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Remember how I talked about the paedophile issue on this website? Well, think of this as another continuation. I think it's valuable to document this stuff, even if the staff changes very little about how they handle this site. I mean, when people are running rampant with open folders like this:
Ev17 by VanillaSoft
What does that say about the user-base?

While this is mainly going to be talking about paedophilia in regards to the foot fetish area of the website, I want people to know that this isn't exclusive to foot fetishes. It's a universal problem here, but since feet are my specific focus on the site, it's where I've the most knowledge.


Some more of these comments on sexualised images of children. I'm not going to post every comment I find here since I've much more to say, but I'll have a link to a folder if you want to see some of the most disgusting stuff. A lot of stuff in that folder will come from the prior journal entry, for those who never saw it.
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As you can see with these comments, these people are not thinking rationally at all. It's going to sound rude, but they're like Islamic terrorists; you can't convince them that what they believe or do is wrong.

Accounts cannot be reported very easily without direct communication with the staff. The staff wants us to self-moderate so that they can just sit back and do minimal work. Well, while reporting accounts is a difficult endeavour, we can still report the deviations. I didn't elaborate much on that in the previous journal, but I will here.


While the people making the sexual comments are terrible, focus must also be given to the ones who are uploading the content.

Right away, not everything on this website that has a kid in it is inherently sexual. I have seen plenty of normal images of kids (many for stock purposes) that paedophiles have ruined with their comments. I will give you all an example.

Ev16 by VanillaSoft
This is pretty much a normal image of a girl. Nothing that inherently screams sexual. Then you go into the comments section. While this one is relatively tame, there is a conversation where two guys discuss what they'd want to do with her feet. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how we look at it) one of the commentors has his comments marked as spam, so the context is relatively muddied. But they further went to discuss the little girl sexually in Notes, which is indicated by what is visible of that conversation. That conversation happened in 2016, and this kind of behaviour has been almost normalised in a way on the website. If you look at comments from 2007 or 2008, a very low amount are sexually talking about children. Now it's as if people are proud to be into kids.

But I must digress. Here's an example of a user who is actively uploading content meant to be sexual:
Ev18 by VanillaSoft
To someone without a foot fetish, this just looks like a normal image of a boy lying on a chair. But for this user, this is a sexual image because he has a blatant foot fetish. Not only has he commented explicitly on many other images of little boys where the feet are the focus, but he uploads several himself.
Ev19 by VanillaSoft
And here are some of the comments:
Ev20 by VanillaSoft
Ev21 by VanillaSoft
Ev22 by VanillaSoft
Ev23 by VanillaSoft
Ev24 by VanillaSoft
It screams paedophilia; all of these comments were taken on images of real underage boys' feet. Many others like niblug roam on this site. Some are silent about it, and those are the people who you can't really weed out. If somebody is very secretive of something, you can't exactly pin them for anything. But as I said, DeviantArt, or rather the internet, seems to give these people a boost in confidence. They don't care that they're talking about feeling attracted to children, because to them, they're the normal ones and anyone who isn't into kids is either boring or weird. It's really easy to lose fate in people, but I know 99% of you were on my side with the last journal about this being an issue. The 1% was rightfully called out, so clearly not everyone on the site is dumb. We want it to become a better place. Fetishes for the most part are fine; it's a site called DeviantArt, fetish and non-fetish stuff have been going hand-in-hand for a long time. But it is not fine when the fetish involves a real child. Fictional is all game, but leave kids alone.


Originally I was just going to let things pass since users can't be reported, but...

I realised it would be far more useful to call the sickos out. They don't deserve any type of protection. Paedophilic desires and behaviours are not things that should be encouraged.
Not all these users are uploaders, but a good amount are commentors and the fact that their vocal about their desires is enough in my book. If and when you report a deviation for underage sexualised content, there will be a category that asks you for a link providing proof of the child's age. Just say something along the lines of, "It's obvious; he stated that the boy/girl is underage." I don't know how the staff expects us to get proof of the ages of kids that we don't know.

