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Here in this Place

If you were a king
Up there on your throne
Would you be wise enough
to let me go?

Another live painting demo, this time full background, full body. What the hell is wrong with me. Created in Sketcher, a very limited java painting program. For :iconshadowdansere:

I was very inspired by :iconnambroth:'s work, and the photos by :iconrad-ix: and :iconscotto: on DA. Nambroth actually sketched the wings for me cause she is much faster at them than I am.

You can see the full size piece in Room 2 [link] if you are registered on ArtSpots.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and kept me company!
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Kipwi's avatar
Beautiful background, and really elegant creature. :)
Kaboodleschmitt's avatar
This is a gorgeous piece. I love the colours and the composition, and also the focus; the background being slightly less clear than the foreground. Really nicely done.
Seaff's avatar
Very cute creature and I like the lighting throughout the forest
scotto's avatar
Well done, nice work! :D
vantid's avatar
Thank you for looking. <:3
fiesen3's avatar
CrowCandy's avatar
Nice work! I especially love the head and ears!
Comma-Kazie's avatar
Interesting concept, and (as always) very well done. ^_^
Nairazak's avatar
You do wonderful backgrouds :D
KatCardy's avatar
simply wonderful. the background work is phenomenal!
dark-iowa's avatar
it's just amazing!!!!!!!!
SchrodingersFox's avatar
Here in this place, new light is streaming...
Now is the darkness banished away...

I love this piece.
Manicus's avatar
Seconding the Cap, I love the lighting, especially in the foliage. Great stuff, especially considering you did this in the second half of a 13-hour drawing session.
LeifofRock's avatar
Wow, this is quite phenomanal, the lighting is perfect! Lovely job.
SaidinWhitewolf's avatar
Love the detail on the wings and the trees. Beautiful piece.:D
rad-ix's avatar
Wow, wonderful work! :heart: The colors and treatment are splendid ...but the depth and the feeling are exceptionally so. :) It's certainly a great honor to be mentioned by you. Thanks a lot!!
captainq1632's avatar
Favorite-ing as a matter of principle, I still say the lighting works. ;)

Also looking forward to the next one.
Eviecats's avatar
Beautiful job! and I love that Dido song =) I love the paws, they look so soft on the mossy tree!
shadowdansere's avatar
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lovelovelovelove!

i am so excited! and dido--hunter lyrics! hehe!

aww, vantid, i'm thrilled! i just love the lighting and the feel.. thanks so much!
Supaslim's avatar
You did this in Sketcher?! EGADS!!!! *worships you forever* I could never get a hang of Sketcher... you seriously must be some sort of art god. XDD

I can see the Nambroth inspiration, too. I actually thought it was one of hers until I clocked it... ^^; You did a wonderful job. It's so green and alive!
kritic2's avatar
Fabulous piece-very believable.
Baphita's avatar
Está precioso =)
Feather-Dancer's avatar
But it was fantasic to watch, and jaw drop :)
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