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Kagami Kusarigano's Bio (REDO)
"If you think true strength only comes from power, and not with sufficient wisdom and belief in one's self, then you're sadly mistaken. I'm quite speechless regardless of your opposite belief in beyblading." 
—Kagami Kusarigano

Name: Kagami Kusarigano
Kanji: 鎖日野 鏡
Romaji: Kusarigano Kagami
Kagami - the Japanese term for "mirror". This highly reflects her change of persona that makes her even more suspicious, or having a facade.
Kusarigano - her surname. It is a joint name between the Japanese terms "kusari" (鎖, lit. chain)—that can relate to the specific feature of Andromeda's beast, which can be increased in number when Kagami did her key move—the "Black Infinity Chain", and "gano"  from the surname "Kasugano" (日野, lit. day field), which connects to her fondn
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Parkour's Aftermath (A Very Short Story)
As Mari ran through the top of the buildings of Jiyugaoka, she jumped and safely landed onto a grassy ground. After a moment, she suddenly felt dizzy.
Her head spins as her body is starting to lose its balance. Fortunately for her, her foot stepped onto a branch, breaking it into half. There, she finally lost it, and screamed, "No, no, no, no!"
When she fell on the grass, Mari slowly stood up. She then shook her head in order for her vision to become clear. At one time, she looked around her surroundings—and when she did, she noticed that something's...odd. She saw different buildings, and there's not even a single coffee shop in her destination. Unlike in the place she grew up in, there was indeed a coffee shop, and the buildings looked like towers, but they're not as tall as a skyscraper. She looked in front of her, and instead of seeing a park, she saw...a grocery store.
She gasped from the very moment she realized it. "What the heck am I doing here?!" she cried. It was that t
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Nozomi and Natsuki of nozomi diaries by 02Yukitina Nozomi and Natsuki of nozomi diaries :icon02yukitina:02Yukitina 1 1
MFB cross (Talk show)
General notes:
This is a birthday gift from me to MadKuroi 
it's the un-answered questions from Ask Kameri!

Since shes unable to answer them at the moment I've taken my sweet time to do it for her as a gift :)
Also there is some cameos appearing today aswell
 (AUDIENCE applause)

Athena: Greetings, So Kameri, ready to answer a few questions?
Kameri: Sure, I am ready when you are :D
Athena: Very well, hm This ones from Kagami Kusarigano.

Greetings, Miss Ayane. The name is Kagami Kusarigano. D-Don't ask for my name again! If you didn't hear it, i-it's up to you how you're going to call me! *pout*
Anyway, I wanted to ask you something. What a
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EE : Elias by mazubutt EE : Elias :iconmazubutt:mazubutt 96 38 [FFXIV Design Contest]Amaterasu set of Aiming by Athena-Erocith [FFXIV Design Contest]Amaterasu set of Aiming :iconathena-erocith:Athena-Erocith 78 6
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"If you think true strength only comes from power, and not with sufficient wisdom and belief in one's self, then you're sadly mistaken. I'm quite speechless regardless of your opposite belief in beyblading." 
—Kagami Kusarigano


Name: Kagami Kusarigano

Kanji: 鎖日野 鏡

Romaji: Kusarigano Kagami


Kagami - the Japanese term for "mirror". This highly reflects her change of persona that makes her even more suspicious, or having a facade.

Kusarigano - her surname. It is a joint name between the Japanese terms "kusari" (鎖, lit. chain)—that can relate to the specific feature of Andromeda's beast, which can be increased in number when Kagami did her key move—the "Black Infinity Chain", and "gano"  from the surname "Kasugano" (日野, lit. day field), which connects to her fondness of staying in the grass in the morning during childhood.

The surname might be based of a Japanese weapon called a "kusarigama."

Her name overall means "mirror's chain day field".

Nickname/s and Alias/es: Goldilocks (by Kyoya Tategami)

Personal Background:

Gender: Female

Age: 9-11 (Metal Saga); 18 (Shogun Steel)

Ethnicity: East Asian

Nationality: Japanese

D.O.B: April 6th

Horoscope: Aries

Blood Type: O

3'11" (120 cm.) (Metal Fusion and Masters)
4'2" (127 cm.) (Metal Fury)
5'3" (161 cm.) (current)

23 kg. (52 lbs.) (Metal Fusion and Masters)
26 kg. (58 lbs.) (Metal Fury)
57 kg. (127 lbs.) (current)

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)

Beyblader (mainly)
Mechanic and Inventor (since Shogun Steel)

Team: None (never participated at any team championships)

Alignment: Neutral


Herself (mainly)
Madoka Amano (Post-Shogun Steel)

Unnamed father (deceased; executed for being the criminal, even if it is false)
Izanami Kusarigano (mother)
Unnamed brother; claimed to be disappeared
Unnamed sister (deceased)
Hideki Kusarigano (paternal grandfather; died in the middle of the events of Shogun Steel because of old age)
ARICMOS (robot companion)


It is usual for a blader to like beyblading. However, her love for Beyblade is something more to her than just being a game. Although she never questioned why she's still keep on blading, however, once she starts launching her bey, her questioning for her purpose as a blader fades away, and that'll make her not caring if she competes or not, as long as she is comfortable with it.

Regarding food, the common mango fruit is what she likes to eat. She loves the fruit because of both its scent and taste. On the other hand, the caramel macchiato coffee is her favorite beverage. She tends to order it at a coffee shop as her "refreshment".

Even as a blader, she's interested at learning new things. Reading is one of those. Believing that it is for her own good, she likes to read books that she had inherited from the family. She also tends to read anything online nowadays after receiving a tablet.

She likes collecting popsicle sticks with a "WINNER" carving on it. Kagami believes that it may be a sign of motivation and good luck. She already had started to collect few of them. Although she doesn't like the taste of every ice cream she buys, but she only does it in order to collect the sticks.

Kagami also likes to invent things. However, almost all of her inventions have failed to take any longer. Despite that, she still doesn't get away with it and will try again if her invention does not succeed. Besides inventory, mechanism is one of her primary interests as well. Kagami took a liking of it thanks to her grandfather, who is a retired mechanic. This makes her a person who wants to do things by herself, and not relying on others to complete one job.

Aside from that, she took the liking to do dangerous things. She looks up for a challenge where she'll also fight against herself. Risky situations is what she's up to, after all. She'll try doing so, and if she failed, she does not regret it, and will try again the other day. This makes her a person who loves to try anything that will bring her life at stake, and will do so, no matter the warning.

As a child, she loves staying or resting in the grass at morning. When she later joined the Tetsu-kara no Shubi, she doesn't do this anymore, however, she will find a way just to lie down on a grassy place. This was her way to express her love for nature. As she grows up, she does this rarely.

Kagami doesn't like being distracted out of all things. She tends to forget something easily sometimes. Once you distract Kagami while working, she might even forget what she is recently doing. Or if at a beybattle, she might forget her next move. If she realizes that she's finally distracted, she'll shake her head and tell herself to remember what she has to do next.

