have fun with materials and expression. Getting paid a small amount is nice too. :3 But there are no revisions, no refunds. Hopefully though, you will like your piece well enough to nab another 10 dollar commission!

If you want more than 1 character in the piece, it's 10 dollars per character.

Now, here's what you do:
1. Email me vantid at the gmail dot com, or comment, or note me. You must send me a description of the character, and please feel free to suggest a theme or mood or something, but don't expect me to follow it. I am looking for inspiration. However, it would be very useful to suggest music to listen to, perhaps by way of a youtube link with the music. If I don't like the music though, it won't work.

2. Send payment to

If I am fortunate enough to get so many requests, I will update when I am "full".


Its first come with payment and description, first served. I will set up a list here. When the drawing is complete, I will upload it and others can see what I am up to. For you brave souls who sag one first, I have no examples to show you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Be well all of you, and thanks for looking!

The list is kinda out of order, just so you guys know!

1. sezurei
Sezurei by vantid
2.  Frozen-Voyage Sketched out
3.  NimbleBun
Wile La Rue by vantid
4.  Unibomber703
Another Commission by vantid
5.  darktoki
Started, one to bed for now, it's 6 am.
6.  Derecho
7.  TheDemeter
8.  ShioriOokami
9.  Plaguedog
10. rah-bop
11. Zyleeth
12. FireMaster13
13. LeftWingDuck
14. LunaBeros
15. Kazanthi

Edit: Nothing but Paypal this time, it's one of those I'm doing this now things. I'm also going away from my home for a month tomorrow, so I wouldn't get any checks or otherwise for a long while. Thank you guys anyway!

Thank you all so much, this round of Roulette is over!

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You're doing it wrong! (mild rant)

Thu Jul 17, 2008, 9:08 PM
Something I have noticed that annoys me:

People can draw thins like wolves any old way they want, in ways that look /nothing/ like an actual wolf in proportion, anatomy, and of course markings, but nothing is ever said about it.

But the instant someone uploads a drawing of say, a dire wolf, you get everyone and their mother nitpicking the anatomy to pieces telling the artist what all is wrong.

This applies to all manner of paleo art I have seen. Some folks do paleo art to be super accurate. Others do it for the same reason people draw swirly pink and green kitty wolves: for fun. It is usually pretty obvious when the artist isn't too concerned about accuracy (pin or green or with supr fluffy tails).

In other news, I have decided to take on some 10 dollar sketch commissions in a few days. I will write out the details, it's not what you think, I swear. :3

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Why not??

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Nambroth's New Jewelry, Be Quick!

Fri Apr 11, 2008, 3:21 PM
My good friend and phenomenal artist Nambroth, someone I hope you are all familiar with, has new jewelry up and for sale on her website.

Her work is amazing: Silver wire dances around flashing multicolor gems, usually labrodorite, but also in unique bits of dragon skin turquoise, sodalite, ammonite, faceted quartz, and calming jade, and more! The pendants are unique, each give its own thought and composition that complements the individual stone's innate beauty.

Trinity Ammolite Pendant by Nambroth
Works like this, which remains unsold, and
Raindrop Labradorite Pendant by Nambroth Simple Blue - Gold Labradorite by Nambroth Circular Labradorite Pendant by Nambroth
Which are sold, but you can find similar and perhaps even more beautiful pieces on her site, right now! They sell quickly.…

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