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The Inner Waters

Somewhere, far away, submerged ruins reflect in crystal waters. These mysteries lay undisturbed for untold centuries until the intrepid adventurers :iconutunu: and :iconkikivuli: use deep magic and clever might to work their way into the inner waters of the lost city.

Now Utunu has found a prize for his beloved hyena, who waits above with some mischief in mind. Poor 'Tunus.

Created in Corel Painter X for the wonderful Kikivuli and Utunu.
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Why does Utunu`s tail come out of his butt?
Felicitaciones Excelentes trabajos !
KosmoKOYOTE's avatar
Absolutely incredible! The beauty of this piece is amazing!
darkfurwolf300's avatar
I love how your art work tells a story, simply amazing 
Silver-Zabrak's avatar
veinne's avatar
gorgeous as always! your art never fails to stun me. :D
OniVrask's avatar
Very nice they both look great, and the male Tunus has a nice backside, his lady looks fantastic herself.

great work here.
YemaYema's avatar
Amazing! Fantastic! Totally loving this! Llama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2] 
KirraQ's avatar
Love the whole underwater above water angle you did here! Water looks amazing as well as the lost city but the characters take the reward for being absolutely stunning!
Connan-Bell's avatar
Man, sports mascots were very different in ancient times. 
ShadaHazen's avatar
This is absolutely incredible...i could stare at this piece for hours and still be mesmerized... the detail and realism is stunning. i just cant get over how much i love this :3 
Nashatok's avatar
Absolutely incredible job!
T-Tiger's avatar
Gorgeous, you understanding of rendering water is amazing!
FuriouslyFurry's avatar
I'm sensing a recurring theme somewhere in your gallery... XD

Anyway, it looks awesome -- and my, is that some trippy perspective. Absolutely beautiful.
Omny87's avatar
Damn, that is some sexy water. Reminds me of these metal sculptures I saw one time of sea creatures that had a halo of glass around their midsections shaped like rippling water.
JamJams's avatar
Simply incredible work!
Wolfalisk's avatar
Love the water effects.
OakHybrid's avatar
This is by far my favorite piece of artwork. The water is so clear and so well done!
KittyKyn's avatar
Dat water tho'
IamETOH's avatar
Wow excellent! =^.^=
Aki-rain's avatar
Wow, I didn't notice this while watching your  Livestream, but on the character underwater, the combination of the spots and the light form underwater has a really interesting effect, like a kaleidoscope or gemstone or something! Amazing work with the textures, too - everything looks realistic, and the characters fit into their environment perfectly. :D
Nikoca's avatar
oh god! this is beautiful!!! ;u;
lakerose's avatar
You are truly master of the dapples!
mystdragoon's avatar
Amazing Details!
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