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Been some time since my last silly Flash Comic. This one may be my dumbest work yet.
Over a 100 pages long. Hope you like it.
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I want a sequel for this XD its so funny

CorruptedPikachu's avatar

hey where can i read comic?

Hephaestus173's avatar

Will you be migrating this comic somewhere else since flash just died?

Connorses's avatar

Still works if you download it and use a .swf viewer, but yes it would be smart to document this somewhere.

Ezio45's avatar

yo freaken love this!.

eternalobserver's avatar

This is actually pretty cool. Kudos to you friend! :D I wouldn't mind seeing more to this either. As long as there isn't anything too violent going forward. Maybe a dramatic battle of sorts every now and then just to keep things interesting but nothing that might make Wasp go from pirate lady to hellspawn. Also, let's try to avoid the use of certain specific words if at all possible. I did put up with it because it was just one word as it's otherwise still an excellent comic. It's just too bad Flash is going the way of the Dinosaurs though, now that REALLY sucks (No pun intended..........I think)! At least I found a video of this on YouTube so at least I know it will live on. BTW Does anyone know if there are any other YouTube vids of DA Flash Comics from VanRipper or anyone else?

Also, has any one else heard about \/THIS\/ by any chance?

BlueMaxima's Flashpoint

Lordoffantasy's avatar

a little disappointed that we didn't see the last skito girl wrapped up as he coldly walked back into the house,. maybe i am jsut a kinky bastard XD

InkyJonin's avatar

Yes. Yes you are. But so is (probably) everyone else who looked at the comic.

magicwizard24's avatar

Is the spider into girls?

helliots's avatar

Offering food is part of spider courtship.

PatricktheHenchman's avatar

I know this guy in the comic lives in an apartment, but what do you think someone's basement would look like?

ErikWarhammer's avatar

I hate the fact that this is the last year anyone will ba able to read this.

user1000000000000000's avatar

hey it's january 1st here and it still works


ErikWarhammer's avatar

Guess you still have Flash on your system, or something.

The thing that died yesterday.

user1000000000000000's avatar

On a chromebook...?

i don't understand it... at all.

by the way january 2nd still works.

TaioanFormosaNIAU's avatar

Is it ok to do the dub since the guy who speaks spanish below haven't get the reply yet :0

Junething's avatar

Would you let me make a fandub on spanish? lol

Fanmar's avatar

The mosquitos calling Random Guy "Sucker" was clever x)

Darkwolf1128123's avatar

*look at then wasp before opening his window to let mosquito in* "i'll perfer mosquito over wasp anyday, and i want mosquito to suck my blood over wasp anyday.

Vastcall's avatar

Do you know how do I can read this?

Bigbellylover111's avatar

don't forget them scary Asian Wasps!

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