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title: Heart Pieces

pairings: hunhan

genre: Yaoi, angst

note: this is originated from a KHUNYOUNG fic on LJ that i read. it's srsly famous, if you haven't read it then you've been living under a rock.

claimer: I own nothing but the ending (and characters mueheheh)


It is somewhere around fall when Luhan decided to give Sehun his heart.

On his 19th birthday, Luhan wraps his right heart securely in his hand and waits for his younger boyfriend. The red, throbbing organ throbs loudly on his palm, feeling its itch and anxiety as the Chinese waits for more.
Sehun arrives, the smile on his face broadens when he sees Luhan.

I want you to have it. luhan says as he takes Sehun's hand into his, the heart, bright red and beautiful thumps into his hold and the older smiles.


I love you sehun. he says, his fingers wrapping sehun's and squeezing his given heart lightly.  promise me you will take care of it carefully?

the youth, young and careless accepts the heavy gift and smiles widely. such gift is so precious!  ofcourse hyung. sehun smiles ruefully.

your heart is mine now.

their love is beautiful.
sehun make sure to keep the heart with him everywhere, the organ kept safely in a box and Sehun carries them around with light thoughts of having luhan with him all the time.

the next fall arrives and luhan waits for sehun at their usual cafe, an enchanting smile drawn and his face rips wider as sehun enters the cafe, his red heart still red and beautiful in his hold.

happy birthday beautiful. sehun smiles and luhan is drowned into his seductive smile like it is their first day on date.

did you bring... anything for me?

sehun nods and takes out a white box. both luhan's hearts in his chest and sehun's palm shakes in anticipation.

luhan opens the gift and his cells stops moving.

it's... beautiful.  luhan states, confused. he pulls out the piece of cotton fabric from the box and glances back to his lover, sehun smiling beautifully that he doesn't have the heart to state what he really wanted.

thank you sehun. his lips curves up and soft pair of lips reaches out for his. I love it.

sehun reaches the age 20 righy after luhan achieved being 21. 
school, practice and part time jobs have become heavy lift for him, and the younger no longer have time to spend with his lover.

days turns into weeks, and weeks turns into months.
sehun doesn't think of luhan anymore.

luhan always manage to schedule his time table, always making times to meet up with his boyfriend and to go on dates.

sehun rejects everything.
luhan continues chasing.

school and work are no longer burdens for the 20 year old man. sehun decides he could manage  his time properly if he doesn't slip up his time and do something else to waste it.
it is luhan's heart that instead makes his days slower, duller, and a bit more of frustrating.

luhan doesn't notice the obvious ignores of the younger man and the stupid excuses he uses to slip put from their hangouts. there are no more bubbletea talks, no more movie nights,  no more staying over, no more kisses and no more sehun.

carrying luhan's heart is like taking a heavy weigh of guilt in his pocket everyday. sehun doesn't know how to take care of the organ properly and he no longer wanted the heartbeat to twitch and thumps wildy in his hold.

sehun comes back to their apartment that night and locks luhan's heart into the drawer, the piece long forgotten, and his older lover long missing.

luhan tries again.

sehun-ah... let's have dinner tonight.

I can't hyung, I'm busy.


luhan's beautiful, brown and glistering eyes squeezes sehun's guilt into a greater barrier, and he turns around before the worst could happen.

sehun doesn't know what the worst is.

his days become duller, his pants become loose without the organ being safely tucked and sehun finally realizes how much he misses his older boyfriend.

sehun comes back home to find luhan standing before his drawer, the rotten piece of his heart lays on the drawer's surface and luhan staring blankly at the object.

lu-- I could explain-

why is it here sehun?
his voice is shaken, his beautiful eyes staring long at his lover and droplets falls from his orbs.

you don't want me anymore?

no! I- I dont know how to explain lu...

