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Charcoal Drawing

This is my first attempt at doing a charcoal drawing. I used a picture as a reference (Sailor Jupiter's Sera Myu actress, Marie). The original picture is copyrighted to the company/photographer who took the picture, which is Starlight Productions. (That's the company it had on the picture I looked at). I drew this so I could have something to hang on the white walls of my apartment. Completed when I was 16 years old. 
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That's a very good charoal drawing. (I've drawn with the stuff and I'm not so good.)
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Thanks!! ^_^ When I first used it, I kept smearing it all over the place (including accidentally on my face, haha), so don't feel bad. I learned though that the best subjects to do in charcoal are those with a strong contrast in light and dark/shadows. The other "normal" contrasted pieces are done in pencil. Trust me, if I tried to do a normal contrasted piece in charcoal, it wouldn't be so pretty. ^_^
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VERY impressive
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Thanks so much for the comment!!! :D
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...yup. Looks just like a photo.
And I love love love Sera Myu.
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Thank you Nakamura :la:
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very well done! the shading and details are great! beautiful! instant fav, LUV charcoal work!
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Why thank you m'dear! Charcoal, I must admit, is one of the trickiest media to work with...It smears so easily!! And thanks so much for the fave!! ^_^
mytiko-chan-is-back's avatar
it is quite tricky! siggh... however I dunno if I will ever master the digital kind! and, you're welcome! :D
Kakutachi's avatar
woow awsoem
i juz started with working with charcoal tooXD
but ur waaay better^^
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This is AMAZING!!
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Thanks! I'd love to create more charcoal work, as this is the only one I have done so far, and it was nearly 8 years ago. Ugh! Time sure does fly by!
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This is amazing. Very realistic. I'm in awe of your talent! (Especially with charcoal! How do you do it without making a mess with your hands?)
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Good job !
I wonder if she is a girl from LOST ?
Because she looks quite like this asian girl from Lost ;-)
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Little-cuddly-bear's avatar
I ADORE THIS PICTURE! I wish I could do portraits that well!
PigeonCrowz's avatar
Your first attempt at charcoal?!?! O.O
spork891's avatar
Well done, I also thought this was a photo.
cheeb's avatar
*Faints* Woah, I thought this was a photo! You're so amazing! Just look at how realistic the picture is! You've got talent on your side you lucky thing! *Just can't believe her eyes*
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Hey, thanks so much for the comment! I'm inspired now. :) Once again, thanks a lot!!!
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wow, this was done with charcoal? im very much impressed :D
it came out splendidly great! definitely a great piece
almost looks like its a real picture

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Once again, thanks so much for the comment! I'm inspired to draw now. :D
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