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Winter Pinkie

imapinkiepie :^)
Time to start making the winter themed art, it's been too long.

Redraw of this picture from a little less than a year ago.
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Ha, I'm not one for Pinkie, but Man. You've really come a long way from how it was before to now. Nicely done! Really like the small highlights for her hair., Mane. Eh same thing. Though may be alittle too smooth for my taste, but looks great yo!

Also, Really liking what you're doing with your backgrounds. Especially the back-right mountain. Plus the Clouds look pretty great too. Very nice, Maan, I wanna try Digital works myself one day.
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Thank you! I'm trying my best.
I still always call the mane "hair" as well, just out of habit, haha.

Backgrounds are still pretty challenging, but I'm definitely more comfortable with them than I was before.
Yeah, digital is great, I would definitely recommend giving it a try! Though it does take some time to learn everything, but that's how anything works really.
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Yeah, I mean, it's still hair.

Yep! I think you're doing great! A steadily improving!
One day..heh, One day..
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Yeah, close enough, right?

Thanks ya, I'm trying my best!
Well I look forward to that day :^)
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Close Enough!

That's good to hear.
Yep..This year just started so Who knows? huh?
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Cute Ponk horse!
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Great pic! I just wanna give her a big hug.
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Thank you! And same :]
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She's a real cutie!
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oh wow :o you've improved a lot in that year!
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Yep, that's the goal :]
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Very adorable! ^^
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