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I paint water.
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My Bio
Amber "Vantid" Hill is an accomplished artist who specializes in fantasy wildlife illustration. She is self-taught with a strong background in animal painting and anatomy. Amber's interest in the natural world began at an early age and inspired a life of drawing and observation.

In addition to art, she enjoys organic gardening and permaculture, cooking, travel, animal training, staring at moss, and dreaming of chickens. She currently resides in beautiful Boulder, Colorado with her dashing husband.

Tools of the Trade
Painter X, Colored Pencil, Ink, Watercolor
HELLO I wanted to let folks watching here that I am super duper active on Twitter, @vantidart, and a little less so on Tumblr as vantid. On Twitter, I try to post mostly art, works in progress, and photos of the natural world that surrounds me. Tumblr is a place for more finished pieces and rare reblogs of art or messages I feel are important. That's about that! Thanks for watching me here, there, or anywhere! I really appreciate it. <3
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I've been rather inactive on DA the last year or two. I was overwhelmed by the number of submissions in my inbox and could never browse them all. I finally unwatched most of the Groups and that has helped cut down the volume to an easily manageable trickle of delightful artwork. I know I am missing out on some really cool art in the groups, but I miss everything when there are suddenly over a thousand deviations and I don't have time to browse them all. I also haven't been uploading as much of my work. I was away from DA so much that when I did come back, the upload interface was always different. Whyyyyy. It makes me feel like an old lady w
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Howdy! I've had a lot of interest in my coloured pencil badges recently, and I've been quoting them at $100. This is too low for the amount of time I dump into these badges. I love working on them, truly. But I have to stop taking them at this price. However, I know there are folks who have been wanting them and I'd like to give everyone who does a chance to get them at this price. Until the end of February, I will be accepting 3 by 4 inch badges in coloured pencil for $100, plus shipping. After Texas Furry Fiesta and the end of the month, they will no longer be available for this price! I do not know how much I will charge for colored pen
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Ok stop the bio on the top of the page..."I paint water" ToT

I love foxes too they're beautiful and smart animals

Your art is beautiful!
I decided before i go on a fav binging of everything you created i thought i should just watch you . I love your artwork and the whale and the wolf just brilliant concept ^w^
Hey! I'm just dropping by to admire your art.
I love the expressions and the very realistic light effects. It's beautiful how you make the eyes of the animals you draw come to life and be so expressive, just as everything you draw. 
How long have you been drawing digitally? And when did you realize you want to become a professional artist?
Well, I'm not good with words, so..
Bye ^^;
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