She also absolutely hates shallots. Once a food with shallots is delivered to Kagami, she might not even it or just remove the shallots. In her birthplace, she had already disliked this substitute for onions because of its taste, even though they've got nothing to eat but that.

If you gave her shrimp, chances are she might run away from its location. Kagami has an allergic reaction to the food. Her skin will form rashes if she eats it. There's also a high chance her throat will become sore. Which is why she tries to remove the shrimp from any food she eats because of that.

She only does her hobbies once she is finished doing her daily routine. One of her hobbies is that she plays games, though not often—those that are in the survival genre. She can learn through those kind of games. If she is at her room, she does spare her time training with her chains. Kagami may not have a chain sickle, but she adapts everything she learned about kusarigamajutsu through the chains she has today. If not, she can read some of the books that were in the shelf. If she is in the mood to go outside, she can practice with her beyblade Andromeda to kill her remaining time or bring ARICMOS with her to give her advice. Or as another option, she'll try to invent something, even if she fails.

Blading Outline: (to be updated)

Beyblading status: 
Active, although not competitively 

• Heat Cerberus 90F (childhood; being passed down to her by Hideki Kusarigano)
Type: Attack
Element: Fire
Constellation and 
Bit-beast: Cerberus
Cerberus is a three-headed dog that Hercules captures in his hand in Greek mythology. As the hound of Hades, it usually guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving.
Status: Destroyed

• Necromancer Andromeda GB145ES (main; Metal Saga)
Appearance as Beyblade: (WIP)
Type: Balance
Element: Shadow
Status: Upgraded into Spiegel Andromeda mechanically 
Constellation and Bit-beast: Andromeda
In Greek mythology, Andromeda is the daughter of Cassiopeia and King Cepheus. One day, Cassiopeia boasted both her and her daughter's beauty to the Nereids, Poseidon sent the sea monster Cetus to ravish Andromeda as divine punishment. When she was about to get eaten, Perseus saved her by showing off Medusa's decapitated head to the eyes of Cetus.
Status: Upgraded into Spiegel Andromeda mechanically.
Appearance of Bit-Beast:
Andromeda 3 by VanillaRinChii

Spiegel Andromeda SP230GCF (main; current)
Appearance: (WIP)
Type: Balance
Element: Light
Constellation and Bit-beast: Andromeda
Status: Active
Possible Synchrome partner: None
Spiegel Andromeda is the upgraded form of Necromancer Andromeda. The Face Bolt was the only thing that have retained up until now, while most of its parts have changed. Regarding its ability, it can imitate the moves of its opponent, but there's one diasdvantage. Once wobbled, Andromeda may lose its balance that will result into a loss unlike its older form. It may be more powerful that its past form, but it got more diasdvantages in number. The only benefit Spiegel Andromeda can get is its fast rotation when commanded to spin around the slope of the stadium.
Appearance of Bit-Beast:
Andromeda (Shogun Steel) 5 by VanillaRinChii

• Thermal Chrysaor SW145ES (substitute; kept to pay homage for her brother)
Type: Attack
Element: Fire
Bit-beast: not shown
Status: Active, although not being used often

Blading Style:
In some of her battles, she starts off by attacking recklessly. However, if her bey's attacks have been repelled, she starts to become more cautious. There might be a chance that she'll command the bey she's using to spin through the slope of the stadium in order to speed up its rotation. While doing so, she'll try to figure out the weak spot of the opponent's bey, and think of a strategy to attack it. After that, she'll find the perfect opportunity to hit that spot. This is still a bit of information gathered, since she doesn't battle that much around Metal Saga.

Main Special Attack/s:
Black Infinity Chain - Kagami's primary and currently only known move. Used on both Necromancer and Spiegel Andromeda. Andromeda will trap its opponent by creating multiple shadows, taking the form of a chain, and as soon as they keep multiplying, it means that the bey it holds captive is stronger than Andromeda itself. If the opponent is a weak one, it loosens up. It is up to the user of Andromeda's opponent to get away from the tightening of the chains and find the real one from each shadow. Once the bey of the opponent has already been wobbled by the chain's tightening, the real Andromeda will attack, resulting into a loss. She rarely uses this move throughout the series.

Main Overview:

A strategic, yet blunt girl. Kagami may be a blader, but she does not compete. There might be a reason why she doesn't compete at all. Also, there's something wrong with her. Don't get tempted for her intelligence and words—they can tell you that she's pulling off a facade. Or isn't she? She may wear that old mask filled with mysteries, but one day, someone will set her free from it.

Kagami can be described with one word—suspicious. Around Metal Saga, she shows off her chill persona, and that she had never been mad, making her more mysterious into the eyes of other people. She may claim that she never lets her guard down, but she doesn't realize that she does because of a lot of suspicions she makes.

At first sight, Kagami may be the type of a girl who looks like she's about to look up a fight that you see in town. It's true that she may have few mysteries in store, but that does not mean she sounds too creepy at all. If Kagami wants to talk with a person more, it means she is interested at knowing them, however, she doesn't do that always. Generally, she becomes stubborn if she is being forced to do what she does not want to do, and can be rarely impatient. She is often blunt towards people. Also, Kagami as well distrusts a person, however, once she gets to know them, she'll eventually rely on them to give her assistance, thus showing her consideration. Kagami speaks in a serious tone at times. Aside that, she can be a taciturn individual as well---someone who doesn't talk once unneccesary, and can be reserved. If there's a chance she can be alone, Kagami often asks her true reason for beyblading.

She tends to have a change of persona. Kagami can be at some time a "tsundere". She is a hostile person, and tends to badmouth the person she's talking to, especially for their mistakes. She even has the guts to call someone a "dummy". However, there are times that she can be a kuudere. She has brutal honesty, as if she's stabbing someone with a knife badly, in short—she is sarcastic. Although Kagami can be quiet at times, chances are even if she acts like either a tsundere or a kuudere, she'll still show mercy. She might even open up to the people she trusts. Regarding the elders, she maintained her respectful nature, and always speak to them with formality.

Some say that she pulls off a "friendly" facade, just to show everyone that even if she had a tragic childhood, she's still an optimist. Because of this, she is starting to forget who she is truly is anymore. She also felt being left out by her mother after a tragic event happened during her childhood. However, the speculations have never been confirmed.

A clever person, Kagami knows what to do each time she's in trouble. She does not fear what will happen to her. Her chains may not be functional for self-defense, but it can help her in order to escape from people with evil intentions. In a beybattle, Kagami analyzes her opponent's attacks before going into the next step. After a long analysis, she might create a trap to hold her opponent captive, or may be distractions in order for the person to be tricked of her plan. She as well is a creative person, and this was shown in her childhood days.

