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Twily Portrait

Something on the simple side for a speedpaint/process video.
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Now my phone has a new lock screen. :D this pic is so good
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear!
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About time you drew Twilight again :3

Small but sweet :)
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Haha, thanks! Yeah, I'm realizing that I haven't actually drawn her as much as I thought I had~
LMan225's avatar
You've been leaving poor Twily out :(

In all seriousness, you always know how to make any pony look really cute. So, I like any character you draw lol.
aem97's avatar
Neat! If I do find the time-lapse video to be too fast, I can always slow it down via the player settings.
I personally found the process to be interesting; thanks for making the video!
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Sounds good, and no problem! :)
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Truly shows the talent you have for pony faces. I must say I'm always drawn to the way you paint the eyes, the adorable cheeks, and the happy little pony muzzles.
Gosh so amazing with what you can do with your shading skills too. I need to take notes XD
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Thank you! I've done a lot of studies on faces, since they're such an important part of a character. Even then though, I still have a lot to learn about them myself ^^

Haha, thanks, glad to hear! :^)
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Awweee. Art of Twi is always welcome, especially from you >w<
This is really heartwarming & heart melting too! I love the genuine smile that she has here & your utilization of colors is always pleasing & true to your art style! Love the very warm & welcoming, cozy sort of colors within this, the purple is <3333 And just her mane too with the colors that are gorgeously great together! Her adorable eyesss ahhhh! But yesss, the look of her mane, even though I say it like 342 times issssssss soooo natural, flowy, beautiful & perfection! With how at the ends there's these rustles of some sort that really give it a fun look. LOVE THIS <333
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Thank you! ^^
Glad you can enjoy some good ol' happy Twilight!
Gotta give a warm and welcoming look to a warm and welcoming pony :^)
Thanks again for all the feedback, it's always nice to hear what stands out and what you enjoy in a piece~
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It's very fascinating to see your process captured on video, Vanilla! I thought the speed on the speedpaint video is just right. I've watched a few speedpaint video from various artists (Such as Tsitra360) before, and I think your video has a great flow to it that keep it interesting.  I think you even sneaked in a little playful drawing in at the end for a moment there, you sneaky ghost. =P

I always find it amazing how much you're able to demonstrate your understanding of various subjects (Value, form, light, and shadow) in just one picture, really. That kind of understanding requires studying and practicing to acquire, and you certainly got an excellent grasp on them. ^^ 
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Glad you think so, and thank you for your input! Tsitra is great-- I've watched a good amount of his speedpaints myself, and they're always quite intriguing.
And good catch on my little goof there :^)

Thank you, I'm real happy to hear that from you! I've tried my best to learn over time, and it's good to see that I'm getting better at it.
I'm assuming you're looking into those kind of subjects as well? Seeing as you know what to look for in a painting =P
Huffy26's avatar
Eeyup, I most certainly am looking into the those aspects of painting, so I've been paying more attention to the way various forms are rendered as well as trying to visualize it in my head. ^^ You see, a few people told me that my arts could use a more distinguished or sharper shading, so I've been looking more into the subject. ^^; I really would like to breath life into my drawing/painting, and this seems like a good way for me to go about it. Though, studying by itself can only get me so far. I should also be practicing and experimenting with the concept because I won't be able to get better at it otherwise. 

I'm sure you knew this already, but the light and shadow are absolutely crucial in getting the form to look accurate and convincing  similar to how you need to be able to draw something before you're able to paint it. That isn't to say that will be my only focus. I still would like to get better with line art and perspectives after all. Admittedly, I do wonder if having multiple focus will make it so that it will take me longer to learn them all, but in the long term, I think it will be faster since if I feel I could use a break from a subject matter, I could just focus on one of the other things. 

And well... If I can get better with painting in general, I think I would be able to give better, more meaningful critiques. Or at least be more helpful. >.>
VanillaGhosties's avatar
Oh nice! Yeah, shading is definitely a really important part of the rendering process, so it's good that you're learning more about it. I'm also glad to hear that you're actively looking for ways to improve your art, because that's always a positive mindset to have.

Yep, you're absolutely right about that. As for the order of learning those kind of fundamentals, I just got a basic understanding of what each of them were, and then I went studying them a little more in depth individually. I dunno if it's the best way go about learning this and all, but it's just what I ended up doing personally.
Huffy26's avatar
I don't know the best way either, but I do think that each approaches has their own merits. For myself, I'm also trying to be more patient since I seem to have a tendency to be pretty hasty with just about everything. I guess it may have been a trait I picked up from Rainbow Dash. >.> 

Still. It's good that you found a process that you're comfortable with, Vanilla! ^^ Your way of going about it is certainly very sound and solid. I do think it's pretty neat, and hey, at least this way you won't accidentally overspecialized in one area too much. It keeps thing very interesting to say the least. =P 
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