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Since some people are interested, I'll post some rules, please understand that I do not have much freetime these days...that's why it will take some time until commissions are available:

1. I won't do extreme stuff! Please contact me if there are any questions regarding this.
2. I want to have some basic knowledge about what I should draw, this means that I have to know the manga/anime myself, this may seem strange, but this enables me to make better commissions...=P
3. Everything posted here has to comply to deviantart rules, if you want me to do some NSFW stuff send me a PN, I'll upload a censored/harmless version of it on deviantart, the NSFW art will be uploaded on a site that I'll mention via PN (since it is not allowed to name such places).
4. Payment: First I want to read what you want, if the idea is something I can and want to work with I'll start sketching and drawing various poses (if this is in my skillset), I'll send links to you via stash. If you are satisfied with the pose we can discuss payment options (of which I prefer paypal personally). The price for one detailed character (please take a look at the Persona 3 Yukari Takeba artwork) is about 40€. The prices vary, but do not worry we'll write about the details.
5. Prices vary depending on how complicated you want your commission to be, please take note that it takes time since I do not have much free time these days...^^;
6. I advice you to send me a PN with your ideas first, I like to write a lot with others, I am sure we'll get along just fine with each other.
7. Of course I also do non NSFW stuff!

Please just take note that the following 2 weeks are going to be a real hassle for me, so I'm only able to start sketching in about 2 weeks!

There are going to be 2 comission slots, if I like what I read :XD: I'll update this journal with the 2 devart members who contacted me first with a nice idea!

SLOT 1 -

SLOT 2 -

If anyone has any questions regarding this, please write right away! :la:
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Submitted on
July 29, 2017