And if you see a box like this, in which one of the options are automatically greyed out...
Ev51 by VanillaSoft
What this means is that the DeviantArt staff already got a report, but decided that the image was fine. This is such a flawed system because what if the individual who reviewed the image was just being lazy and decided to give it a pass? Fucking stupid the people running this site are.

Something else I want to make clear: this is not strictly an issue with men. There are women paedophiles on this site as well. I know that some people like to pretend that women can't be paedophiles or that boys should consider themselves lucky that some women like kids sexually, but no, it is wrong nonetheless. That is an adult talking sexually about a child. No matter what the gender pairing is it's still wrong. Not that you can even confirm everyone's gender on DeviantArt since so many people use the neutral they term, but if an account says "Female", treat them exactly like you'd treat a male. It's an issue that transcends both genders.

Ev47 by VanillaSoft
I highlight comments like these because they show how creepy these guys can be. It's like a child trafficking ring; they pass around videos and images to one another of children to get off.

Ev40 by VanillaSoft

Ev26 by VanillaSoft

Ev32 by VanillaSoft

Ev28 by VanillaSoft

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Ev53 by VanillaSoft
Creepy Evidence 3 by VanillaSoft
Creepy Evidence 4 by VanillaSoft
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Ev61 by VanillaSoft
Looking at his favourites and his comments should tell you everything.

Ev41 by VanillaSoft

Ev38 by VanillaSoft

Ev62 by VanillaSoft

Ev34 by VanillaSoft

Ev33 by VanillaSoft

Ev27 by VanillaSoft
This guy actually blocked me multiple times. Some of you probably recall seeing that long comment chain of my main profile where he just goes on a crazy rant because I "killed" his friend. In reality, I just made a sarcastic comment to his friend that Mariofan161 is a terrible person to be inspired by, and he deleted his account. Every time I see this fool comment I laugh. It's so ridiculous.

Ev39 by VanillaSoft

Ev46 by VanillaSoft

Ev57 by VanillaSoft
From French to English, a machine translation gives: "Very dirty and cute. You just want to kiss her little feet." And he's commenting on like a toddler's feet.

Ev48 by VanillaSoft

Ev36 by VanillaSoft

Ev25 by VanillaSoft

Ev31 by VanillaSoft

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Ev29 by VanillaSoft
Ev56 by VanillaSoft
Every time I see this guy comment I lose brain cells.

Ev35 by VanillaSoft

Ev30 by VanillaSoft
Ev52 by VanillaSoft

Ev49 by VanillaSoft
Ev50 by VanillaSoft
This is apparently the guy's little brother. There were tons of other images of his feet before this as well; I suppose they were reported.

Ev42 by VanillaSoft
Ev45 by VanillaSoft
I just noticed, something else that makes these disturbing is that the kids are almost always in short or loose clothing.
Also, he's Dutch. Krijg de kanker.

Ev54 by VanillaSoft
This guy's gallery is really disturbing. He takes crush fetish to the next level, like he's on a mission to kill the appeal of a foot fetish. Proceed with caution.

Ev44 by VanillaSoft

That's far from a complete list. I'll update it when I've time. This is an important issue that shouldn't just be ignored. For those of you who also have a foot fetish, these people are part of the reason you're lumped in as being creepy. Just know that. But even ignoring that, morally these people are in the wrong.


These people have already ruined a good portion of the website with Eclipse, so putting fate in the hands of these people is a pipedream. But, I'm not going to simply not act. Suggesting something is better than letting these people run completely blind.

One thing the staff could do is remove the report limit that I mentioned earlier. It's flawed, especially if it's a one-person system. You need at least more than one person checking images like these to pick up the other person's slack. I know that many things get reported and that resources are limited, but they're hardly even trying from what it seems.

