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You Already Know What Time Is


it's time for you to get a watch

Some movie inspired art! "Time To Be Awesome" was my favorite song from it, so a Dash picture seemed appropriate. Gotta get some Fluttershy in there too :^)
I don't think they actually wore these full outfits in the film, but there are images of them, and they're a lot of fun to draw-- I almost want to do the rest of the mane6 in the pirate outfits too, but there are some other themes that I really want to get to as well. Also, I'm still all excited about how much I enjoyed the movie, so if that lasts I might be making some more art from it in the near future.
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Rainbow Dash is insanely cute here.  I always like seeing this thumbnail pop up in my randomized favorites.
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Thank you! And I'm glad to hear L:
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It's Morphin Time!

I'm sorry, I'll just... go into the corner now.
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Yargh, that be some awesome art.
That song was so fun, and the pirate theme just added to it. It's just so amusing to see these adorable pones in such rugged lifestyle.
Oh my gosh, I don't know if I will be able to handle the beautiful art you could make for the movie inspiration. There are certainly some great looking characters that you can bless. O3O
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Ayy thank you!
Yeah, it really was, wasn't it? Great theme for them to choose, especially for the song ^^
Haha, well I'm glad you think so! Though we'll see if I get to any of those newcomers-- the mane6 seem to have me preoccupied already :^)
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Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, AHHH MOVIE INSPIRED ART IS THE BEST <3 AND THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BEST >W<
Really, really great job with this, honestly so much excitement for this piece with the overall concept, execution, details, cuteness & love for thisssssssssss! IRNJEGAEHTAOIH OK, OK I'M JUST GONNA SAY I'D DEFINITELY HAVE THIS PIECE UP ON A WALL OR SOMETHING FOR SURE. DEFINITELY one to fill you up with happiness for the ponies there & just the amount of joy that they have too & your portrayal of that is so great! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I HAVE TO SAY THAT TIME TO BE AWESOME IS ONE OF MY FAVS TOOOOOOO AHHHH, STILL LISTENING TO IT WITH HOW GREAT IT ISSSSS & just ahhhh, really catchy too. Honestly, adore all the songs from the movieeee. Another close fav is,"One Small Thing," for just the happy, bubbly & cute attitude which I can't help but tap my foot or bob my head each time i listen. But yesssss, Time To Be Awesome is such a brilliant track that really is powerful & impactful both vocally & instrumentally as also just overall for the story-telling along with it. AND YES THEIR PIRATE OUTFITS ARE JUST <333333333

I definitely love the outfits so, so much. The cuteness, especially with Fluttershy's headband omg. I really do love how it looks in your style & both their looks & expressions too are so fitting to them which you're able to capture perfectly! Really makes me smile a whole lot! And awwww, Fluttershy's smile & them locking hooves in a celebration of fun also ahhhhhhhh it's too sweet <3 All that I love in here & just something that you can stare at all day heh. AND MANES OF COURSE, YOU JUST SEEM TO NAIL EVERY TIME WITH THE COLORING, NATURALISTIC LOOK OF IT & THE FLOWY LOOK <33333333333333 AND JUST one more time, their outfits <3333333333 I LOVE THIS, A WHOLE, WHOLE LOT. GREAT JOB WITH DOING THIS. THEIR EXPRESSIONS ARE NATURAL, THE OUTFITS, THEIR MANES, THE COLORS. EVERYTHING. AHHHHHHH, LOVE THIS SOOO MUCH. YOU'RE SO GOOOOOOD AWWWW <3 GREAT JOB ON THISSSSSSSSSS
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Ayyy thanks so much, I appreciate it! ^^
Yeah, the movie was very inspiring to create art from, with how enjoyable the film was, and how awesome the music was and everything about it really! I loved all of it~
Yes! "One Small Thing" was my 2nd favorite, coming really close to this Rainbow Dash one. And I totally agree, it's hard not to just bounce around to that song-- gotta be from all that Pinkie energy I'm sure.

Haha, thank you! Luckily the movie kinda set everything up for me and I just had to recreate everything in my own style-- it was a lot of fun! And I'm glad you like my coloring and rendering on a lot of those elements.
As always, thank you for all your amazing supoort <3
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Aaaaw I love the desc. <33
High Noon? Shulk Time? Ryan Time?

(JK I know it's time to be awesome)
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These ponies do make for good pirates, don't they? I'm thinking it helps that they already have tattoos and is generally good at friendship... which I guess is a type of ship. Go figure. >.>

Their expressions and poses are as lively as ever, Vanilla! And I particularly like the wings on Rainbow Dash as it helps to convey how excited she is. ^^ I'm also a bit surprised that you managed to finish this one relatively quickly as this painting has two ponies in it, and both of them is dressed up and rendered pretty thoroughly. I guess you either must be getting more efficient with your process or you have more spare time than usual. Then again, perhaps you're still feeling pretty pumped after the movie? =P
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You're totally right about that-- that's some top notch analysis :^)

Thank you! I'm trying to make the expressions and poses a little more interesting, so I'm glad you liked those parts!
This took about a week and it wasn't a fully fleshed out painting, so in a way it's more efficient, though it's not as high quality as it could be. And yep! The music keeps the pony movie excitement up for me :]
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Nice! Great art as usual Vanilla! :D
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Arr matey! Shiver me timbers!
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*screams "summertime" at the top of my lungs*

Wait, wrong song.  Wrong in several ways, in fact.  

Love the pirate outfits, by the way, and the way you interpreted the full versions!
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Haha, thank you! Though there were actually images of the full versions up online some places ^^
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Yep. Time to give you a Watch.

Because that piece is awesome.
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Ay, thanks a lot, I appreciate it! :)
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My pleasure. Your works are great and you earned it.

Keep up the good work
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Good point, they advertise those pirate ponies but yet didn't wear the actual old

But I do agree with you though Vanilla, Time To Be Awesome was a great song, second behind that Sia song :)
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