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By Vanillattea
This is an idea I got while looking out the window on a plane...There is a cloud in the shape of a dove coming out of a sea of clouds.
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Good concept and pretty dove :)
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Thank you!!!! <3
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This is very serene and seems like something out of a dream. I like the texture. It really looks like they're clouds. Simply magical.
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Thanks so much! Yes, that's what I was trying to convey. Something...dream like. Nice job!!! :-)
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Wow, amazing concept. It's very beautiful! :heart:
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Could I use this image for a small video I am creating to raise awareness of the plight of Syrian Children facing atrocities? Thanks and let me know! i love this artwork!
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Hi! Sorry for the late reply - but YES, you can use it! I'm happy you asked. ^_^ I'd love to see your final product! :)
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I love it! Its so pretty and so expressive!
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Thanks so much for the kind words! :)
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Hello! I love this image! I was looking for something special too put on my Ipod, for a background image. So i saved this image, and i ended up wanting too put a saying on it, and i noticed your 'favourite quote' the one that says "Even when things seem hopless, with faith, anything is possible" and i added that saying too the pic, and put a scripture verse too it, 1 timothy 1:5
If you would like too see it, let me know and i'll add it too deviantart.
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Hey there!! Sorry for the late reply, D': I love your idea with the scripture and quote!! And sure, I would love to see it!! I really need some inspirational background for my phone, too, haha, and I'd love to have one with a scripture verse. Thanks so much for the kind words and enjoying my art. God bless!! <3 But yes, I would like to see the pic! ^_^
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That is incredibly awesome.... the Holy Spirit is incredible in Himself.

God is fascinating & absolutely Divine! :D
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Wow... I really love this. :3
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how beautiful!
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Thank you for the kind words!!! :)
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Thanks so much!! ^_^ Appreciate the feedback!!!
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