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This is a mockup/idea for menu in-between missions in Ronin. Please keep in mind that the game is still in developement so it may change in the final version or be replaced by something different. But we will see.

And yeah, this is the main character ; )

And you can click things, since it's a Flash.

EDIT: In the end it didn't make it to the game. We needed a plain and simple menu that would scale to different sizes easily - so this one was out of the question.

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(can't believe I forgot to comment on this.)

I do love the artwork you made for Ronin, and showcasing just how lonely and depressed she is by herself, without family or friends, save for her plant Olivia.

It is unfortunate that certain parts of the menu weren't able to be shown (especially Olivia and the main character's face), but I it is understandable.

Is there a way to view artwork now that Adobe Flash is no longer supported?

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I mean... Here's a video all about flash preservation.

(commented this twice to notify both peoples)

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It is unlikely that we will be able to somehow view this artwork when Adobe Flash is no longer supported, but someone has a chance to get the file itself with this work, I do not see another way to view it.

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I mean... Here's a video all about flash preservation.

(commented this twice to notify both peoples)

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Thank you very much, I'm surprised that I didn't get to emulation myself, so I'm very grateful to you.

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I still wonder if the Ronin is actually a cyborg or something.

Loved this game, btw!

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We must not stop watering Olivia, brothers.

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I have now watered the plant 60 times and going

She looks sad. I don't like it how do we make her not sad.

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Oh, you can just feel the boredom consume her. Like... PLAYER!? WHAT? ARE? YOU? DOING?! Start the game already!
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Can someone help me? I can’t see the flash no matter how much I try and refresh. Is it my device or what?-
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Can you play other Flashes??
If not, then you just need a PC with a working Flash Player.
Otherwise, I have no idea how to help.
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Sadly I can not. But I shall try viewing it on meh PC as I was viewing all of this via my iPad. Thank you! Amazing art btw👌
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...Look, I know you did the concept art for this and everything, and they're CLEARLY unmasked...but I STILL believe the Ronin was the butler!
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Going off of her teleportation, the telekinetic push icon, and her general appearance (eye color, headware), is she some sort of cyborg or superhuman?
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It was never clarified in the game so I guess it's up for people's interpretation
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Dashiexp and coryxkenshin are really missing out on your guys games! : O
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It's a shame this didn't make it into the game, there's a lot of characterization here that you don't get otherwise.  Like what another commenter said, the entire thing with Olivia does a lot to make the player connect with the character, not to mention being able to see her face.  It's been a while, but I don't think you ever see the Ronin's face.  Still, glad I came across this like years after I played the game.
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Funny thing is, I drew 3 moments when Ronin's face is shown.
All of them didn't make it in the end : p

I hope I can record a Ronin art commentary walktrough one day and talk about this in more detail
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Do you have any concept art or stuff like that of Ronin?  I'd be interested in checking those out.
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Yeah. If I ever do that art commentary thing I'll try to dig out all the old concepts, mockups and cut content.
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Seeing this character smile upon watering Olivia c: made me smile too.
Amazing animation you did! :dummy:
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i can't help but wonder what the hand does in the upgrade menu...
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