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Under the Sea [ATG 2017 D5]

Draw a pony facing the unknown / Draw a pony in the Twilight Zone.

I really do love water pictures.
Tried out a bit of a different method of coloring for this, which was pretty cool. I feel like the background could have definitely been more complete, and there's probably some issues with it, but I was pretty tired of working on this.      
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Screenshot 2021-11-02 12.00.28 PM

YOU MAYBE ABLE TO [breath] UNDERWATER, BUT YOU WILL [never] BE ABLE TO [hyperlink blocked] LIKE ME.

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It's a beautiful piece of art.

But, it wouldn't be underwater if there wasn't any sort of bubbles in there, like coming from that chest or from twilight's hair or mouth/nose.. etc.

Other than that, good work.
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Just play this in the background when looking at this picture…
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Yeah, too brain-meltingly catchy to listen too huh? XD
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More like, too brain-meltingly cringey!  So much so that I compressed myself into my subatomic base particles! XD

Okay, all joking aside, I actually listened to more of the song and it's actually not that bad.  I was afraid they'd have the vocals from the game. Thankfully they don't ;P.
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Yeeaahh XD

I love Haley Joel Osment to death as Sora, and you can tell that he's trying, but he's definitely not winning any awards as a singer.

It's a lot of the background music I can't get enough of.
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I need to hear more of the background music.  Honestly, I haven't heard enough of the original Kingdom Hearts music, other than their rendition of "One Winged Angel," which I really enjoy.  My main exposure to Kingdom Hearts music is KH2.  There's a freaking awesome remix of "Darkness of the Unknown."  Give it a listen sometime!…
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Tell me friend, was what you found in that chest down there worth the trouble to get there? Or was it just more trash that you instantly had to sell from your inventory to clear room for more trash?
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The more trouble you go through to get to it the more useless the contents. So basically just trash :')
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All the twipride
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Ponies must be really resisting to water pressure. Without the right gears diving this deep would be deadly, and Twilight here doesn't wear anything. XD
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This pic does have pretty good composition and perspectives, Vanilla. ^^ More specifically, it has great emphasis (The contrast, the lighting) that work well together with its sense of balance and movement (The picture flows; it leads my eyes around).

Though, please don't overwork yourself. =/
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Thank you! I do like to at least try to add in some simple compositional elements from time to time :)
I certainly need to read up more on being able to lead the eye around in drawings, but I do know some basics of it.

Don'tcha worry about me, it's not really work if I'm enjoying it-- I appreciate your concern though :^)
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You do have an excellent grasp on composition already as far as I could tell. Even without reading up on it, most people usually have a good sense of composition even if they can't articulate it. 

I'm not an expert on composition by any mean, but I've been doing research on a wide range of topics lately. =P Have you ever heard of the "Ctrl Paint" website? I'm not sure if it might be something that interests you since you're pretty advance as it is. A friend of mine showed it to me recently, and I've been watching some of their video since they cover many topics and seem to be useful regardless of the software or media that is being used. It's something to look into if you're interested in learning more about something relating to art.  
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