Another suggestion that I have is giving the ability to report accounts directly without needing to go through hoops to talk to the staff. This needs more careful planning, and I am not an expert so I don't know specifics on how it would work. But something needs to at least exist because self-moderation clearly isn't effective enough for these people. They're essentially running little paedophile rings out in the open on this website. The way I found half this shit was through collection folders that you see on the right side of the screen; I didn't have to go actively looking for this stuff.

I don't want this platform to get YouTube COPPA levels of strict, but it can't just remain the same.


What the hell makes children attractive? Tell me, because I've been struggling to find out.

The only people who should be attracted to kids are other kids around their age. Children are not suitable for sexual situations with adults. I shouldn't have to explain this. I'm not insulting the intelligence of children, but children are not mature enough to understand the weight of sex. I know some of you like to think that feet aren't sexual, but if you have a foot fetish, it's sexual. Obviously I'm not saying that you need to stay away from everyone's feet (that's damn near impossible), but you need to exhibit self-control. If you have a foot fetish, don't go around talking about how you want to smell a 12-year-old's feet.

For all of you who think it's okay to jack off or jill off to children, feet or not, I'm going to propose a scenario to you. Let's say that you have a work friend. We'll call him Zayn. You both are 33 and you have a 12-year-old daughter. One day you and Zayn are in your living room just sitting down, watching TV, when your daughter walks in barefoot and puts her dirty feet on the couch right next to Zayn. Zayn has a foot fetish. You get up to go use the bathroom and come back to the living room to see Zayn sucking her toes and moaning while your daughter just looks on. How would you feel?

Or for a more explicit example, imagine walking into the middle of the living room and seeing Zayn with his laptop masturbating to a picture of your daughter where her soles are clearly revealed. How would you feel then?

If you're not angry, livid or ready to choke the life out of Zayn, imagine how your daughter is going to feel years later knowing she was essentially taken advantage of by her own father's friend. In real life, a lot of people kill themselves and/or because of things like this. And let's say that you asked a 10-year-old boy you knew if you could, for instance, lick his feet. It doesn't matter if he says yes or says that he had fun; something about the experience is going to mess with him for the rest of his life. Imagine how he would feel if he found out that you jerked off to pictures of him when he was a kid. Does it sound horrible? Because all of this should be making you as uncomfortable as it's making me.

Liking children isn't something that should be normalised. Hell, considering the universal adult age is 18, there are way more adults for you to look to and interact with than children. But that shouldn't even be a factor. If you want pictures of feet, you can find all kinds of 18-year-old models on the internet. Hell, now more than ever, there are women who sell you images and videos of their feet and I know some of you are sad enough to give them money. And if that's not cutting it for you, go look at drawings. I'm not even self-advertising here. There are several fetish artists on this site alone, not including alternatives like Pixiv. Years of content have been piling up, all without a real child being used in the process. You see how that works? You can go look at a drawing of say, Misty from Pokémon and her feet, and it'll be better than wanking off or fingering yourself to a child.

I feel like I'm talking to the mentally handicapped.


To the people who take this issue seriously, you guys make me happy. You're doing the right thing, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

To the people doing this kind of stuff, stop it. Get some help. You're an embarrassment to society. People don't like you. You're the same kind of people who were probably defending that Cuties movie on Netflix, claiming that it was a deep story and not just softcore porn with real minors.


20 November, 2020 (18:19). Ladies and gentlemen, we got one.
Ev63 by VanillaSoft
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psss, just to let you know me and a friend have noticed that you are either young or dyslexic because you spelt Pedo wrong, and its been out for a while now lol

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Paedophile is a valid spelling, so, I'm not wrong.

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That's just sick and you know it!

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Yep. I love feet, but I draw a limit with kids.
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what's worse than paedophilia is the people who go hunting for the posts and then clicking on the page and reviewing the image instantly stating its underage pornography, what's worse about this journal is most of the comments I agree shouldn't be posted on here but people like you who go hunting for them make me feel sick cause it shows your more like a bounty hunter and exposing them to everyone who acts just like you, I suggest you fix yourself immediately before causing issues you can't hope to understand or fix with that pathetic little mind of yours.

since you opened up the deviation that means you were there for the content and you cannot disagree otherwise you wouldn't be there typing to them not to do it!

