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Works Like A Charm

Just a quick little thing for Valentine's Day~

twilight sparkle (smile) plz Actually, when the idea for this concept popped up in my head, I couldn't tell if it was my own original thought or if this joke has already been made by someone else and I just faintly remembered it. If there's a comic or something that has really similar wording to this, please let me know, I don't want to have accidentally stolen someone's joke.

Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day! Go out and love something I guess.
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Hey RD want some cream for that burn?

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:icondashwhateverplz::iconthinksplz:How presumptuous. He could never love as deeply and passionately as I love myself.

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Dear best pony, that's fucked up :P
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Two different people can actually come up with the same joke.
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Yeah, it's totally possible. It's just that I wanted to make sure I had come up with it on my own, that's all.
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Oh, I don't know...Rainbow's vanity knows no bounds...
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Wow! Then he loves her a lot.
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DAAAWW!!! Dashie you loves Flutters as much as yourself! X3
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And while Fluttershy felt the burn of love, Dash felt another kind of burn...
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Specifically in the rear area, also known as butt. :Ъ
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*grabs Dash in a embrace to comfort her*
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That's got to be the most narcissistic humble Valentine message I have ever heard!
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I don't think I've seen this joke done before, so congrats! :D
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The joke you were half remembering is "love you like Kanye loves Kanye", I believe. Or at least, that's the first I heard the construction.
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Yeah, the construction is definitely really similar, though I've never actually heard that song before. I was thinking more along the lines of another pony comic, but no one's brought it up, so who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Yay for the best lovers
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awwwwwww, the blushes make it perfect. THIS IS SO CUTE
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