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i've done things you mortals could never imagine

Pancake Lyra idea by Neonhuo 
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@VanillaGhosties May I Re-Upload this on my profile and Post it to other groups?

I will give all credit to you.

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Pinkie pie (nom nom) plz Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Twilight, that is NOT the way to dispose of your surplus pancakes! Toss 'em to me!Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
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This is so cute!! Would you mind if I used this as the art for an album I'm putting out soon?
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Yeah for sure! Thanks a lot for asking :)
Where can I give the album a listen when it’s done?
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Thanks so much! I'll post a link here when it comes out :)
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Sounds good, thank you!
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Yo, here it is…
Nothing special really but I hope you like it!
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Just finished listening to the album, and I really enjoyed it! There isn't a track on here I disliked- they all had something to love about them.
And I'm usually not an album person, since I tend to get tired midway through them, but this was a great listen all the way through~
My favorite track was definitely "The Apple Peddler"- it's a very engaging and pleasant tune, and it almost makes me want to write lyrics to a song for it, even though that's never something I have no experience in or have ever considered doing before. It just seems like words would fit so well with it- absolutely amazing song~
But yeah, anyways, loved this album! Will definitely be listening to more of it when I draw~
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Wow, thanks! I've tried to write lyrics for my songs so many times and I'm just abysmal at it haha, I have a lot of trouble overcoming the differences between writing melodies for vocals and writing them for actual instruments.
Thanks again for letting me use your art, I appreciate it! 
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Lyra, no. You need to stop. This is Twilight's thing.
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:lol: Haha! Cute. :)
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has she noticed the pancake on her head yet me wonders? great work with the coloring its looking really neat to me^^
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She wears it as a trophy, symbolizing her superiority over the pancakeless peasants.
Thank you, glad you think so! ^^
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... I assure you, Lyra, that isn't how you make a rectangle. However, that is most definitely how one should go about making pancakes! Huzzah to you and Lyra, Vanilla! I can see plates and plates of pancakes just waiting for you in the not too distance future. >.>
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Ah yes, naturally one would be able to skewer a pancake on their horn, but a rectangle would be impenetrable.
I do enjoy some good pancakes, thank you for your prophesying Huffy :^)
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Wonderful work

Too bad it wasn't a doughnut, it would have fit the holiday. It was National Doughnut day yesterday.
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Thank you!

Oh wow, I didn’t even know haha. Yeah that would’ve definitely been fitting ^^
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My pleasure. Not a lot of people seems to know. It's basically an holiday to celebrate women who fed the soldiers with doughnuts back in WW1.
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Well that’s good to hear! That’s a pretty interesting bit of history~
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Each day of the year, there is a holiday attached to. I guess you would end ruined if you had to do something for each and every one of them.
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