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Bravissimo, bravissimo! You've successfully made enemies with both parties involved! You deserve a medal, mon ami!

Bethany01's avatar

I'm alright with that, shaming people for their actions is more of a bannable offence since it's targeting people, the funny thing is the stuff that is posted it allowed since it does not break DA's TOS and there is no telling if people really do get a warning no one here really knows if they do or don't but this VanillaSoft has been on so many websites for young girls feet and he/she is the one who entered thee website when you don't have to be you all do and you get angry over something which is your own fault.

Just common sense really

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Is english your native language? I could barely understand a word you've said. I know Vanill quite well infact, and I'm sure she's never been on any sites. But if you can prove me wrong. Besides, it's kind of weird you're talking so much shit for someone who advertises a discord server with "underage content" in their hio which is against Discord's TOS. Give me some concrete evidence that she's been in these sites, bub. Or else I'd expect to see your account shut down again.

Bethany01's avatar

first of all It was late at night so I couldn't spell correctly, secondly I can do as I please as long as its not on Discords Invite public logs, and lastly DA counts as a website so that there's something you can learn. The thing is you looked at my profile and read it which is your own fault again so not my fault you seem to be wanting the content more than the real paedophiles, just saying XD and the fact you and Val posted at the same time makes things very sus.

VanillaSoft's avatar

I can promise you that we're not the same account. Why would I pay for two core memberships? We just share similar ideas when it comes to child sexualisation.

And it's not as if I went searching for this content. I initially ran into it with the side panels while looking at fetish drawings. Of course if I realised there was a problem I was going to do more research into it. If I didn't, then the problem can't be handled at all.

And I'm not a reporting spree of every child image out there. If you read the journal, you would see that I'm not criticising images that people upload as stock references. I'm criticising images that people upload for themselves and others to masturbate to.

SparkLuxMan's avatar

You failed to answer my questions, and resorted to comparing me to one of your own. And now you're assuming that me and Vanill are one and the same. I can now see that your comments are unfounded and completely baseless. I'm sorry for overestimating you. It won't happen again. BTW, Discord logs everything that's posted in a server via a unique ID system, which can be accessed by a user wktht he flick of a setting. That way, if an investigation on a user needs to take place, they can pull up the server's ID and search all the post IDs in that server. But I digress. I overestimated your ability to counterargument, and I'm sure it won't happen again.

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shame I've had it for almost 2 years then and no one cares.

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"Age is just a number."

You know what else is "just" a number? 9 1 FUCKING 1.

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That argument is legitimately stupid and I don't know why paedophiles keep using it. You can't say age is just a number when mental abilities are significantly different, especially among the early years. A 30-year old mind and a 38-year old mind won't be that different, but a 10-year old and an 18-year old are very different.
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Yep, agreed, the "aGe Is JuSt A nUmBeR" thing is just flat out terrible to claim. Not only is it dangerously untrue, but age should not be treated like that at all.

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Time for a carpet bombing spree
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Maybe there's some context that I'm missing here, but that JettWoodward comment seems like he's disavowing the sexualization of children and saying that it isn't allowed on dA.

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No, it seems more like he's trying to defend himself by shifting blame onto people like me. "Why are YOU looking at these images," is basically what he said to me, ignorant of the fact that I wasn't looking for them for the same reasons he was.

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Disgusting behavior...
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Deviantart needs to fix this problem and fast

This is disgusting

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aight, ladies, gents, and nonbinary folk. we've got our mission. we got one, now let's take the rest!

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I got blocked by most of those pedos and I could be happier. I hope they're getting ass raped in jail.

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man, what the fuck happens to deviantart uploading images something like this being that that is illegal ._.

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Alright boys, charge!!
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