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Coyote Resurrection

By vantid
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Old Man Coyote stirs after a long rest. His bones have bleached long enough, or perhaps a wayward fox has jumped over his body four times. No matter! It's time to come back to life and cause more trouble.

Colored pencils, roughly 11x14 inches. This original piece is for sale:…

As well as prints!…

And Works in progress can be seen on my Tumblr:
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I really don't know your work, but I have favorited THIS one. I never saw the movie, Antichrist, but watched the YT link someone provided. I've never heard the story of jumping over a body four times. Learn something everyday.  :) (Smile) 
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this is so flippin gorgeous
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Such an interesting concept!  I like it!  Very cool ... sad thing is I have seen such critters in the desert before ... I'll never look at them the same again lol
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(No mature content ? OO)
Amazing !
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(this is cool though)
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Oh, yeah. :D Very well done.
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I've woken up like this
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Very cool concept, wow! O:
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You cannot kill the coyote.  He'll just keep on' coming back.
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This is so well done ._.
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As an avid devotee of Coyote, this is wonnnnnderfulllll.... And inspired me to this:

Coyote shrugged as he struggled to his feet, wincing as his newly restored foreleg popped into place. With a care born of long experience he stretched every bit of his body, piece by piece, starting with the muscles that made his leathery black nose twitch.

The bones of his sinus cavity rustled as they settled; his skull vibrated as the tectonic plates of bone that formed it wiggled into their accustomed positions. Neck and shoulder, ribs and spine, hips and legs and every little vertebra in his tail seemed to breathe sighs of relief as muscle, sinew, and organ all began dancing together to the beat of his ancient and ever-young heart.

His eyes widened as a bolt of panic started in his heart. Tucking his long nose under his belly and between his hind legs he touched, sniffed... and finally laughed when he felt his baculum wiggle encouragingly in response.

"Well now!" His yipping chuckles sang across the prairie on which he found himself. "It's good to be back!" He spun around thrice widdershins and leaped high in the air, eyes bright and wide. With a soft sound he disappeared from view, off to his next acts of joyful foolishness, sensual deviltry, and hedonistic play.

So glad to have found your art. Thanks for posting!

Light and laughter,
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Thank you for your little story!
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ITS ALIVE! Nice work and beautiful picture overall.
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Creepy <.< beautifully drawn~
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This one is amazing!
And a Zombie Coyote nice idea :)
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The fur is incredible. I love the idea too! :lol:
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Beautiful detail in the fur!
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Coyote will always be with us.  7@=e
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Reminds me of the movie Antichrist...

"Chaos reigns"
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