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Beware the Wolf

An original artwork made for book exhibition in Paris (March 2015:…) for the Ki-Oon publisher's booth.
Ki-oon will introduce the one-shot RED while this exhibition, and asked to their authors an original illustration from their series, so, I made this one.^^

RED is a one-shot based on the famous tale The Red Riding Hood, with Red from NeverenD original comic series (in NeverenD, Red is the red riding hood and lycan himself, so, the hero and the wolf monster in the same time.^^)
RED is just a short series focused on Red's main character.

For the little story, I drew this work on the song "I believe" from Christina Perri (I love the lyrics, it suits to Red very well, even if it's a girl that sings it XD)…

When I saw the Pan' new trailer, I imagined this illustration in listening this song.^^

:bulletred:You can now order it here:
English version :…
French version :…

:bulletred:You can read NeverenD online here (only the draft version.^^):

:bulletred:You can buy NeverenD here (corrected version):
English version volume  1 :…
English version volume 2…

French version volume 1…
French version volume 2…

From RED original comic series
RED©2015VanRah. All rights reserved

Don't reuse my work without my written permission please and/or without creditting me. Thankx for your understanding.
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Bonjour !

Merci pour la dédicace de chibi Red sur mon manga NeverenD 2 ce week end à la Japan Touch !
J'attends la suite avec impatience (et celle de Stray Dog aussi ^_^)
fireytika's avatar
Such amazing artwork~! I love the colors and the fur textures~ XD
VanRah's avatar
thankx a lot!^^
NexElementalist's avatar
Amazing, fantastic, and epic all in one.
VanRah's avatar
Thankx a lot!^^=
TimeLordNicko123's avatar
VanRah's avatar
Thankx for him!^^=
XxRockFiendxX's avatar
is this available in english =)? I'd love to read it! I always love your work, and love this work as well!
VanRah's avatar
It's now available in English paperback book, just check the comment under the artwork.^^
VanRah's avatar
Not for the moment, sorry, I'm a French artist, so, my comics are mostly in French version.
LadyCheck's avatar
quel beau gosse!
toujours été une grande fan du design de Red, c'est un personnage avec beaucoup de charisme et de classe!
VanRah's avatar
Merci pour Red en tout cas.^^
EXPERIMENTX291's avatar
Oh my Gosh I LOVE IT!!!!
VanRah's avatar
thank you!^^
EXPERIMENTX291's avatar
any time, i really love your art! and the comics too XD
Sylrielda's avatar
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Thankx for him!^^
penguinpyro's avatar
I can't not favorite this now. Jesus. I want to paint even a third as good as this.
VanRah's avatar
XD glad you like!^^
rollingpinkstone's avatar
you are very talented~ I'm jelly. :iconjellyplz:
Your work is always so beautifully done, your soo good at contrasting your colors. :iconiloveitplz: I always had this problem. :(
VanRah's avatar
Thankx a lot!^^

("I'm jelly", hum, I didn't know this expression....^^)
artsikairi's avatar
I want to read it so badly now!! When is it coming out?
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