Outside the series, Kagami is considered a smart person. She knows technology that often. She may have sufficient knowledge for beyblades, she also knows almost everything about machines. She is also interested at learning new things, believing it might make her a person that is knowledgeable about anything. She is also able to understand different opinions and respect those. When suggesting an idea, she can agree with it, but there are times that if the idea is too "bland" in her view, she'll come up with an idea and it'll be her basis for the strategy she's creating.

At some time, Kagami can be a slacker. She is sometimes seen sitting around a sofa, just looking through her tablet for "research purposes". In reality, she only does what she wants to do. When the time she's being asked by Madoka to join with them in order to fight the people that are about to revive Nemesis in Metal Fury, she had told them that she doesn't need to because she's not necessarily needed there, and that if she joins them, she's like butting in into the case. This makes her a person who only does her responsibilities if it is truly necessary. But, it doesn't mean that she's that irresponsible.

Over time, she becomes more confident, mature and understanding unlike before. But, her being quiet at times was not removed from her persona. When she was young, she tends to talk about unnecessary things, and can be repetitive. However, she learned her lesson by never ever talk about something that's truly unimportant, thus stopped talking to them like usual and earned the title for being the "mute" of the bunch when she joined the Tetsu-kara no Shubi, a group formed by the officials of her birthplace. She became somehow uncomfortable talking to other people after that, learning that it is also not good to be quiet all the time. As she grows older, she tries to interact with other people in order for her to grow more as a person, since it is not okay to be distant from society at all, and that it will not help her to succeed. Thus, she does this in order to improve her social skills.

Kagami is of a slightly tall height. She appears to have a slim built. She as well possesses pale skin that made a blader from the place she grew up mistake her for a ghost, brown eyes, and light blonde hair. She also seemed to have slightly broad shoulders. In the three seasons, she has the build of a typical young girl that's almost flat-chested. However, she starts to have her bust develop in Metal Fury, as she starts to reach puberty. Throughout the first two seasons, she only stands at 3'11", but at 4'2" in Metal Fury.

In Shogun Steel, as a young adult, Kagami has developed an average-sized bust and hips, and a slightly small waist. It was not obvious because of the outfit she wears. She currently stands at 5'3".

Kagami seemed to have chains with red diamond-shaped jewels (one that has the shape of an arrow in Metal Fury) at both ends wrapped around her waist from Metal Masters and Fury. It was later removed on Shogun Steel.

Secretly, she has a permanent scar on her left hand that she got from the attack on Mujun. Kagami is cautious of having the scar being scratched, since she is trying to let it heal. She has that scar wrapped in bandages. This is the reason why she wears full-hand or fingerless gloves all the time, and it is not noticeable to other characters. (shown below)
Scarred and Bandaged Hand by VanillaRinChii

Her trademark accessory is a pendant (necklace in Shogun Steel) with a red jewel. The jewel was like a teardrop in shape throughout the series, however, it became like an orb and has two small additions of the same color and shape at both sides in Shogun Steel.
Necklace by VanillaRinChii
(from left to right; the Metal Saga pendant and Shogun Steel necklace.)

Kagami's hair was primarily tied into a bun by a brown ribbon, though it is not obvious when in front view. She primarily wears red flat shoes, even before she joined Tetsu-kara no Shubi. Before it, she used to wear a plain oversized blue shirt and black shorts. After secretly joining with her brother, she started to wear the uniform of a member from Tetsu-kara no Shubi (shown below).

At this period of time, she had a very lanky build unlike her later appearances.

Young Kagami 4 by VanillaRinChii

Before and During Metal Fusion
Her hair is kept in a high ponytail with a lilac hairband that has a rose clip pinned on the right, and a headband of the same color. 

Kagami (Fusion) (rendered) (without logo) by VanillaRinChii

Kagami wears a dress and a pair of fingerless gloves that go up to her forearms in lilac color that have white trims. She has a belt in her waist that has a large round buckle. It has one of its buttons connected to a small bag, which contains her substitute beyblade---which happened to be the Thermal Chrysaor SW145ES she got from her brother when he disappeared—and small chans are connected from her buckle to a button of the belt on the right. Kagami as well happened to wear royal blue shorts with slant turquoise trims. She wears grey stockings, and pastel blue boots that are below her knees. Kagami seems to keep her actual bey, Necromancer Andromeda, in a brown leather storage bag on her right thigh.

Metal Masters

Kagami (Masters) (rendered) (without logo) by VanillaRinChii

In Metal Masters, Kagami's hair becomes longer, and is now kept in twin tails. She now wears a short-sleeved blue hoodie with a lilac hood and end trims, and also equips a jet black shirt, a pair of dark teal shorts, and the same belt from Metal Fusion, except that its buckle is a bit larger, with an additional oval buckle atop. She now wears chains around her waist with a red gem at its end. She now wears grey stockings, and pastel blue boots that go up above her knees. Kagami has a blue green ribbon in her left knee. The small bag connected from the belt doesn't contain Thermal Chyrsaor, but Necromancer Andromeda instead.

Metal Fury
Kagami (Metal Fury) by VanillaRinChii

Kagami has her hair length shorter than that from both Metal Fusion and Metal Masters. However, it is now kept in a right-side ponytail. She also has a pair of dark blue streaks that hides both of her ears in the front. She currently has dark grey and white gloves, jet black ruffled shirt, and dark blue pants that reaches below her knees. Her brown boots is approximately 5-inches far from her pants. Kagami now wears a dark violet hoodie with lilac hood and end trims, with its sleeves reaching below the forearms, as well as pullovers with grey ends. She as well keeps her usual belt from the previous two seasons, and the chains she had from Metal Masters.

Shogun Steel-current

Kagami Kusarigano (without logo) by VanillaRinChii

The length of Kagami's hair is a bit longer than that from Metal Fury, and it is now kept in a low ponytail by a black-and-lilac hairband elastic. She still keeps her dark blue streaks at both sides. However, most of her hair now hides both of her ears. She now wears a black leather hoodie dress that reaches through her thighs with a violet hood, and end trims, as well as a pair of black fingerless gloves. Her belt is almost the same, with the exception of her belt buckle. The belt buckle is even larger and slimmer than before, and has an additional oval buckle connected to it—similar to that from Metal Masters. Kagami finally wears her storage bag in her left knee, where she currently keeps her main bey, Spiegel Andromeda. She wears dark blue pants, and burgundy leather boots.

It is also the second time Kagami did not have her chains wrapped on her waist or attached to her belt. There is no clear answer why she doesn't have it anymore, but chances are that she may have hidden it somewhere. The hood, however, has a faded dark blue design that's almost invisible to the naked eye. It has a design similar to the chains wrapped around her waist in the previous two seasons. 

Under her hoodie is a sleeveless black shirt. There are also times that she ties her jacket into her waist a day's weather is too hot.

