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Badge for :iconpen-umbral: created in Painter X. She has such a pretty character.

I tried to record it on Livestream but apparently 9 hours is too long a show, cause the video isn't there. The short clips where the connection failed are there, but not the meat of the painting. It's ok though. Who in the world would watch over 9 hours of painting?
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Looks like woodsplitterlee art! She's on DeviantART, so try and look her up!!
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I dont know if this will make sense but the horns and antlers are clashing a bit... er, in my mind. I dont wanna be rude. She IS Gorgeous! but everything else seems to flow so well then we have the dragon horns with deer antlers and they are not even a similar texture.... it just seems weird to me...

Arg! don't listen to me though, your art is amazing and I have no room to talk! Thanks for sharing your lovely fur and scales with us. I love the lighting in this pic and the one with the pandragon in the primeval forest... Eden
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No worries! It was a commission and the character has deer antlers with antler textures. :>
cool sounds good! thx for explaining that
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So awesome! Reminds me so much of my forest dragon character. :B
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I love the dream catcher, I have a character with a spider web in their antlers holding a seed from the tree of life myself ;)
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absolutely beautiful.
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very interesting!
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Beautifully executed. The level of detail here is great! I also love the shape of the head and neck. The dream-catcher above the head is a nice touch, too.
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...Who in the world would watch over 9 hours of painting?

- I want to watch this, can you upload any part of video? :)
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Sorry it was Livestream that I had set to record it, nothing to do on my end, and it didn't take.
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Wow !!!
Great work !!!

My contest [link]
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You have been featured here: [link]

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Wow. Those colors are just heavenly... some of my favorites. Stunning rendition of the character, I love the dreamcatcher woven between the antlers especially. I could just stare at this forever...!
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I love the colors and the light/shadow contrast as well as the composition.

Beautifully executed!
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This is really beautiful. The details are very well done.
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looks really cool
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oh wow.. so neat to see this started last night and finished now :D wish i could do that here.. go to bed with a sketch on my computer and wake up in the morning to have it fully painted :P

uhh anyways.. YES it's a cool character design but you also helped it a lot by doing a fantastic job rendering it.. so much pretty :}
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Love the luminous colors.
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