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Foo Dog

By vantid
I love it when I have free reign with artwork. This foo dog was done for a Digital Artist magazine tutorial: [link] I had a great lot of fun implementing some of the stuff I have been learning about reflections.

The line art is originally from a convention sketchbook commission I did for Artlan, the same fellow I did the baby gryphon "Mah Feet!" for. For some reason I always end up wanting to color what I draw for him! [link]

Created in Painter X with the Round Oil Pastel tool.
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I love this, and I wish I could get it as a tattoo. I love foo dogs, and this is a wonderful interpretation of the classic image. Stunning.
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Nice details, I love this creature!!
kofaile's avatar
thats really beautiful
Green-Rigby12's avatar
:0 That is so coll :3
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c; I found this whilst browsing for inspiration for my GCSE Art Japanese title page, totally awesome bro:thumbsup:
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That's so wonderful! How long did it take it, if you don't mind me asking? did you do a sketch before Painter or is it all on Painter? :)
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I don't know how long it took, sorry! The inked drawing is on sketchpaper, scanned and then painted in Painter. the article was about the process of turning a rough scan into finished digital art.
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that's alright! Thanks for replying :D it looks awesome :P
Wow! This has to be the best foo-dog picture I've seen. I love the incredible detail and the mix betwee traditional style and your own. Only thing is, this dog looks more like a cat ;) not that I mind, I love cats :D
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This is gorgeous!

My one regret is that the dark background and dark lighting drown out much of the detail.
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
WOW!!! Beautiful!!!
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awesome foo dog! its really well done :)
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This is one of the most awesome foo dogs I have ever seen.
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It's so awesome! I really love it's colours and the mythologic look!
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wow! its super cool!!!
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this is AMAZING! so much detail and i cant take my eyes off all the jewels and shiny things!!!!
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What a beautiful piece- love the subtle metallic reflections; they look quite lustrous.
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