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You thought you hated her. Yet you also thought that you loved her.

The latter thought was what had led to all this happening in the first place. What had led you here to this quiet, practically abandoned train station. Your fists were clenched, your head hanging, eyes still red and raw from the tears you'd shed.

Maybe you were pathetic. Maybe you were.
But you didn't care. You simply didn't want to fight anymore. You were sick of it.

Piloting the EVA Unit you had been assigned. Battling the Angels. Day after day, fearing that it would be your last. And through it all she was always breathing down your neck and zeroing in on you with narrowed eyes.
What made it so much worse was that you liked her.

Asuka Langley Soryu. Fiery haired with a fiery personality to match. When you first met her you were convinced that she hated you. She would always scowl if you so much as looked at her, and she would scoff during your conversations. If you ever paid her a compliment on her performance she would take it like an insult. It was such a headache and a half to deal with.

Yet felt attracted to her. Did that make you even more pathetic?

Sighing heavily, you took a seat on the bench behind you and stared out at the rest of the rural station you had come to. You just rode as long as you could stand being on that train, and you'd ended up out here. The birds were chirping overhead, a few bees buzzing about the sunflowers that grew beyond the iron fencing. It was such a contrast to the busy heart of Tokyo-3 that you had become so accustomed to.

Life there was just such a hassle. Cramped apartment, cramped EVA suit, pressure pressure pressure. It was far better to drift out into the middle of nowhere like this and just...breath for a while.
You closed your eyes and inhaled the sweet scent of fresh air.

A light rumble caught your attention and they opened again, but closed once you looked over and just saw it was another train passing through. You figured it was unlikely anyone else would get off, this station was so quiet and out in the sticks that few people would have much purpose stopping here. It didn't even seem to be near a sizeable settlement.

Yet, to your surprise, you picked up on the distinctive sound of something coming to a slow and grinding pause, and realized that someone really was disembarking. Not that you had much reason to care though. Nobody knew you out here. You were pretty sure nobody back at HQ noticed you running away either. So for now you could just keep your bag behind your legs and your eyes closed, leaning back serenely on the bench.

Step. Step.
Someone disembarking.
Step step step.
Someone...coming closer?

Your eyes flashed open just in time to see her hand shooting down for your collar. Asuka practically ripped you up off the bench, so hard your stomach dropped and the air was swept from your lungs. In seconds your once peaceful view was replaced with an angry, albeit pretty, face. Furious and narrowed blue eyes pierced through your placid armour and left you quaking. When you were up this close her voice was a lot louder than usual.

Her palm raised as she twisted your collar round. You shut one eye and braced yourself.
The blow never came.

Mercifully, Asuka let you go and you stumbled back. Her lifted hand only clenched into a fist and she threw it back down by her side again, matching her other one. When she held such a tense stance she looked like a feral beast, teeth grit and all. Yet in her casual yellow dress she still looked beautiful to you...
“You-!! You idiot, you asshole! What the hell were you thinking!? What the hell ARE you thinking right now, hm!? Gonna run away like a crybaby, is that it!?”

Asuka's fury truly knew no bounds, but you didn't really know what to do except stand there and take it. She snapped at you like an alligator for a good few minutes before she finally tired herself out in the heat and wiped her brow, groaning.

“Ugh...making me come out here, all this way...”
“I didn't tell you to come after me.” you finally spoke up, looking straight at her again, “In fact I didn't want anyone to know I was leaving.”
“Hmph!” she folded her arms before her chest and glowered at you. “You think you can leave just like that? Hah!”
Though she mocked you, you only remained steadfast on the matter.
“Sorry's my choice.”

Her stance loosened a little. Suddenly, out of the azure blue, she was looking so fragile again.
“...So that's it? You're really just going to up and leave me?”
“...I've wanted to go for a while now, Asuka. You know this...”
“So you're giving up?”

“Yes! I'm giving up!” you finally snapped at her, losing your temper once she'd pushed you to that point. Then, like always, she'd go in a huff right? Take umbrage with you for a while? Refuse to talk to you until you apologized, even if she was the root cause of your outburst?

That was what you expected. That was what you always expected, because that was what always happened.
Except this time.

This time, she didn't shout at you and go flouncing off. She didn't go dead silent either. Instead, those eyes that had once seemed so maddened now took on a surprisingly fragile look. Her stance became weaker, her fists unfurling. What had once looked like a brat now looked like something vulnerable. Emotional.

When she came for you in a blur you thought you were going to get a punch in the face. You were prepared to get sent sky high, and you lifted your arms to shield yourself.

Yet hers didn't strike for you. They didn't swing or try to tug and pull on your clothes and hair.
They pulled you close.

Asuka didn't want to hurt you. She was the one hurting here.
Hurting because of what you did. What you said.
Hurting because she knew it was thanks to what she had done and said.

Her embrace was a little quivering, her hold around you stiff yet soft. Her lips were even softer though, pressed tightly to your own while those hot tears were shared from her cheeks to yours. She liked to nickname you 'crybaby' but really she was just as bad, probably worse.

She was crying now. She might have been wailing if she hadn't sealed herself into silence using your mouth. Asuka kissed you deeply so she'd have an excuse not to pull back and show that weakness. She kissed you so hard and fast that you had no choice but to close your eyes and drift into it...

This was her way of throwing a tantrum, you supposed. Could you really criticize though? You were out here because you'd thrown one of your own.

When Asuka finally pulled away you were both breathless. Those eyes of hers looked up into your own as they fluttered open. There was something needy and desperate about her expression in that moment, but as soon as she clocked what she was doing she jerked back away from you, freeing you from her hold and instead busying her hands with wiping away her own tears.

You watched her, a smile slowly coming to light on your face. She looked so childish in that moment.
It was cute. You never realized she had this side to her.

Hell. You never realized she felt the same way either.

When Asuka noticed your smile she gave her signature scoff, fist coming out to meet your chest. It didn't hurt at all.

There are a lot of people who actually hate Asuka. I think I can understand why they do, but she's actually one of my favorite characters ever. I think the fact that she's so imperfect makes her interesting. Her bad traits give her depth, and I see her as someone who acts brashly (wink wink) but is actually very vulnerable. I've wanted to write about her for a while now so I'm glad I finally got round to it little star 

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it was okay

i like Asuka, she's pretty cool :)

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This is amazing! It’s hard finding x reader stories about evangelion and asuka is one of my favorite characters. Thank you very much for this.
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No problem! Asuka is awesome. Thanks for reading and for the nice feedback too ^-^