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Jurassic World..or JAWS and wings !
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Published: June 16, 2015
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Just a fan artwork :)
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The most terrifying motion picture from the No. 1 best sellers Jaws written by Peter Benchley.
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Mad-MuttStudent General Artist
That woman got it harder than anyone in the whole show, maybe even the series.

You know how over the top that death was?

Right now she's in that special part of the afterlife where all the people who died really insane over the top deaths go to. 
Its pretty much the VIP section, where everyone is talking about how over the top their death was to the point where it sounds almost like they're bragging. Like the guy who had toxic waist dumped on him and then got run over with his body being obliterated in Robo-Cop. Kain from Alien who had the Alien itself burst out of his chest. Then they all look over and see the lady from Jurassic World and ask the newest arrival how she got there and she tells them about this scene and they all elect her as the new club president. 

That's how over the top that death was. 
She became the new president of over the top deaths and won the election unopposed. 
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1. I'm sure that Eddie Carr can finally hold his head high in the knowledge that his death is no longer the most over the top and brutal in the Jurassic Park series.
2. Could the North Korean officials who died in gory ways like flamethrowers, mortars, and AA guns for falling out with the Kims be in the special part of the afterlife where those people who died over the top deaths go to?
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Mad-MuttStudent General Artist
Oh yeah, the guy who got split between the mama and papa Rex. That guy got it pretty rough as well. 
And I was mostly talking about movies deaths and not real life stuff, but have this however you want dude. 
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Hey super sympa ! Bravo ! ^^ 
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So disappointing to see Katie McGrath demoted from fearful sorceress to reptile fodder...
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I know right...

they never told us what happened to Aithusa in the end of Merlin, so I say in an alternate universe Aithusa rescued her and they go fight the I. Rex with pet dragons
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Considering that the spirits of Magical beings are Immortal, is it possible that Zara is somehow possessed by Morgana's spirit, making her the reincarnation of Morgana?
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YES! That is one reason I was infuriated by her death. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you can't kill Morgana AGAIN! So yep, she's would she be able to therefore escape and be fine because of previously unknown magical powers?

Now we're talking world-breaking but I no longer care. I just want Zara to be okay.
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How would her fiance react if she tells him about her biggest secret(the whole she IS Morgana thing)?
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I think he would be terrified and flee. Morgana doesn't have a good record with guys. They all die horribly and she's like "Okeydokey well he's dead that's nice I guess I need to find someone else to charm into helping me now."
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What woukd the conversation between Zara/Morgana and her fiance probably be like?
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Zara: so by the way, I hate to tell you this, but I'm secretly an evil witch from several hundred years ago and I have a pet dragon.
Zara: Well, I didn't know until I shot fire down the Mosasaur's throat by accident.
Fiance: So you're an evil witch.
Zara: exactly.
Fiance: ...with magical powers.
Zara: yup. Apparently I've got a record of bewitching people into doing what I want and then not caring when they die.
Fiance: please tell me I'm not under a magic spell.
Zara: ...
Claire: MY MONEY! *sobs*
Zara: shut up, Claire. By the way, this is my baby dragon. His name is Aithusa.
Aithusa: Hi there! 
Claire: Holy hell did you make another I. Rex, Zara? What did I tell you?
Zara: I told you to shut up.
*A short pause*
Aithusa: ...that orange-haired lady tasted good.

Me: well, that got a little weird.
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JW-GojifanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Just the thought of seeing Zara being dropped into the Mosasaur tank give me chills of horror. This is great and scary at the same time.
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HoperaHobbyist Photographer
I agree. My heart dropped as she fell. :-(
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JW-GojifanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was thinking, "oh no.  She's dead"
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WildPencilHobbyist Traditional Artist
I thought she didn't deserve such a horrific death, they gave her a death scene like she was a bad person who deserves it, she was just a lady doing her job the best she could, she wasn't a villain.

oh, and love this poster btw!
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JW-GojifanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, yeah you do have a point:  Zara was an assistant doing her job in the best way she knew how.  It was completely coincidental and kind of her fault that a Pteranodon swooped in and grabbed her.  I guess it is a survival thing: you either move or you die.
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HoperaHobbyist Photographer
I know! I was so sad! I think if that "bird" (can't spell its real name) hadn't of tried to get her out, she would've made it.
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