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Some questions one may have about Daystone:

Q: What program do you use?

A: Adobe Flash

Q: How long does it take to make one episode?
A: Brainstorm, concepts, storyboards, backgrounds, lines, animation, vfx...
Around 1000h for one episode. I should really work on improving my speed : /

Q: Is this Elder Scrolls? Kocia looks like a Khajiit.
A: Nope. I guess I just draw all cat people the same. Sorry about that.

Q: Is there any lore behind the Daystone world?
A: Not much, but there is some. I'm shamelessly teasing it whenever I can.

Q: Is there any bigger story arc going on in Daystone?
A: Not really. Just episodic adventures of an annoying cat with a sword.

Q: How many episodes?
A: I want at least three. After that I'll decide if I want more.

Q: I want to get better at drawing, can you give me any hints?
A: This is the best guide I know of:…

Q: Are you doing commissions?
A: Not right now, I need to focus on Daystone. Maybe in the future.

Q: Are you from Poland?
A: Yep.

Q: What are those symbols with numbers at the end of the episodes?
A: Kocia's reputation. There are factions out there not too happy about Kocia activities.
I don't think I'll have the time to explore those much, if at all...
But wanted to let you know there is something out there behind the scenes.

Q: You haven't posted for X, are you dead?
A: I'm always dead, posting will never change that.

Q: Do you draw NSFW?
A: No.

Q: Can I draw Daystone NSFW?
A: Sure.


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I've been thinking to pay your patreon, but first i wantto know what kind of offerings do you give for paying it, could explain it to me?
MaxSteiner Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018
So... ep2 is almost at the end stages right?
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