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one of the greatest fantasy artists of all time has passed away. the art world has not only lost a great, it has taken a step closer to mediocrity and banality. real, focused, obsessive, physical artists are disappearing, and less and less physical artists are replacing them. computers are doing wonderful things for the world, but they are doing more damage than good to art i think. i am sad tonight.
good bye sir, i will strive to learn from your work, and hope to become half the artist you were. i don't know if there's an afterlife, but if there is, i hope there's paint in it…

"I consider myself to be a creative artist...not just a fantasy illustrator. I work purely from my imagination. No swipes. No photographs. I stress good composition and design that borders on the abstract in spite of the subject matter."

- Frank Frazetta.
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badass-bunny Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2010
Almost the end of an era ....
Smirtouille Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Tool doesn't matter. If people can't paint good in oil, they can't paint good in digital, because it's not a matter of agitating some sort of brush on some sort of canvas, it's a mind process, an effort, a product of experience, skills and intelligence.
Art is not getting worse with computer, it's only easier for anyone to give a try on it and produce something that can also be exposed easily over the internet (easier than to get into an art gallery). There will always be a huge amount of mediocre and a few amount of excellence. With the media of today, mediocre gets more exposure, that's all.
MishraFathom Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010  Professional Filmographer
1st) how much do you sell your guitar sculptures for ? i love them!! most awesome think iv seen in a long time on here you got an instand fan here. all your work is amazing!.

2nd)i agree he is an amazing artist though i do agree with some of what you say about cg art i disagree i come from a love of traditional art and its something that cannot be replicated in cg in any form. but i cant say you are totally right about it being so bad. its just a different set of media.. fact is if you cant sculpt you cant sculpt in 3d and sadly it takes more time and changes are not as easy its makes composition really easy to change but design of a character or monster well chances are you got to start from scratch,

sure stuff like photomanipulations and programs like poser have created so many artist who snap their fingers to get an art work but again its no were near as good as though who dont use the short cuts not only that

if you cant draw fact is you cant model chances are you cant sculpt even in traditional medium also if you cant draw you cant animate, you cant light. you cant make good art cos well you dont have a good understanding.

looking at your work you would be able to create some amazing work in 3d and cg of all kinds cos you have gone out of your way to understand what goes into making great art.

like i said i have seen some amazing cg artists and some crap ones and if you look at stuff they draw you will see it reflects in their cg work there are many quick ways to make crap on the pc but thats what you get from it crap.. if you use those short cuts right as a base then maybe it can be made better but all that fixing can waist more time than it saves so its best to understand what you doing that relay on the hardware.

like me i hate poser its give cg a bad name but it gets new artist interested and they have fun doing so just sad they are not learning from it like they could and try improve but some people are happy with the open a box slap you name on what ever comes out of it and call it yours art. but some cg artists work to udnerstand every form of art that reflects their cg counter part to get really great work out of it. the nice thing about cg is its easier to make small changes sometimes ... but otherwise you still get your lazy and hard working artists not matter what art they do its their choice and it show and that sucks for them , .

trust me it takes all the same kinds of skill and understand to work in cg as it dose int traditional medium i work better for pencils and paint i find the pc hard but i love 3d work its someting new to learn and im getting better is all the forms of art i love.

btw do love you work :P lol sorry about the rant its just i look at horrible cg all day and try see whats wrong with it and look at good cg to see whats great about it and i look at just art works i love and see how i can apply what they have to teach in their work to my own i try to improve a little in each art work i attempt traditional or cg.

Infact i cant paint or draw in the CG dont like the feel but i still try just for learning sake. and its a nice way to test colour pallets befor a apply them to an idea or composition. or character. they are all tools its all about how ya use them.
so dont be sad about how the art world is changing fact is only those who strive to make great work will do well if they cant draw with a pencil they cant draw on a PC its just a fact though you get those who like to use photos and edit them well guess what they wont make it anywhere sure friends and people who know nothing about it will compliment it but if you can draw you cant do good composition or have a good understanding of proportion and lighting, you wont understand how colour works together in a composition. and if you cant draw well chances are you cant design. character design, car design. coporate design though they seem to not care too much or as much. its like you get photographers that are amazing just by understanding they can give an emotion to a scene cos they understand lighting and composition and bad photographers cant. same with anything if you dont know how then you cant or you do it badly. .

