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My piece for the amazing Werewolf Calendar 2015! Have you seen the other art that has been done for next year? Augh, it’s all so good!  Pre-orders open on Sept. 1st, 2014 at Midnight US Pacific time!

"Not unlike their human counterparts, Werewolves are highly ritualistic beings, and each pack possesses their own unique rituals that are performed for the perceived benefit of their livelihood. Hunting for food is a large part of werewolf life and as a result a great deal of their culture is centered around the success of the hunt.  Werewolves attempt to draw in good fortune for their hunts through elaborate song, decoration, adornments, dance, and sometimes even specific sequence of events. Many believe that a successful hunt heavily depends on the exacting nature of these rituals, and therefore delegate the performance of these sacred rites to the most worthy and experienced members of the pack."

I am entranced by inventing otherworldly creature cultures, and the calendar’s vision of werewolves is rich inspiration. Imagine a hunting ceremony that is an intricate dance of controlled patient power, which culminates in gracefully allowing the deep red cloth to fall into warm, salty water. The cloth darkens, drawing in water to symbolize drawing fresh blood. If the dance is done right, the hunt should be good.

The travertine pools of Pamukkale, Turkey, fascinate me, so I was happy to have a chance to paint this natural wonder alongside the supernatural.

Once again I challenged myself with texture and light, why do I paint so much water?? Painted in Corel Painter X
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Excellent image, From start to finish! 

(Specially the red cloth and the realistic water) 
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This is literally my favorite piece in all of Werewolf Calendar.
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As a Turkish, I recognized the inspiration -the travertine pools-  and that amazed me.
Very cool and mermerizing design. Looks so epic. I wonder what kind of legend that scene would have :)
Snowfall-The-Cat's avatar
Very very cool. = ) i am currently trying to create cultures and stuff for a world i am building, its certainly very interesting stuff! i love how you made this and the caption with it, also the scientific title is a nice little juxtaposition to the spiritual nature of the drawing. awesome! =^^=
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What a beautiful dancer and a very incredible picture!!!:):thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: I like how the cloth becomes a blood-like liquid in the water too.
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You're welcome.
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Visually captivating, and an intriguing concept. I also love the symbolism of fresh blood.
AlbarnMangetsu's avatar
OMG! This is awesome, beautiful! gooosh
XKuonjiX's avatar
That pose, them colors. Just everything. Holy shit. It´s amazing!!!
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Wow. This. Is. Amazing. Spectacular work~
NexusBeast's avatar
I'm speechless😍
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it makes me actually like water x'D

sugoi de
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Water is a wonderful thing!
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Waaaah! This is stunning. I love how the red cloth really seems to be moving in the wind, and how the light plays off the water. It's all so realistic. 
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this somehow remainds me of mikasa being a wolf!
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Shock Emote  oh my god

so amazing!!
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OMG it's sooooooooooooooo amazing <3<3<3
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You get a real sense of movement to this picture, and it has such a gorgeous setting :heart: what a fab piece.
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Stunning concept and details!
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Wow, I just love how alien that setting looks! It's hard to believe such a land formation could actually exist, but I looked up "Pamukkale" on Google and there it was!

And that blood-like effect created by the ribbon underwater is a very nice touch!

Wow. Just, wow!
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Love the setting and the power and motion you captured.
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