Starting from Metal Fury, in one of the storage bags attached from her beltthere's a blue bar that's in store which can turn into a tablet, but with an almost invisible screen. This serves as her gadget to analyze beys in order for her to create a strategy, as well as her way to communicate with other people. Besides that, it can function as well for different things. It comes up with an earpiece, however, this was not used in Metal Fury (except for the tablet). She later used the earpiece in Shogun Steel. (shown below)

Kagami's Tablet and Earpiece 2 by VanillaRinChii

Kagami was born in a fictional town of Mujun, a place that's a bit far from Koma Village. She lived a peaceful life with her family, until the father has been executed because of the crime he hasn't done. Her mother, Izanami have started to become unstable after the execution, and Kagami, on the other hand, has been traumatized of the series of events that happened on the night of death. That time, Kagami has decided to secretly follow her brother, thus joining the Tetsu-kara no Shubi, a group where bladers are trained so they can become the "defenders of the world" when a threat "worse than any disturbances happened on Earth" comes. Few years have passed, and a lot of events occurred in her childhood, as well as the unexpected terrorist attack on the town, resulting the villagers asking for the people of Koma Village help. It was also the moment she obtained the bey kept in the shrine of Mujun's patron god Bishamonten
which is Necromancer Andromeda that replaced the bey her grandfather Hideki gave her called "Heat Cerberus"—however, she as well witnessed the murder of her older sister, and the disappearance of her brother, who she really trusted for a long period of time. After the terrorist attack took place, she secretly witnessed the ritual happened in Mount Hagane, which involved the bey called "Storm Pegasus". However, she was only there until a helicopter belonging to Dark Nebula headed to the mountain, resulting her to run because of traumatic experiences.

Several days after, a villager who happened to be a friend of her grandfather Hideki had told them that one of his buddies in the urban city, that happened to own a small organization called "Neo Asterism", is willing to help Kagami finish her training and give them home. Because of this, Hideki had decided to take the opportunity as a result. This as well made the girl go with the old man, for the sake of her mother, that's starting to become unstable after everything that have happened in Mujun.

(A full story of Kagami's childhood will be published sooner for further clarifications before proceeding to her small story in Metal Saga. The link will be redirected once published. Apologies beforehand if this information seemed to be confusing.)

Metal Fusion
After Kenta was being asked by Benkei to invite Gingka for an unknown battle while training with his Sagittario to plan for his special move, he went home. However, he saw a girl training all by herself at the same place where he was. Kenta decided to come near the girl, and when he did, he was amazed by the fascinating skill of her bey. With Kagami's instincts, she looked at the young boy's direction, leaving him frightened. There, she asked why he was watching her. Kenta responded that he wanted to see the skill of her bey. It was her first experience being watched training all by herself, however, she didn't mind. Kenta then asked what type of bey she is wielding, and she only responded that it is a Balance-type. With it, he asked Kagami for a beybattle, but unfortunately, she has to go. She ran immediately in order to come home in time, leaving the young boy alone.

Later in the series, Kyoya was listening to all of the cheers outside. He later walked away after that with a smile. Meanwhile, Kagami was dashing for being "late" to watch the tag-team battle in order to make it in time, without even realizing that the contest is about to end. However, unfortunately for her, she accidentally bumped into Kyoya, making her fall from her feet. At the same time, she apologized, but turns out that he advised her to be careful next time but in an arrogant, and even called her "Goldilocks". With it, he left without even helping her. Of course, Kagami is able to stand up for herself, and looked back at Kyoya, who was just walking away from her direction. She then commented on his attitude, and even having the thought that he's a trash-talker. She later dashed from the stadium in order to watch the tag-team battle, even if it is about to end. However, she may have made it, but she was only able to watch the last moments of the final round. Seeing the skill of a young boy she saw before and a large guy beside him made her fascinated, making her having a thought that a person's life will really become more fun if there's a comrade on their side. She left after the battle was finished.

During the finale, while everyone surrounding her are cheering for Gingka's win, she was obviously satisfied, but her target was a white-haired person that battled him named Ryuga. While watching the screen, Kagami spatted that he should pay for doing something in order for the town of Mujun to be attacked like it was just a nuisance. She walked away after that, with a somehow contented expression in her face.

Metal Masters
Gingka and the gang have finally made into the train as Hyoma and Hokuto bid farewell to them. However, Kagami surprised the two when they're about to head home. That time, Hyoma asked her who she is, and the blonde responded simply by telling her name and that she's one of the people that have gone to Koma Village for shelter after the attack of Mujun. Fortunately for her, he remembered her, then asked her why she's there right now. She answered that she's just going to pay her mother a visit, who was residing on Hokuto's house to check if she's still stable. That same time, she asked the boy if he's going to compete in a contest, and Hyoma responded that he'll not because he's tasked to guard the village, which somehow makes sense. Unlike Kagami, who'll only participate for the elimination round to test herself, telling him that she does what she wants to do, or she don't do them at all. Participating at least in a qualification round is what she wanted after all. With it, they ended their small talk, and bid each other farewell, and have gone their separate ways, so she could visit her mother, who was still recovering from her condition in the house of a villager who also helped on the evacuation. 

That night, when she had entered the house of a villager named "Kou", who helped her family evacuate during Mujun's attack, she asked him how her mother's doing. Kou, however, told him that she's still not yet improving
—making her truly unstable than before, and there's no other way in order for her to recover. Saddened by this, she asked the man if she can visit her where she is now, and he led the way to one room. As soon as she opens the door, she saw her mother just looking at the window while sitting in her bed. But, there's something wrong with her. She looks skinnier than before, and almost looked like a ghost. Her mother ignored the sounds surrounding her, but Kagami continued entering the room. The child then started talking to her mother about what was going on, and why she and her grandfather Hideki had to move on another city without even telling her. Kagami then asked Izanami which was more important to her—the past or the present, which is her determination to look for a solution to find her brother. From there, she made a promise that she should not break—that she'll find a way to set their family free from every misery they faced for a very long time. She then sadly walked away, and it was Kou's turn to enter. He had asked Izanami that even if she's ignoring him—she should not let every failed obstacle get in the way, so she can watch her very own daughter soar for the family. With that, Kou left the room and closed the door. He then asked Kagami how long she'll be staying in Koma Village, and the girl responded that she'll sleep only for one night, thus leaving Kou offering her a temporary place to sleep—a room near her mother's. The next day, Kagami bid farewell to the villager, and thanked her for taking care of her mother, and left the house. As soon as she had reached the train stop, she waited for the train. When she did, she finally got inside the train and it departed from the village back to the city.

She registered for the elimination round for the world championships, not only because to test Andromeda after she secretly trained for a period of time. The qualification has started, and Kagami started to battle few bladers just like the others. However, the time ran out. In the end, Kagami have failed to qualify for the round, thus she didn't make it on getting into the team. But, she was happy because she gets to experience to be in a qualification round.