I thought you said you'd take care of it. it is marely a whisper, but sehun heard it so clearly it like it is the only audio available around the four walls.

it's rotten. luhan says the matter of factly; the ugly, broken heart weakly moves against his palm and luhan repeats.

it's rotten.

luhan knew.

because honestly, his other heart inside his chest is rotten as well.

the heart, weak and forgotten is left inside sehun's drawers and he stares longly at the object, as if contemplating as  to what to do with it.

with little hesitance and courage, he takes the once warm heart and holds it against his chest, the organ revives back and it glows in his touch.

luhan comes back into his arms once again with no hesitance

it was like falling inlove with a different person all over again.

sehun changed, his work getting better and school doesn't seem like a bug to him no more.
luhan manage to squeeze into his tight scheadule despite being busy himself.

sehun doesn't live in the dometry, and he moves back to his and luhan's apartment again. this time, with a bit more of sincerity.


yes, lu?

i love you. the older squeezes the younger's chest gently and listens to the comforting beatings of his heart.

sehun doesn't say it back.

it is also around fall that sehun meets jongin.

jongin is an amazing man, his body built and his legs harmonized as if they were made for the beat.

small talks turns into hangouts, hangouts turns into dates and the dates, turns into something more like a kiss.

luhan always waits for sehun to finish his dance practice at home.

it is our anniversary. luhan smiles to himself and aligns the plates on the table with care.
sehun will love it.

sehun doesn't come back home that evening.

nor does he comes home on the next day, and after that, and the day after that...

luhan stares at the mirror, unlocking his chest and staring at the opened skin.

the heart inside is rotten.

just like the one sehun is holding right now.

the younger secures jongin's love into his pocket and luhan's in his bag, the red throb given by his old lover long forgotten again.

luhan waits for sehun everyday. his brown eyes turns dull, his beatings turns slow and his aches becomes worst.

the visit to sehun's university is short, luhan awes as he enters the art major school and wanders to find his lover.

he enters the dance room and hears the heart inside his shattering, litterally.

standing before him is sehun and his new lover, jongin. luhan stares a bit longer as they kisses, as if their lips were made for pairs and meant for each other.

he doesn't fail to notice to see the throbbing, red and glowing heart in jongin's hand as he holds sehun.

sehun had given him his heart.

luhan never recieved any.

on Christmas, sehun comes home.

the dull, empty house is not warm with no presence of sehun and luhan's hearts.

because luhan no longer have any.

they're rotten, and broken by abuse.

sehun smiles at his old lover, as if he had not cheated on his back and left luhan for two months.

I missed you.

luhan's empty chest don't function no more.

me too.

sehun reaches out,  a hand on luhan's soft cheek and he plants a kiss on the older's lips.

are you cold?

no.'re cold like ice.

luhan doesn't answer and closes his eyes.

I'm dying.

he left their apartment, and sehun never found out what his sickness is.

sehun opens his bag and stares at the black, rotten heart. it doesn't throb. it doesn't glow when sehun says I love you.

oh. sehun realizes.

luhan doesn't have his hearts anymore.

luhan's left, shattered heart is kept in a box.

and sehun's heart broke at the realization: luhan have no more hearts left.

his days living is counted on fingers, and luhan's breathing is counted by the metal heart.

sehun visits luhan one day. luhan is not surprised.

I'm sorry. sehun says, his eyes dull and luhan knows that his heaet is broke  too.

I love you. he chants finally, hand slipping into the heartless boy's and pressing it on his chest. I love you Luhan, I love you so much.

luhan doesn't answer.

he doesn't know the answer.

on his last day of living, luhan is taken into a dark room. an annonymous hand slips into his and he feels warm and secure.

don't worry. a hoarse voice croaks. I will protect you.

luhan lost count on the days which he should be living.

the hospital lets him go and luhan walks out from the care with confusion, never once though had he ever looked back.

he visits sehun's university the next day.
jongin is there, but sehun isn't.

are you luhan? jongin approaches him, luhan nods with much confusion.

this is yours.

he hands luhan sehun's heart.

it takes luhan a day to realize that jongin isn't handing him sehun's heart.

because sehun's heart no longer lives in his own.

it beats in luhan's.


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