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Because I have to exorcise. Taking dinosaurs off the island is not anymore the only worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas...

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Not bad at all 🙂


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The ending was the best part of the whole thing!!:love:

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Girls be girls

Dinos be dinos

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Girls just wanna have fun.
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amazing :la:
love this little trios fight agains indominus
Why you gotta make fun of one of the saddest films I've seen? Seriously, I legit cried when Charlie, Delta, and Echo were killed
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...Are you pitying me for getting invested in characters in a movie you don't really like because of the ending, getting too invested in fictional characters, or both?
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Mosasaurus be like: sure thing "your majesty" take all the credit for the shit I've done the 2 of you couldn't even do
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while feathers would have made me love this movie more by 1000 miles, when it wasn't trying to be serious, i actually enjoyed this movie.  it might have worked if it where more accurate but some scenes would be awkward. real raptors are... well, not that bright. scientists compare them to emus, or possibly, rabbits, in the brain department. them all not looking at chris pratt, and toddling off when they should be hunting the indomimus would have made this film slower and awkward. true, feathers would have had 0 impact on the story, and would have earned respect from dino buffs like me, but at the same time, it might have harmed continuity. i thought in Jurassic park 3, they where re-evolving them, and overcoming the frog d.n.a. idk.
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And either way, this velocirraptors are actually mostly based on deinonychus, Spielberg just stick with velocirraptors because it sounded better
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They did say in the movie that many of the dinosaurs would be quite different if the DNA was pure, but the scientists didn't want to make them like that they wanted them to fit the popular ideas of what dinosaurs were like, plus being basically new animals there was bound to be things that the scientists did not expect. basically how accurate can they be when they came from test tubes? And how exactly do you know how smart raptors were? Remember everything we think we know about dinosaurs is only theories, same thing with any history before we came along. We can only look at whats left of that time and make speculations.
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When I watch this picture, I only think in "A Team" theme song. XD
Nice job!!
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Spinosaurus & İndominus with a couple of Pterosaurus'es were disliked this ;)
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dont know why you bothered making good art about a movie you hated
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Because this joke made me laugh.
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You have to exorcise ? XD
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Yep, worst movie EVER.
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i wished they had feathers on the raptors, maybe at a push a furry t-rex, but some things need changing. for an action movie, accurate pterosaurs would not be threatening enough, and the raptors would headbutt doors to open them. the t-rex and the raptor looking at each other at the end was... ok. sometimes, after a long fight, wild animals who are predisposed to kill each other will be too tired to want to.
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