Metal Fury
Kagami had finally gone home when her grandfather, Hideki, welcomed her. However, he handles a box. Kagami asked her why he has a box, and the old man told her that it was a gift for her. Confused, Kagami held the box from her grandfather's hands. Hideki told her that she should open it, and that he'll just make her some coffee, then he left. There, she opened it, and saw a letter. It was from Genesis Asterism, a small organization owned by a friend of her grandfather. After that, she took all the papers covering the items, and the first thing she saw was a blue bar with a symbol that somehow looks like a power button under it. Curious about what it does, she tried to touch the symbol on it, and it changed into a simple tablet, that is multi-functional according to the letter that can be mainly used for data collecting and analyzing beys, and that it comes with an earpiece. She was fascinated with its appearance, thinking that it is unique as she smiled while looking at it. She picked up the earpiece from the box that was still packaged in plastic, and unboxed it. There, she putted it in her right ear, and tested it. Turns out that it can turn into a pair of virtual glasses when the button of the said accessory was pressed. Because she started to feel dizzy, Kagami immediately pressed the same button to turn it off. She starts to become dizzy, but luckily she's able to regain her balance. The next thing she did is to shut it down in order to keep it in her room, and took the small box with her as she went into her room. When she closed the door, she then opened the box. It contained a small robot that's about the size of a computer speaker. Kagami took the manual that was on the box, and the first page tells the name of the robot, ARICMOS. As soon as she reads the manual, she realized that it is designed in order to watch over the user when it's with them. She turned the robot on when she pressed a button on its body. To her surprise, it started introducing herself in a somewhat human-like manner. As soon as it talks, Kagami went into a conversation with the robot on that day.

Kagami doesn't have any involvement in the series, just like in the previous seasons. However, she is one of the bladers who have been interrogated or questioned for the search of the Legendary Bladers. S
he was outside, about to head home after buying something when she gets a video call from an unknown person. She answered it, and obviously saw Madoka, and a boy she doesn't know via webcam. However, she seem to recognize the same redhead who caught her sitting on the stream of Koma Village during childhood. It happened to be Gingka Hagane. While claiming that she knows the red-headed blader, he had earned the nickname "Gingerhead" from her because of his hair. Ignoring him afterwards, she later asked Madoka what was wrong. The mechanic simply responded back with a question if her bey has some changes. After all, Madoka have known her, but unfortunately, Kagami told the brunette that Andromeda never evolved at all, however, if there was, she'll just inform them. However, Madoka once more was about to talk about something. She invites the blonde to find the other eight Legendary Bladers, but she refused, and told her friend that she isn't necessarily needed there, and that if she did, it's as if she's butting in into the case. Madoka, on the other hand, just simply thanked Kagami for the response, when in reality is that the brunette is still suspicious of the blonde's behavior. Finally, she ended the video call, leaving Madoka and company proceeding into interrogating other bladers.

Fury Kagami 3 (webcam) by VanillaRinChii
(Kagami in Metal Fury, when she was interrogated via webcam.)

Outside the plot, Kagami has been training for the Neo Asterism as both a mechanic and an inventor. Mainly, inventory is one of her main interests, and she became attached to it thanks to her grandfather. Even if she's a blader, she has wanted to grow into something more in order for her to become different from others, that she doesn't need to rely on a single mechanic to repair her bey if it has wear-outs. This is the reason why she accepted the offer from the organization to prepare her in inventory and mechanism.

In the finale of the season, she watches over Gingka's battle against Nemesis via her new tablet along with ARICMOS. Along with everyone else, she joins in on sending the blader her power. When the battle was over, and Nemesis being defeated, she gave a relieved smile, while ARICMOS was commenting on how amazing he is handling the situation all by himself whilst looking at the window. Of course, Kagami agreed with it, and told her robot companion that he never failed on saving people after all, and that he's destined to be a "hero". 

Shogun Steel
Seven years had passed, and Kagami is still living with her grandfather and ARICMOS. Up until now, she's still undergoing in-service training as a mechanic and inventor. This is the reason why she hasn't been around at almost all times, especially at home. She was unable to contact Madoka as well that much. However, she is able to manage it, for she knows that this is what she wanted all along, and that she'll rely on everything being taught to her no matter what. That same time, Andromeda was mechanically upgraded, however, her grandfather died as well that left her somehow misfortunate. From that day on, she started to live all by herself along with her robot companion named ARICMOS, who will guard the house if she is not around.

One time, after she's being dismissed, she was about to head home when she saw few kids crying because their beys seem to start to have wear-outs. With no other choice, she had decided to help them. Luckily, she brought her bag with her. As soon as she reached out the kids, she helped them immediately, resulting them to thank her, of course. She then left and waved goodbye at a short period of time. After a moment, she had gone to a bey stadium, where she had decided to let her body and mind go with the flow on beyblading. However, for a moment, she looked behind her back, taking a look at the kids playing with their beys happily. With it, Kagami smiled and told to herself that if only she can turn back time, she could have much more fun with kids like them. 

Kagami (Zero-G 2) by VanillaRinChii

When she had entered the said place, Kagami first watched two people battling on the stadium. When one of them lost, she immediately took the chance and went up into the stadium. The winner of the recent battle, that happened to be a thug, seemed to underestimate her, and Kagami sarcastically responded, while putting on her hoodie dress—to him that she is a "boring" blader in an opposite way. Hearing this, the thug started the beybattle, making her reply with a launch, not saying anything at all. As both of their beys were launched, the thug's bey started attacking Andromeda head-on. It is being attacked every spin, but, fortunately for her, she commanded the bey to repel its opponent's attack. Surprised, the thug kept on discriminating her, however, it did not have an effect to the eighteen-year-old.

(Zero-G Fake SS) Aim now, Spiegel Andromeda! by VanillaRinChii

Doing so, Andromeda spun through the slope of the stadium to get further stamina. It is one of the tactics it maintained even after being upgraded to follow the Synchrome System the WBBA had been implemented. When it gained enough speed to beat the opponent's bey, Andromeda then attacked it. However, it did not budge an inch. It repelled Andromeda's attack, making it the one to be attacked once again. With that, it was about to make its final blow, leaving Kagami with no other choice but to use her special move—the Infinity Black Chain, even if it means destroying a generic bey. It was just the only way to get out of the attack, although it may be a bit of a cowardly move to others. Thus, she commanded Andromeda for the last time to implement its only Special Move. However, this move is a bit fearsome unlike before—and there is a high chance it may destroy a part from a generic beyblade. But, it's too late. The chains have already surrounded the thug's bey, prepared to hunt it down like a predator searching for prey. With it, the bey had fallen down from the stadium, but it left a wear-out caused by Andromeda's special move. Even if Kagami won the showdown, she will never forget the moment she  used her special move at the wrong place and time. Even so, she finally took her leave without leaving any words to the thug, whom she left something that he will not forget.

Few days after, she is last seen communicating with an unknown person, probably a staff member from Neo Asterism giving her a task only the both of them are aware of. This may speculate that Kagami is one of the few bladers that are doing a dirty job for the organization—which is none other than spying. 

Kagami by VanillaRinChii
(Kagami in her last appearance, communicating with an unknown person.)

