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Vermilion | Mikoto Suoh x Reader | K Project
You knew him better than anyone. Though he often skulked and sulked in silence and shadows, he was an ever present figure in your life. Though he rarely spoke to anyone much, you were an exception.   There was something about you that made you different from so many others. It made you special. Unique... He loved you, even if those words never really left him. It wasn't like he didn't want to say them, granted. He just couldn't...bring himself to.   For Mikoto it was foreign territory. The stern faced man wasn't a romantic, he was used to dealing with leadership, and aside from that, puffing on the cigarette he usually had between his te
Made It | Attack on Titan
“I...I made it...” Armin was finally where he had always dreamed he'd be. The place he once thought was just a rumor from storybooks. The ocean... He lay face up in the water, gazing at the pink sky. It was surely sunset then, and it felt warm like summer. He drifted aimlessly, smiling peacefully as he felt what he had always imagined it might be like. The water was hotter than he had expected, but comfortable. His big blue eyes closed serenely. It felt like everything had led to the perfect point. All that fighting...all those hardships in the Survey was all worth it considering it concluded here, was it not? Yes
Runaway | Serah x Male!Reader | FFXIII [COMM.]
Enough...was enough. Lightning's callous words echoed ceaselessly inside her head. Serah resented it...that her own older sister could say such a thing to her. She was already at her lowest point as it was, and then she had to hear that... “If you really are a l'Cie...then it's my job to deal with you.” 'Deal with her'. Kill. Serah's heart shattered completely when she heard such words from her own family, and in that moment she had only been able to back out of the door and run from both her, and you. You'd been there too and witnessed it all, so you knew why it caused Serah such pain. If you'd been in her position it wou
Heartfelt | Serah Farron x Male!Reader | FFXIII
Bodhum boasted some of the most beautiful views you'd ever seen. What a joy to call a place like this your home. Even better to be there with someone like her. She was someone who you loved, more than you could even reasonably put into words. She was just...perfect. Serah boasted the blue eyes and pink hair of her older sister, Lightning, but she wasn't nearly as cold or stoic as that girl. That wasn't to say you didn't like only had a distaste for her if she was ever being standoffish with Serah. It happened now and then. However, as long as she had you there, then any upset she felt would no doubt roll away like wind to
Grace | Sansa x Male!Reader | GoT [COMM.]
Sansa was someone you had grown up with in Winterfell.   You weren't siblings. You'd been a simple servant at the time, but despite her younger self having been a little on the bratty side, she always showed some extra kindness to you. Softly smiling. Sharing the odd lemon cake. Little gestures... It was something you treasured. The fact she had a pretty face made it even better. You loved her. It was something that you realized fairly early on. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes were blue like cornflowers. She had the pallid skin of a Northerner and yet she bore hair like amber fire. It had always seemed you would remain below her though
Cupcakes | Yoonbum x Reader | KS [COMMISSION]
Even just a small gesture... You needed a little kindness. You needed...someone to be gentle to you. Sangwoo had beaten you so much that you felt numb to it these days. He had bruised you, cut you, made you cry again and again, and you felt like every time it happened you were reduced that little bit more and more. As a person. As a human being. What were you now except for a possession? Something for him to own and toy with? Life had become so...miserable. Torturous. Awful. What you were in his imagined it was merely dirt. But in the huge, dark, puppy-like gaze of someone like Yoonbum...perhaps you were something more. He
Adore | Lust x Male!Reader | FMA
“Well well, who's this handsome man?” A woman like this, sexy as she was, happened to be the last person you needed to approach you. What you wanted though...deep down...well...that could often be quite different, couldn't it? Lust wondered... She sauntered up to your back with a delicate, seductive swagger to her step, and slid her already clawed hands over your shoulders, black gloves sliding smoothly down the front of your shirt. You were trying to focus on returning this book to the candlelit shelf that sat before you, but it was quite hard to do so when she had her paws all over you. Normally this would be a dream come t
Soak | Sangwoo x Reader | Killing Stalking
WARNING: Dark themes ahead! If you know Killing Stalking then you know what I'm talking about... It was raining. wasn't just raining. It was absolutely lashing down. Lashings were something you had gotten used to, the firm, burning kind that would be whipped into your skin by his designer belt. Soon enough, most evenings, he'd have that belt wrapped around your wrists too. Sangwoo took pleasure in the torture of you. He seemed obsessed with ensuring that you knew that for every minute of every waking day, you were his possession.   Somehow though...despite the callousness of it found yourself still loving him anyway. H
Drive | Yandere!SeungbaexReader | Killing Stalking
The rain spattered sleepily against the car windshield. Your body was tilted forward, only supported by the seatbelt that was crossed over your chest. Seungbae had made sure to strap you in securely enough though, so that if he needed to brake for any reason you wouldn't go flying into the dashboard. The last thing he needed was for you to go smashing that pretty face open before he'd even had a chance to kiss it properly. Call it cruel, but he didn't care if he was forcing you to abandon everything you knew. Making you leave your entire life behind, so you could replace it with some existence out in the Korean countryside. It was his opin
Break | Yandere!Toma x Reader | Amnesia
His forehead. His chest. His crotch. He pressed his whole body taut against the bars, gripped the cold metal, and stared at you with amber eyes. “Seeing you like's a bit of a turn on, I'll be honest...” Shuddering, you only pulled your knees closer to your chest. The moonlight that managed to filter in to his bedroom through such darkness graced the two of you. It was late. How long had you been inside this cage? How long had you been Toma's unwilling prisoner? The weeks only blended together into one big stretch of vague time. There was no coherence to any of it anymore. Though what did time really matter when yo
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