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The real Super Mario

I love Super Mario and this is my homage to those awesome games.

Yoshi, the t-rex and his master Mario are in rage and the poor little goombas are running for their lives. Will they escape? :-)
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Truly amazing vision. I love how trippy this is. Not like a happy mushroom trip, but like a bad acid trip, lol. This is most interesting representation of goombas that I've ever seen. You are a truly great artist! Awesome work!

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One year later Mario can ride an actual t-rex in his newest game
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If Yoshi was that big...oh wow I can only see destruction for most of the kingdom. XD
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Incredible, absolutely incredible! Amazing job!
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Wow so creative and amazing
Is this for sale as a print or high rez download?
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Absolutely super!!!
THIS is what the live action movie SHOULD have been. good work :D
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Meanwhile, Bowser is taking a rather brick-shaped dump in his bathroom. :iconahurrplz:
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Mario's a tyrant XD who DA fat man now!!!!! :la:
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this is amazing may i use it as my webcam?
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