Post-Shogun Steel:
Outside the few last episodes of Shogun Steel, she had gone to the grave of her grandfather Hideki once more to pay him visit. Madoka saw her in coincidence, and had decided to go to her. Surprised, Kagami asked the owner of B-Pit why she is there. Madoka, however, told her that they'll just have a small pep talk. Realizing that they're near her late grandfather's grave, she then held her hand and led her to the entrance of a coffee shop
—which happened to be in front of the cemetery. Kagami then told her that it has been a while since they've seen one another many years ago, which the brunette agreed. After that, the shopkeeper then proceeded to tell the uncompetitive blader that she needed Kagami's help, and heard from someone that she repaired few of the little children's beys, since they are too far from B-Pit. Kagami told her that it is just her job to help others, even if she was a trainee that time while scratching her head. Madoka, however, told her that she believes in Kagami's talent and that it'll make her work easy if she recruits the blader as her assistant. Kagami questioned Madoka as a response if she's sure about it because she thinks that she might act up as a slave. Madoka reassured her that she'll not become one, and she'll never be, for she trusts her as a friend, and that she's needed a lending hand. With no other choice, Kagami accepted Madoka's offer. After that small conversation, they have gone their separate ways. She then looked at the sky, and tells herself what will happen if something went wrong into the world, and with it, she continued walking.

(Future events will happen here. It takes place after the finale of Shogun Steel.)

Outside Metal Saga:
How did she get her dark blue streaks?

Before Metal Fury took place and receiving ARICMOS, she went to the B-Pit to buy a part to replace with the one from her Necromancer Andromeda, which happened to be the Eternal Sharp (ES) performance tip. The old performance tip that was on her bey was already at its limit, and that it is needed a replacement. Surprisingly, she saw Madoka there once more. Both of them obviously greeted and asked one another how were they going. But, all of a sudden, when Kagami finally bought the performance tip, she immediately ran, with Madoka asking her where she'll be going. Kagami just responded that she's about to go somewhere else, when in reality is that she's about to head home as soon as possible, because she overslept and didn't have breakfast. Meanwhile at the B-Pit, Madoka was surprised, but was still suspicious of Kagami's behavior. Instead, she just ignored it and returned on doing her usual work.

On Kagami's perspective, she was running fast just to get home immediately. She didn't care about her surroundings at all that time, until she suddenly bumped into a person who has a dark hair dye on a bowl in their hand. She fell at her feet, and some of the dye spilled into her face and two front blonde hair locks. Kagami opened her eyes, and saw a drop of the hair dye in her clothes. Realizing this, she panicked, apologized to the person, and ran away faster than before. The person who she bumped into, however, kept shouting at Kagami to get back and that she has to pay for the hair dye she spilled. However, she ignored them and continued running in order to go home.
As she regrets it while running, she had finally reached home. Then, she dashed to the bathroom. She then started to wash her face, and looks at her mirror if there's something that hasn't been washed out. And, she washed it once more. With no more stains left in her face, one thing she didn't realize is that the dye from both of her front hair locks have been stuck and dried out. When she had finally wiped her face with a towel, she was about to head downstairs, until she saw something in the mirror. Looking herself into it, she shakes her head, as if to ask herself what's wrong with her vision. Nothing happened. It's still the same. Then, she started to touch her hair. Shocked by what she felt, she tried to wash the dye away. But, it was too late. It had no effect when washed. She fell into her knees, and started to regret her actions once more. Until...Hideki opened the bathroom and saw his granddaughter. He asked him what's wrong, and Kagami responded slowly that the dye that was spilled has been stuck into her hair. The old man asked her to go downstairs first so she can explain what happened while they're eating.

Later that same time, after Kagami explained what happened, Hideki reminded her that she should be careful next time, since he has been aware of her reckless, ignorant nature when in hurry. He advised her that she should start being alert, since that happened to her a lot. Kagami then thanked her grandfather for it, even if he kept advising her with the same words. After they finished their lunch, Kagami went to her room, and takes off her jacket and shirt that has been stained with the dark blue dye to wash it, and wore another shirt of the same black color. She later went outside the house to wash the stained clothes. Several hours of laundry had passed, and she finally hanged the clothes on the window in order for them to dry. Later on, she had decided to go into a store to buy a hair dye with her remaining money. This is because she has no other choice but to fully dye her two blonde locks with the color of the spilled dye. When she had finally gone into the store, she met the person she bumped into again, and she has to buy a hair dye fast. When she had finally bought the dye, she immediately ran in order to escape from the person. At one moment, she hid on a table that's outside another store, but as soon as she stood up, she sighed for a moment, until, she saw the face of the person she bumped into.

(Kagami, surprised that she has seen the face of the person she bumped into last time, still with her hair having some splattered dye.)

Shocked by this, she started to run off immediately through her home. When she had returned, and went into the cabinets on their living room to get a plastic bowl. As soon as she finally gets it, she went into the bathroom, and started to put the dye on the bowl and mixing it with water. After doing so, she started dyeing her hair with the same color of the dye that was stuck in her two blonde locks.

Meanwhile, just after Hideki had finished preparing food for dinner, Kagami had finally went out of the bathroom. Surprised, he didn't almost recognized his very own granddaughter. That same time, she joined along with him to eat dinner. Kagami apologized to her grandfather while eating
—for dyeing her hair without his permission. She is aware of what will happen once a hair is dyed, but she didn't mind inside her thoughts. Hideki told her to tell him what she's going to do next time. It is just the same thing, and Kagami keeps on doing that mistake, and that she's struggling to overcome it. She's quite a stubborn person, indeed. But dyeing her blonde locks might be the penalty of her carelessness down the road.

Love interest: ...

Relationships (in Kagami's view):

Gingka Hagane
At first, Kagami knew of Gingka as a "stranger". She had made contact with him only twice—one being when he saw her sitting on a grassy ground near a rocky stream on Koma Village, but ended up running away from him after being seen, and another being when she is asked if a star fragment. She only knows his name when he is further recognized by the whole globe.

There are possibilities that he is one of the reasons why she is struggling to pursue on her beyblading career. However, this does not mean that she is determined to join in a competition, because she believes that she's not designated to compete. If you made them interact with one another, chances are that if they misunderstood each other, they may fight like a cat and a dog.

She is the one who gave him the nickname "Gingerhead" from the moment she met him for the second time via webcam. It is his auburn hair that somehow reminded her of a "red ginger", a plant that she somehow found around her birthplace during her childhood.

(Conclusion: Their relationship will be further developed and explained on a fanfiction, since they only talked for a short period of time. The information left here will remain like so until it is released. Kagami has a very small part in the series, thus making her unable to communicate with him.

See further clarifications here.)


Aricmos by VanillaRinChii

(ARICMOS' design.)

