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Coyote Cookies

A scene from Michael Bergey's novel "New Coyote": Coyote baking some cookies with some nosy little pups! This may be used as a book cover someday, hence the wide format. I created this scene using a Sketchup model as a rough base for the perspective lines, and Corel Painter 15 for all the colorful textural painty stuff.

Oh, and don't worry about those paws. Coyotes are fire proof!

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Silver-Zabrak's avatar
This is a odd concept, but it's really cute and I love it. :D
Randamu-Chan's avatar
LOL! XD Dawwww!~<3
JackofAllAss's avatar
This is very sweet-looking.
peregrine-rose's avatar
Oh my goodness this is adorable!! I love the expressions that you used! I struggle with expressions so much by making them too cartoonish. But your art is so wonderful and realistic. You also did a really great job with the setting making everything line up towards the cookies. Super cute!
GarionLebenskunst's avatar
Awwwww! So cute and adorable!
cullyferg2010's avatar
Well done!  Are the cookies in the shape of a road runner?  And he needs to tell his son to get off of the counter.
Deep6Howl's avatar
Those furniture are so picture-realistic! Must have taken an awfully long time to precisely measure out! IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!
Louisetheanimator's avatar
I love how you've done the background. ^^
Vahldeer's avatar
This is lovely. I know plenty of people that act like this, too.

I may or may not have a sibling with cookie monster pajamas.
kianestly's avatar
Adorable concept. I would've loved to read a children's book like this as a youngster.
Abbadoo02's avatar
Oh my gosh this is soo adorable!!
stvr-bites's avatar
awwww! this is so cute!
Purple-Potatoez's avatar
Gorgeous! Sketch-up is amazing for background help ;D 

Gotta love those fire-proof paws!
fcfc9489's avatar
Soooo cute!!!
mrscats's avatar
wonderful work :)
LyhliTheLuminescent's avatar
Ardor3226's avatar
This is great. The pups look super cute! X3

You did a great job on this!
Sitsi's avatar
What a cute idea! And, I know it's not really related to the topic, but I adore the way you drew the window. It's so mesmerising *^*
LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
"Packrat Chip! Our favorite!!"  7@=Q
Yote's avatar
This is so me and my kid at home.
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