anway i will stop that their sorry for bad spelling and stuff.. :( cheers up great physical artists are around they are just applying their tallents in many different ways. :)
Lanceare Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree. What a phenomenal artist. He left behind a great legacy.
Burninggraphics Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
That is some truly extraordinary art. I envy those who work with such precision in tradition methods, and even try myself to distance from digital manipulation as much as possible. The depth of an artists mind should be as unending as Frank Frazetta's and many other great artists who work with authentic mediums. The lazy, often poorly thought through digital medium so frequently produces art void of emotion or attachment as though the artist themselves do not even care for what they do.
Peter-The-Knotter Featured By Owner May 11, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
Good of you to post this... He was a giant, an icon in the field! Having read the yellow Gollanz editions as a child, and having found a desire in me for images of other worlds and the peoples that inhabit them, Frank was one of the first people who inspired my first faltering steps in fantasy art... and my knotted necklace designs.... the exotic and brutal, fantastic and furious scenes he depicted were amazing.... We shall miss you Frank...
RavenseyeTravisLacey Featured By Owner May 11, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
It sucks to see that he has passed his work was really great. As for what you have said "Computers are doing wonderful things for the world, but they are doing more damage than good to art I think." I have to disagree with you on this. Sure with the ablitity of technology there is a great increase in the amount of art that is being created and displayed. Alot of this may be at a quality that some find dishearting. At the same time there are many artist that are learning at rates of higher then ever before. Artist that have the ability to research and study great work that has been done in the past and apply it to the technology of today and even take it even further and in new ways. Ways to try different styles coming forth that some would never have expirenced if they had to pay so much for the means to create such art. There is a very good chance that many cruital artist in the future will have come from this era of technology and even possibly a greater number of reconized artist then any generation before.
vankuilenburg Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
we will have to agree to disagree on this one no offence. your work shows a great deal of talent, so i dont want you to think i'm detracting from you in any way. but where will your work be in 100 yrs? when the formats have changed 20 times and the machines they've been made on is hopelessly outdated? digital art is for the most part disposable art. and it doesn't take the enough work, commitment, focus, or craft to make it as powerful or lasting as real physical art made from actual materials in the real world by your own 2 hands. the airbrush in photoshop takes a few minutes to get decent at, and you can make something passable in a couple tries. try to do that with a real airbrush w/ real paint on a real canvas. people like digital art because its easy to learn and even easier to use and it takes very little work. and that is a big part of the problem. people are getting lazier in art, music, and life. in this way art is beginning to mirror reality i guess.
but i'm kind of a grumpy old curmudgeon haha:)
good luck to you in all you do.
RavenseyeTravisLacey Featured By Owner May 12, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I dont disagree with you both. The most common aspect of the universe is laziness. Just keep in mind. All these digital aspects in which you speak of are also what is giving you the recognition of your talent as well. If there wasnt the digital relym where would you be now? I realize what you have is some great tangible work which is why I started watching you. Yet half of the people that know of stary night wouldnt have a clue what it was if they hadnt seen a rendition or print. To tell you the truth I dont think it matters where my art is in 100 years I will be dead. I only care about the moment now. To create something that gives someone a feeling and maybe changes the outcome of the rest of their lives. In the future works of art that are distinguished and recognized will be reproduced and transfers will occur. Sure I belive in my art but I dont even know that I will make the cut. But three years of studying digital art has given me more training in color theory, atmospheric perspectives ... detail work then I would have ever accomplished with the income I make working in acrylics or oils. Either way I just dont think its fair to say that the digital art world is unaccomplished beacuse Ive seen strickingly amazing works of art come forth. Never the less we all have our own views in the world and its important for everyones views to be heard and respected. Thank you for taking the time to read mine keep up the excelent work.
Peter-The-Knotter Featured By Owner May 11, 2010  Student Artisan Crafter
I do see what you mean but I think that learning a program doesn't have the gritty edge that painting with a brush, carving with a chisel or even knotting with fingers gives to the finished product. so much of what is produced on computer, like any area of enterprise, are shadows of the originals... like music using samples and "standing on the shoulders of giants".... Naturally there are great ideas being expressed by the blending of old themes in the same way that new recipes are created by the blending of old trusted ingredients... however there is a distinct percentage disparity between the modern original, groundbreaking work created by designers, artists and makers who have spent time mastering there field and those who, like the pulp fiction of the 40's 50's etc, churn out pale imitations for a quick buck.... I have to agree with Van the man that making it easier prevents the resultant product from possessing the "soul" that comes from sweat, blood and practice... my very best wishes to you, you seem to have integrity in your work and thoughts, so don't take my words as an insult in any way.... Peter. :)
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