ARICMOS is a small robot that is designed to watch over Kagami whenever she's around. It was given to her on Metal Fury along with a tablet and an earpiece by a small organization named "Neo Asterism" that trained her and taught her everything on how to be a mechanic and inventor like her grandfather was and gave them a place to livefew years after Mujun was destroyed. The robot is capable of analyzing beys and do battle situations, recording them on a camera and projecting them on the screen that's located to its body, however it can also be projected through "Projector Mode", where the recording will be shown as a virtual screen. It also is said to be one of the "AI models" ever existed. However, all of these were not shown yet. For a robot, ARICMOS is as well capable of understanding humans. Its speech is somewhat like to that from a playful kid. Highly unhackable. The robot will change from "Active Mode" to "Sleep Mode" once Kagami leaves the house, but there are times that she goes somewhere with the robot.

Madoka Amano
Madoka and Kagami had contacted one another few times outside the series, especially during the Nemesis crisis. However, it is not speculated why they have known each other. But, most of the time, it is Madoka who is further suspicious of Kagami's actions. After the series of events in Shogun Steel, Kagami was being asked by Madoka to become her assistant in the B-Pit, since she is not able to do the job all by herself often. Perhaps there's only one good benefit why Madoka recruited Kagami to be her assistant.

(Conclusion: Madoka's true reason for recruiting Kagami to become her assistant might be exposed in a fanfiction. The reason behind their interaction will also be confirmed.)

The two have interacted with one another two times. The first one is when they have evacuated during the attack on Mujun, and another when she is about to pay her mentally unstable mother a visit. That was as well the last time she'll be interacting with him.

It is not yet speculated why Kagami has an intense anger against Ryuga. He probably played a big role in her past in order to hate him. However, Kagami as well despises him for only thinking of himself, and that he only craves for power so he can be the strongest among all bladers. In the end, after Gingka's victory in Battle Bladers, she became satisfied for Ryuga's loss, spatting out the words that he deserved it, and that he'll pay for what he has did to betray the place she was born---which is Mujun.

(Conclusion: Her true reason for her despise against Ryuga will be revealed in a fanfiction.)

Kenta Yumiya
In Metal Fusion, after Kenta trained in order to make his special move, he is about to head home until he saw Kagami training all by herself. To her, it was a surprise that a kid would go see her training with her Andromeda. As Kenta asked what type of beyblade she has, she only responded that it is a Balance-type. That same time, he was about to ask her to battle him, but it didn't happen, since Kagami is asked to go home before evening. Thus, Kenta was left alone, however, he seemed to be very suspicious of her behavior. They never interacted with each other anymore after that.

Kyoya Tategami
They never interacted with one another at all, but only for once. Kagami earned the nickname "Goldilocks" from Kyoya. They only met on Metal Fusion, when she accidentally bumped into him. He later advised her to be careful next time, but in an arrogant manner.

Non-canon Relationships (this contains OCs that have an interaction with Kagami. Their relationships will only be canon if it is not related to her story or the upcoming fanfic. Might be the only category to be updated often.):

Yuki "Bella" Kokoro (:iconxxkokoroyukixx:)
Yuki Kokoro, or preferred to be called as "Bella", is a friend of Kagami outside her story. Known to be nice, she also takes care of her younger sister, Yumi, who somehow dislikes Kagami herself because she's too "bland". In Bella's view, she is married to Yuki Mizusawa, who was a Solar System Blader representing the planet Mercury, and continues his work in his observatory---someone Kagami hasn't have an interaction at all. What Kagami isn't aware of is that Bella already bore probably two children from the person she's not familiar with.

Tzortzina Erk (:icontzortzinaerk:)
The two do not interact that often. Kagami thinks that Tzortzina is some sort of typical female blader that becomes sweet after a battle. However, Tzortzina's view for Kagami is unknown. This makes their relationship one-sided.

Tyra Fortiou (:iconaerisdo:)
Both of them still haven't interacted with one another that often...yet. Also a one-sided friendship.

Claudia Miura (:iconandynicole:)
A one-sided friendship as well, just like the rest. Chances are that if they interact with one another, Claudia might be the first one to start a conversation. Kagami, on the other hand, might or might not be interested at any topic Claudia pulls off.

Carla Star (:iconmiyukou:)
Another one-sided friendship. A bubbly girl, there might be a chance that Carla can cheer Kagami up—only if they've interacted that often.

Athena Olympia (:iconsaba-gargaia:)
Not much of their relationship is known to the eyes of others...yet.


"Can you catch up?" —catchphrase
"Control...concentrate...think." —to herself
"*yawn* ...I'm out." —Kagami if ever she feels sleepy or exhausted.
"Quit joking around! This is no laughing matter!" —Kagami if someone mocks about her height.
"I only do what I want to do or I don't do them at all." —Kagami to Hyoma after being asked if she's going to go to the elimination round for the world championships in Metal Masters.
"I think I know you...'Gingerhead'." —Kagami when she met Gingka for the second time.
"I am a blader, but I do not compete." —when she's being asked if she competes.
"Aim now, Andromeda!" —Kagami after launching her beyblade.
"What will become of our world once our hope is lost, besides bearing despair in our hearts? Now that the new generation of bladers has come, they still have a lot to learn. And their hearts are seemingly fragile? But, what if they're just being sent to become pawns to be killed by a dark entity? I've been wondering." —Kagami in Shogun Steel after the talk with Madoka.
"...Don't you dare mention that name again." —Kagami if someone mentions Ryuga.
"If I were to die, I wouldn't want to be like Grandpa, who is okay for dying anywhere, modern or rural. I wanted to be buried on the ruins of Mujun...because it's my home. My only true place to stay is there, even if it is destroyed. Always and forever." 
—Kagami when being questioned with a "what-if-you're-dead" situation.
"Mother, I know you are agonized by Father's death, but that doesn't mean you can just sit around there moping! It might have a purpose why the gods did this to our family—it might be a challenge for us to overcome! Which was more important to you, the past or this time? I'm not saying I blame you for all the things we are unable to do, all I want to say is that you should stand up on your own two feet, too, just like what you keep on saying to me before! That's why I was able to be on my own. This I promise you, Mother. I'll find my brother for our sake, and I'll find a way for our family to overcome this situation. One day, I may have all the burden on my shoulder, and that's a truth I cannot deny. Please, I ask you this. Watch over me. Someday, we'll get through this. I am who I am because of you, too—who gave me life." —Kagami to her unstable mother in Metal Masters.


• Kagami only plays a small role in the Metal Saga, making her less significant. This defines her other personality that she only does what she wants to do, and that she doesn't want to get involved in a situation where she's not necessarily needed. She will be given the role of a protagonist in a fanfiction.
• She's sensitive about her height.
• Kagami's original name was "Kyoko". Ironically, it means "mirror" as well.
• Mujun, the place Kagami was born, will have a connection to the plot of the fanfiction where she will be the lead protagonist.
(Although the term is considered as a noun that means "inconsistency", it can also mean "halberd and shield" in Japanese. It is because of each separate Kanji in the term that makes its meaning somehow different. This somehow relates to the training regimen being passed down in the town where bladers should be taught combat first before proceeding to beyblading.)
(Anyone who has broad shoulders are considered to be male in the town. As one of the few females in the place who have broad shoulders, this is highly the reason why Kagami is mistaken to be a male, besides from her very lanky build as a child. The females that have this trait are said to be "cross-dressers" of the male villagers, even though they actually aren't.)
• She keeps Chyrsaor in order to pay homage for her brother. However, she never wielded it, even if it is her substitute bey.
• There can be times that her dark blue streaks are mistaken as black.
• Necromancer Andromeda, the bey she mainly used from Fusion to Fury, has an unknown origin. During Shogun Steel, she had upgraded her bey into Spiegel Andromeda, but with her grandfather's assistance before his death.
• A necromancer is a type of a sorcerer that uses magic to resurrect the dead. During the time when Kagami had held Necromancer Andromeda, she almost died because of the hallucinations sent by the bey, but managed to survive from her death.
• It is possible that Kagami has a connection with Gingka regarding their beys. Andromeda and Pegasus are both astronomical signs that are in the autumn season. Pegasus, however, was just a late addition to the newest editions of the Andromeda myth.
• Kagami can be somehow similar to Osana Najimi from "Yandere Simulator".
(Both act hostile to other people. However, in Kagami's case, she doesn't do this often.)
• "Spiegel" means "mirror" in German. This is also the name of Andromeda's Element Wheel in Shogun Steel.
• She is younger than her brother that disappeared by a year, and her elder sister by three years. This makes Kagami the youngest among the three of them.
• Starting from Shogun Steel, her BWH (bust-waist-hips) is speculated to probably measure as 33-18-33 (or in Japan as 84-45-84, as they measure it in cm.).
• Her name becomes "Lian Jingzi" when translated to Chinese.
• Only her elder sister has raven hair among the siblings, thus making Kagami and her disappeared brother blonde.
• ‎The name of ARICMOS, her robot companion—stands for "Artificial Resource and Co-teller of Mobile Overspecialization System". Another information is that ARICMOS is about the size of a computer speaker. Its voice happened to be a female that's on her teens.
• Kagami is somehow suffering from phobophobia starting from Metal Fusion. Meaning, it is possible for her to fear embarrassing herself or having an anxiety attack.


Theme Songs:

Japanese Seiyū: Ayako Kawasumi [Voice Sample (Metal Saga)][Voice Sample (Shogun Steel)]
English Voice Actress: Kari Walhgren [Voice Sample: Metal Saga][Voice Sample (Shogun Steel)]
(both voice actresses as well voiced Saber from the Fate series, as heard in these samples (except for the Metal Saga ones).)
Kagami Kusarigano's Bio (REDO)
Here lies the revised edition of Kagami's bio. This will be the one to be updated if any information is about to be added.

Regarding the childhood category, I apologize beforehand. There will be a publication that will possibly tell almost everything about her childhood. I only summarized what happened during that time, so, please understand.

For the OCs mentioned, forgive me if I had not given you consent. I did not have much time, and I was not able to send you a note for your permission. But, it will remain non-canon and not related to the actual story of Kagami.

Here I'm hoping that it may go well. If anyone wishes to fix some mistakes, please do so by constructive criticism. It will give the person the motivation to do few changes for a character.

I'll leave it here for now. Peace.

Kagami Kusarigano: :iconvanillarinchii:
OCs mentioned belong to their rightful owners.
Metal Fight Beyblade: Takafumi Adachi
As Mari ran through the top of the buildings of Jiyugaoka, she jumped and safely landed onto a grassy ground. After a moment, she suddenly felt dizzy.

Her head spins as her body is starting to lose its balance. Fortunately for her, her foot stepped onto a branch, breaking it into half. There, she finally lost it, and screamed, "No, no, no, no!"

When she fell on the grass, Mari slowly stood up. She then shook her head in order for her vision to become clear. At one time, she looked around her surroundings—and when she did, she noticed that something's...odd. She saw different buildings, and there's not even a single coffee shop in her destination. Unlike in the place she grew up in, there was indeed a coffee shop, and the buildings looked like towers, but they're not as tall as a skyscraper. She looked in front of her, and instead of seeing a park, she saw...a grocery store.

She gasped from the very moment she realized it. "What the heck am I doing here?!" she cried. It was that time that she didn't expect, and knew...

...that she is on the other side of Jiyugaoka.
Parkour's Aftermath (A Very Short Story)
A very short story related to my otome MC, Mari. This is prior to the main story, and this happened few years after turning 15. Some questions might be answered soon, so please look forward to it.

Mari, upcoming otome novel & short fanfic: :iconvanillarinchii:
(GIFT) Cutie Patootie Kameri
For :iconmadkuroi:. It really was fun drawing her OC, Kameri. So far, she's one of the unique OCs I have ever seen in the Beyblade fandom. And, it was the creator of Kameri's birthday, so, I decided to draw this as a late birthday gift. Happy birthday, Maddie-san! Keep up the good work in your art. I wish you the best in your life.

I'll leave it here for now. Peace.

Art: :iconvanillarinchii:
Kameri Ayane: :iconmadkuroi:
Metal Fight Beyblade: Takafumi Adachi
I'll explain a bit why I chose these pairings as part of my top five, but for now, let's just mention these, shall we?

1. OrchidShipping (Sahara x Kyoya) (from :iconappletart370:)
Ah, yes, OrchidShipping. It might be new in my own experience, but it's really good. Their relationship was spot-on, besides, it is one of the best Kyoya-related pairings, in my opinion. NUFF SAID. Job well done, kouhai (it means "junior", since she's a year younger than I am).

2. SparkleShipping (Kameri x Masamune) (from :iconmadkuroi:)
I may dislike rainbows, but it has a different meaning in this one. Nope, I'll never talk about rainbows here, I'm just here to say that this is a good pairing I've ever seen so far, and that the way the creator handled their relationship is very spectacular, hands down. I'll not regret it.

3. Yu x Carla (from :iconmiyukou:)
Yes, yes, yes! A Yu-related shipping. This is the first shipping that featured Yu I've ever seen in my life, I mean it. The shipping is so adorable even for me. You got lucky today, Libra boy. You deserve love, too. :peace:

4. LoveBirdShipping (Shizuka x Tsubasa) (from :iconbutterflyluna:)
I've known this pairing for a long time. Although there's also hate on this one, but for me, it's really good. It is somehow refreshing to see more of this pairing. It's good, I'm honest.

5. StardustShipping (Sofia x Jack) (from :iconjackelyntheartist:)
Out of all characters I have a neutral state on, Jack was the one I've seen with a pairing. Like others, this is the first pairing that featured Jack I've encountered. This is also good, they have potential, hands down. Literally. Can't wait to see more of them.

Those were the shippings I put into the top 5. Another top 5 list will be published soon, and it'll also feature the same thing. So, I'll leave this for now.

Rin out.


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